Waste Tanks for Glastonbury

23 waste tanks supplied to Glastonbury Festival

Custom Waste Tank





This year we have been asked again to supply Glastonbury Festival 23 waste tanks

Because we fabricate our own tanks from 4mm steel and have our own fabricator. This will enable us to fabricate any size or any shape waste tank you will need for your site or festival.

Why go steel over plastic for your waste tank

The benefits of a steel waste tank is that a steel tank is highly durable, can be moved around site without causing much damage to the tank, will still operate in cold or hot weather without cracking and most importantly you can stack your welfare or cabin unit on top of the tank, which will create space at your festival or construction site.

Have a waste tank to suit your site needs

As we fabricate our own tanks, we can fabricate a tank to suit your needs. We came create any shape and size tank with lots of additional features than your standard waste tank.

Tank features

  •  Viewing Eye
  • Submersible pump
  • High level alarm
  • Inspection hatch
  • Stopper Valve

If you need more info on our waste tanks call today on 0800 731 0589

Tardis New Vacuum Tankers Set To Arrive This Month – April 2014.

Septic Tank Emptying With Euro 5

Vacuum Tanker

2 x brand new Euro 5 Vacuum tankers are coming at the end of April 2014. These two new vacuum tankers are part of our growing effort to lower our carbon footprint and help protect the environment. The two new tankers will be fully chapter 8 approved and accredited. The tankers will also be Crossrail complaint. Crossrail compliant vehicles must have the following equipment to be allowed on to a Crossrail construction site.

  • All HGVs must have Fresnel lenses
  • Side scan equipment which will give of an audible beep in the driver’s cabin. This is to warn the driver of the HGV that there is an object or person on the left inside space.
  • Side and Rear Cameras, with a TV monitor in the cabin
  • Under-run guards must also be fitted. This is to help prevent cyclists from coming into contact with the HGVs wheels.
  • Carry signs must also be fitted to warn cyclists and pedestrians.

We are eager to start operating our new machines allow us to cope with the growing economy and ensure we can meet our client’s needs.

Both tankers are Euro 5, which means that the emissions they produce are almost as clean as the surrounding air and won’t damage the environment. This helps us lower our carbon footprint.

Vacuum Tankers Capabilities

Our Tardis Vacuum tankers can provide services such as septic tank emptying, welfare waste tank emptying, drain vacuuming unblocking and much more. All our vacuum tankers will carry 40 meters of suction hose (More can be requested).  For awkward access waste tanks and septic tanks our mobile vacuum tanker will be the ideal choice. This is a towable vacuum tank towed by a Tardis Landrover; its small size and off road capabilities makes a great alternative to heavy goods vehicles vacuum tankers.

All the drivers we provide are fully trained in the equipment they use. If require our drivers to deliver clean fresh water then our EUSR trained and accredited in water hygiene drivers will deliver clean fresh water.

If you need a septic tank emptying service or a welfare waste tank emptying service call Tardis today on Free Phone 0800 731 0589 and see how we can assist you.

Custom Waste Tanks

Fabricated Waste Tank to Suit You

Did you know that Tardis Environmental can fabricate a waste tank to suit you and your site needs. As we are able to fabricate our own waste tanks, we are able to build waste tanks to different shapes and sizes.

Custom Waste Tank


We have a current project where we were asked to fabricate two large waste tanks that needed to hold approx. 17,000 litres each. We were also instructed to add some special features like a digital overflow alarm system that would let you know when the tank is nearing its capacity.

The two waste tanks will also be connected by a 6” waste pipe so when the first tank is full it will then begin to fill the second tank. Two submersible pumps will help fill the second waste tank.

Pipe Connections

Vent Waste Tank

Both waste tanks will have two 1” vents. The tanks will also be fitted with a safety hatch due to the massive size of the waste tanks.

We also have pre-made waste tanks for hire, ranges include tanks with the capacity to hold 50 litres, 500 litres, 1,000 and 1,500 litres other sizes are available upon request.

Call our friendly hire desk team who will assist you further on the hire or purchase of our waste tanks or just give them a call for more information. Freephone 0800 731 0589  

Tanker Trailers

Need a Large Tanker Trailer to hold water?

Water Tanker Trailer

Tardis Environmental has just purchased 3 new 30,000 litre water tanker trailers ready for hire. We have had high demand for bulk water storage and supply. As soon as we got our tanker trailers in they were out within days supplying and delivering 30,000 litres of fresh water. We have also got one of them on a permanent hire as the client needs a bulk supply of water and has no means of getting a mains water supply.

Tanker Trailer

18000 water tank






We don’t just have 30,000 litre tanker trailers that can deliver a bulk supply of water. If 30,000 litres of water is too much, but you are in need of a large supply of bulk water then our new 18,000 litre water tank will be ideal if you just want 18,000 litres of fresh water.

The water tank can also be Lifted off the trailer to help conserve some space.

Water Bowser Hire






If tanker trailers are still too large for your need then we can supply water bowsers from 1,000 litres, 2,400 litres, 5,500 litres and 10,000 litres of fresh water.

Call today for more information on our tanker trailer hire and water services. Freephone 0800 731 0589

Septic tanks Beware!!

The Septic Tankers Are Back in Town

We have recently taken delivery of two new septic tankers and one High Vol Jet Vac.

32 Vacuum TankerSeptic tank emptying

The two new septic tankers or Vacuum Tankers are both 32 tons and can carry up to 4000 gallons each. This makes them ideal for large septic tank emptying jobs that hold more than 1000 gallons of wet waste.  They are also great for soakaway tests and wash downs. Both vehicles are chapter 8 approved.

Tanker Needs a little paintHigh Tech Vacuum Tanker

So if you are in need of a septic tank emptying or cesspit/cesspool cleaning service, trust Tardis to get it done in a professional manner.

For more information on these septic tankers visit our Tanker Page and download our spec sheet for them.

Our New 26 ton High Vol Jet Vac is our biggest jet vac in our fleet. Our New 26 ton High Vol Jet Vac has the capacity to carry up to 3000 gallons of wet waste. The new Jet Vac Tanker will perform the following services, Wet Waste Removal, Drain cleaning and drain unblocking, Gully Emptying, Pressure cleaning, Aco Drain Cleaning and interceptor cleaning. This Vehicle is chapter 8 approved.

26 Ton High Vol TankerPerfect for Gully SuckingHigh vol jet vac Tanker

Spec sheet is available for down load here

So if you need a wet waste service, then give Tardis Environmental a call and speak to one of our highly trained staff. For more information about our services visit our website www.tardishire.co.uk

Need your Septic Tank Emptied?

But the access hatch is in a hard to reach area!

Tardis are now a proud owner of this Tardis Mobile Vacuum Tanker.
The Mobile Vacuum Tanker will many be used to service our Portable toilets, but with its capacity to carry 450 gallons wet waste, it will be sent out to perform septic tank emptying services for those hard to reach septic tanks, where our normal 26 ton or even our 18 ton vacuum tanker just can’t get to.

The Mobile Vacuum Tanker also has the capabilities to carry up to 150 gallons of fresh water.

So what are the specs of our new Mobile Vacuum Tanker?

The Tardis mobile Vacuum Tanker comes complete with at least 15 metres of 50mm Tiger Tail hose.

The 150 gallon water tank is fitted with 15 metres of 25mm hose complete.

The Mobile Vacuum Tanker is fitted with a 75mm discharge valve, 3 metres of waste discharge hose, 2 sight glasses, 1 pressure relief valve, 1 cut off trap when full and 1 vapour trap to protect vacuum pump.

So if your in need of a septic tank emptying service, but have a difficult septic tank to empty, then call Tardis on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website. There is also a PDF spec sheet for the Tardis Mobile Vacuum Tanker.

What Type of Septic Tanks systems are there?

Septic Tanks

What are the most common Septic Tank Systems?

The first most common Septic Tank System is the gravity system, which uses gravity to move the wet waste into the septic tank and then when separated, Waste water will leave through the Outlet pipe and to the drainfield to be soaked up and become ground water. This is what most domestic homes have.

The second is PDS (Pressure Distribution System). This will have a pump attached to it that will distribute wet waste to the entire drainfield for a more even spread.

Other Alternative Systems are the Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU). This uses oxygen to break down solids, producing clean waste water.

A Mound System is only used when there is minimal soil available for treatment, the drainfield will then be raised above ground level.

A Bio Filter system consists of different layers of sand and gravel placed in a watertight box. Wet Waste is pumped into the bottom of the filter and then works its way up through the sand and gravel out into the soil.

AdvanTex Filter system. The wet waste is filtered through layers of engineering textile materials that is enclosed in a watertight container. This allows treatment of a large amount of wastewater in a small space and is clean enough for subsurface irrigation.

And Finally a Drip Irrigation is a shallow, pressure-dosed system that will equally distribute pre-treated wastewater at a very slow rate over the entire drainfield, preventing flooding of the soil.

Whatever the septic tank system is you can be sure that Tardis Environmental will be able to empty it in professional and speedy service at a low cost. 

Septic Tank Emptying No Problem!!!

Do you have a large Septic tank?

Then don’t worry at Tardis Environmental we have all sorts of size tankers ranging from 18ton all the way up to our 44ton septic tanker.

All of which have fully trained staff to get the job done. All our drivers have the correct equipment and have all the safety equipment as well.

Tardis Environmental Septic tankers are chapter 8 approved and we have just been awarded the FORS Bronze award.


Our Septic tankers are all satnav tracked so that we know where they are and if you need proof of correct disposal of the wet waste we collected from your septic tank then we can provide proof upon request.

Or if you just need some advice or help then we are more than happy to help.

Tardis Environmental septic tank emptying  service is not the only service we can provide just visit our website for more details on Portable Toilet Hire

Need a waste tank?

But you can’t find the right size!

Don’t panic Tardis Environmental can fabricate one to meet your required size whether it be 50 gallons to 1500 gallons. All fabricated waste tanks are made from 4mm to 6mm mild steel.

Follow link to see one of our waste tanks getting wielded:


 Here is a finished waste tank ready for delivery.

Tardis Environmental can fabricate waste tanks for hire as well

Waste tank hire – Steel Not Plastic!

Take it from us, if you’re looking to hire a waste tank for a construction site or any other reason use steel tanks!  We have often have heard terrible stories of plastic tanks failing, if you go online you can find examples of where plastic tanks have been successfully used, never the less the bad experiences outweigh the good.

Why steel tanks you ask? Well,

Steel tanks are more durable and are a lot stronger than plastic tanks, if you’re on a construction site there are a lot of tools or debris which could pierce the plastic tank, and you don’t want that smell or waste all over your construction site with a steel tank you don’t have this problem.

Plastic tanks are lighter thank steel tanks, so lightweight that they can be installed without the use of a crane or other heavy-duty equipment, but they are also more easily cracked or damaged during the installation process, which would be a very annoying circumstance if it broke whilst installing it!

Also, plastic tanks can implode, yes implode. When they are being emptied if the suction is too much they will collapse. Again not a problem for steel tanks as these can easily be emptied with no reason to worry about them imploding.

Damage to the tank or to connecting pipes can also be caused by the plastic tank shifting in position or floating upward, which can occur if waste levels in the tank are very low or if the surrounding soil is inundated with storm water

Comparisons of the performance of steel and plastic tanks indicate that plastic tanks tend to have lower effluent levels under similar usage conditions. These lower levels are typically the result of waste leaking from cracks in the tank. In addition to having lower average effluent levels, plastic tanks are typically manufactured to have a smaller holding capacity than steel waste tanks which means they have to be emptied more, for large construction sites with a lot of employees steel waste tanks are the out and out winner.

Generally steel tanks are better for health and safety around construction sites. Tardis Environmental have been providing waste tanks on construction sites all over the UK. Our tanks come in different sizes and we can also fabricate a tank to your specific requirements! If you need waste tank hire be sure to contact us!