100 Brand New Portable Toilets

Need to Hire a Portable Toilet?

We have just purchased and have had delivered 100 brand new portable toilets. If you need a portable toilet for hire then you can trust Tardis Environmental to have the most update to date portable toilets.

Some New Portable Toilet

Did you know that there is more than one type of portable toilet available to hire from Tardis Environmental?

We have special toilets for every different kind of situation. We can supply a construction site with a cold wash portable toilet or a hot wash portable toilet.

Inside new Toilet

Working at a domestic property and the owner does not want you to use the toilet within the house. Then you can either hire out a cold wash, hot wash portable toilet or if you have access to the main sewage pipe then you could hire one of our mains portable toilets. These are just like a toilet within the house but outside and portable.

Ready for Delivery

Got a small event or a large festival/event then we will supply you with event portable toilets. These toilets have been strengthened to cope with the high use a festival or event will bring, plus the walls are double skinned for extra protection if you want to save your customers time spent queuing for the toilet then you could always hire out a portable urinal, these can come as either 4 bay or 6 bay urinal.

If you have a construction site that leaves your employees dirty and have no room for a shower block welfare cabin, then our portable shower units are ideal, as they use the same shell as a portable toilet.

We have many more types of portable toilets. For more information on how we can help you call our Freephone number on 0800 731 0589

Welfare Waste Removal

Welfare Waste Removal

If you need a welfare service and waste tank emptying service, then you can count on Tardis Environmental get the job done.

Waste Tanker servicing

Why do I need my Welfare unit Serviced and the waste tank emptied? If you have a welfare unit at a site that has both toilets and a canteen then you will need to have the welfare unit serviced. So what does the service include? A service is where Tardis will restock your soap dispensers, resupply your toilet rolls and anything else that needs restocking. Some Welfare Units have their own Clean Water tank, Which Tardis will be able to fill with clean fresh none drinking water.

When placing an order for a Welfare waste tank empty service please let us know what the size of the waste tank is. This is to ensure that we send the correct vehicle to empty your waste tank.

Some welfare waste tanks can be as large as 1000 gallons and a normal service van can’t take that much waste and will need us to send a Vacuum tanker to remove all the waste.

Welfare Servicing

When ordering a welfare waste tank empty service, please ensure you have access for our Tankers to perform the service. All our tankers carry 40 metres standard. If you think you will need us to bring more hose then please ask the Hire Desk at the point of request, to make a note for the driver to put extra hose on the tanker.

For any other wet waste removal  like septic tank emptying, cesspool cleaning and cesspit emptying please call our Freephone number on 0800 731 0589.

Portable toilets and winter

Can you Stop the Water in a Portable Toilet from freezing?

You have hired a portable toilet or even gone and bought one yourself a portable toilet. You’re probably worried about the coming water and what it will do to the toilet.

Some people will tell you to pour some antifreeze in the waste tank to stop it from freezing.This will help stop it freezing up to a point, but this will also mean that instead of the waste water just being normal sewage waste, it will have to be treated as chemical waste, which could incur a further charge as it is different waste water and will need to be disposed of differently.

The best way to prevent the waste water in a portable toilet from freezing is to use salt as this will lower the freezing temperature of the waste water inside your portable toilet. But you can’t stop water from freezing so don’t be too upset if the water freezes salt and antifreeze only lowers the freezing temperature.

You should be able to ask your portable toilet supplier for advice, or ask them to come out and put some salt in the waste tank.

After searching the internet I came across this YouTube video of portable toilet pranks and thought as it’s coming up to Christmas why not.


Special Toilet Designed to be a Goal Keeper!!!

That’s Right two companies in Japan have come together to create a goalkeeper that is a toilet!!!

You have probably shouted at your team’s goal keeper of being a load of toilet. Now the worrying thing is that could be true.

Who would come up with this idea?

Who else but JAPAN, the inventors of all things weird but Hi-tech gadgets. But they have seriously out done themselves this time with a Loo that can calculate a Balls trajectory.

All the shots were done by former Japanese international striker Tatsuhiko Kubo. This one off special toilet is a result of collaboration between toilet manufacturer TOTO and the Sports Lottery firm toto and was asked to promote environmental issues, I have watched the video myself and none of it makes any sense to me, then again football and toilet mixed in with environment issues was never a going to be clear to me.

But you have to admire what they have accomplished, a toilet that can save a shot on goal.

So how is it done?

First of the toilet is placed if the centre of the goal with two camera either side of the goal posts, these cameras film at 250FPS (Frames per Second) which will track the balls trajectory and send the information to the toilet, which will then pivot in the right direction and then release a ball from inside the toilet to collide with the football.

All this is done in 0.1 seconds.

We don’t have Goalkeeping toilets, but we done have a Top Portable Toilet Service at a Low cost and 24hr call out service Nationwide.

Portable toilets and Bonfire Night

Hiring a Portable Toilet for Bonfire Night?

If you’re planning to have a party during Guy Fawkes Night and want to hire some Mobile toilets. Here are some things to remember.

Make sure the portable toilets are easy to find in the dark and try to make sure they are in well-lit area as most portable toilets don’t have their own light.

Positioning of the portable toilet is key as you don’t want the toilet to be too close to the bonfire as the toilets are only made of plastic, which is great as this makes them light and durable but not fire proof even at a distance a toilet could still start to melt and weaken from the heat of the fire.

Don’t use the portable toilets as a storage unit for fireworks or any other equipment. When you hire portable toilets from a portable toilet company remember you are responsible for that toilet and any damages that occur could mean you will have to repair or even replace the loo that you hired, which could mean a costly event.

Need an Event Toilet for Guy Fawkes Night then give us a call on 0800 731 0589 and just see how low our costs are. All our Toilets come with 2 rolls of toilet paper, hand soap and the chemical that will sit in the waste tank.

Portable Toilet You Can Wear To Bed!!!

A Portable Toilet you can wear to bed!!!

The Japanese have invented a portable toilet that you can wear to bed and even comes with its own bidet.

This could be great nursing homes as the wearer and the nurse will not need to worry about wetting the bed or even waking up feeling a bit sticky, as the device will also include an automatic bidet.

This portable toilet was originally designed for the senior citizen side of the population, but this could also be implicated to help struggling mommy’s with bedtime to help reduce accidents during the night when potty training and even the Guy who knows he drank way too much at pub.

Japanese Salespeople showed how the device works with the U-shaped cup that will fit between the wearer’s legs and will use a sensor that will activate a suction mechanism to move the waste away from the body.

Once the suction mechanism is finished the bidet will then begin spraying clean water to the wearer’s genital area. The portable toilet is connected to a duct which flushes the human waste into a tank.

Muscle Corp manager Daizo Igawa had this to say about the Robohelper:

“This machine is intended to ease the burden for caregivers, especially at night, and it also helps those in bed stay clean and healthy.”

Need a larger portable toilet for an event or construction site then give Tardis a call on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website: www.tardishire.co.uk 

Many uses of a portable toilet!!!

When you think about portable toilets you are probably thinking about festivals and construction sites. Did you know that you could use portable toilets not only for festivals and construction, but for events like a wedding party or a house party.

If you have people with disabilities coming to your event then don’t worry, portable toilets have come a long way these days with so many options to choose from like a portable disabled toilet, you can even get a portable toilet with a baby changing feature inside.

Don’t want a chemical portable toilet then why not order a mains connected toilet. This type of toilet is connected directly to the main sewage system just like the toilet at home.

Most portable toilets can have a soup dispenser attachment as well.

Even construction Portable toilets have more than one option to choose from like a cold wash or a hot wash. The hot wash basically has hot water running out of the tap which is heated by Instantaneous 3kW-water heater. This will require a 240 Volt and a 16amp power supply via the rear of the toilet.

All Portable toilets that require electricity will meet the IEE regulations.

Don’t want a Portable toilet but need some where to wash after. Tardis Environmental can provide a portable shower with a 7k-W water heater. Will require a 240 volt and a 16amp power supply.

6 to 4 bay urinals are now available for hire. Need more information about our portable toilets or portable showers then visit our website and download each spec sheet for more information on our services.

Tardis has Achieved FORS Bronze Level

Tardis has received a bronze award for fleet operator recognition scheme.

FORS Bronze Award

What is FORS?

Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is an industry-led membership scheme that will change and transform freight delivery in London whether it be a van or a lorry. The schemes is free and open to any company operating a fleet of vans or Lorries in the capital and will help Tardis Environmental meet the ever increasing demands of our customers and their contractual obligations. To help us drive down costs.

FORS offers practical advice and guidance that can reduce fuel consumption and fines like penalty charge notices.

FORS will help us become even safer, more environmentally-focused and better equip Tardis to deal with the pressures of driving in London such as CO2 emissions and any collisions that may happen. As well as legal compliance, we’ll be able to demonstrate our commitment to health and safety, managing work-related road risk and improving efficiency.

What has Tardis done to achieve the Bronze FORS award?

To achieve the Bronze FORS award Tardis Environmental must meet all the standards and provide evidence that we have in place a system for monitoring the core KPIs.

Here are the Headings that Tardis provided evidence for to receive the Bronze Award.

  1. Drivers and driver management
  2. EU Working Time Directive and drivers’ hours
  3. Driver fitness and health
  4. Speed limits
  5. Mobile phones and in-vehicle Technology
  6. Agency and subcontracted drivers
  7. Vehicle maintenance and fleet management

Here are some of benefits of a FORS membership?

Fuel Advice

FORS will offer use practical ways to help us cut costs and improve the efficiency of our fleet which will help reduce the impact of freight transport on London’s Environment.

Tools and Guides

FORS tools and guides will help us to better manage fuel usage and monitor and record progress.

Fact Sheets

The Fact sheet will include topics like:

  • Alternative fuels
  • Engaging staff
  • Preventing diesel spills

For more information on the benefits of FORS visit our website for more details.

Need a Portable toilet or a Septic tank emptying service call Tardis Environmental on 0800 731 0589

Portable Toilet Knocks Woman Unconscious

Thugs tip Portable toilet

A woman is to have been reported to be knocked unconscious when some thugs tipped over the portable toilet she was using.

The unfortunate woman had been in Dalbeattie, Dumfries and Galloway for the town’s gala day celebrations when she needed to use a portable toilet.

But as she was using the portable toilet, some young thugs thought it would be funny to topple the portable toilet before running off. The incident left the 27-year-old unconscious at around 22:45 on Saturday.

Thankfully some passers-by came to the rescue and she was taken to Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary where she was released and despite suffering from a severe bout of embarrassment she was okay.

Tardis Environmental can supply Portable Toilets with anti vandalism mesh cage for those high risk areas.

Potable Toilet used to power tents!!!!

A typical summer festival at Pineham Park, Milton Keynes – a haphazard collection of tents, portable toilets and a very well-stocked bar underneath the M1.

Not every festival has its own 300 megabits per second (Mbps) broadband connection, electricity on tap thanks to a network of specially adapted portable toilets called Datenklos, and delegate badges that change colour according to who you are meeting (developed in collaboration with University College London).

The First Electromagnetic Field Festival, known as EMF, started at Pineham Park in Milton Keynes on Friday and Ended on 2nd September.

Jonty Wareing, offered the BBC a behind-the-scenes tour.


Tardis Environmental can supply portable toilets and portable showers for any event