Read the signs – Tardis are recruiting

They’re all over the place. Stop signs, no parking signs and signs telling you to give way.

Did you know there’s a reason a Give Way sign is an inverted triangle, when all other information (rather than must obey) signs are the other way up?

The answer being, if the sign is obscured by snow or mud, from its shape alone, you still know it is a Give Way sign, Highway Code and all that.

Currently, there are other signs appearing on our roads, but these aren’t issued by the Department of Transport.

Tardis vacancy mid

You’ll find them on the back of Tardis trucks and vans and they’re a sign that Tardis is recruiting.

tanker recruiting

Tardis are expanding and have recruitment opportunities at a number of depots around the country.

Click on the link  here to go to our website recruitment page to see current availability and the procedure to apply.



Tardis in Popular Culture

The word Tardis would widely be associated with Dr. Who but what else has been named after the Tardis? The TARDIS has regularly appeared or been referred to in popular culture outside of Doctor Who.

Here is a list of Tardis related things!


  • The asteroid 3325 TARDIS, discovered in 1984, is named after the TARDIS.
  • When answering children’s questions on an episode of the BBC television programme Blue Peter in October 2006, the then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair compared the interior of his official residence at 10 Downing Street to the TARDIS when asked if it was larger on the inside than it looked from the street. “Yes. I mean a lot bigger, we call it like the TARDIS.
  • At Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio stations, a “TARDIS Booth” refers to a small studio where an interviewee or reporter may participate in a radio programme in another city or timezone. It is so-called because it “‘transports you to wherever the interview is.”
  • The TARDIS Project is a student-run Unix computing facility established in 1987 in the Computer Science department (now Informatics) of the University of Edinburgh.The name was chosen because the project’s first computer was a GEC Series 63, a minicomputer housed in a large blue cabinet resembling the TARDIS.
  • “Doctorin’ the Tardis” was a 1988 novelty pop single by The Timelords (better known as The KLF) which hit number one in the UK and had chart success worldwide. It was a reworking of several songs (principally “Rock and Roll Part 2” and the Doctor Who theme music) with lyrics referencing Doctor Who, specifically the TARDIS.
  • Cover art from the band Iron Maiden has had the Doctor’s TARDIS depicted twice, one being the cover art for the single Wasted Years, in which the band’s mascot is chasing the Doctor along a time tunnel. The second appearance is the cover art for the album Somewhere in Time, in which a TARDIS is perched on a building in the background. Additionally, the fan club T-shirt for the Twickenham Iron Maiden tour for “Somewhere Back in Time” featured the band’s mascot holding a beating heart (The Seventh Son) and the TARDIS.
  • Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Wallinger created a piece entitled Time and Relative Dimensions in Space in 2001 that is structurally a police box shape faced with mirrors. The BBC website describes it as “recent proof of [the TARDIS’s] enduring legacy”.
  • Tardigrades in Space, a research project to study the ability of Tardigrades (extremophiles found in extreme regions on Earth – commonly known as “Water Bears” – to survive in open space, was nicknamed ‘TARDIS’.
  • Craig Ferguson’s desk on the The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson features a model of a TARDIS. He also used (a bigger) one to travel to Scotland for a week to host The Late Late Show from there (May 2012).

And of course Tardis Environmental! The “Tardis” is a widely used nickname in the construction industry for a portable toilet, and we supply loads of them!