Tardis Event Portable Toilets

Event and Festival Portable Toilets

With summer around the corner and festival and events all being advertised on the TV and radio stations. You need to make sure that you have the right amount of  portable toilets. Especially when you are organizing an event or festival.  What Portable toilets might you need from Tardis Environmental? We can supply event portable toilets that are specially designed to with stand the constant use that a festival or event will bring.

Event Toilets

What the features of Event Portable Toilet?

  • Event Toilets have double skinned roof and two ply walls for added strength and durability.
  • Anti vandal door springs
  • Large waste tank, which can hold approx. 265 litres of waste
  • Ultra strong smooth finish walls, which also make it easier to clean
  • Event portable toilets are very heavy and will deter thieves

All our portable event toilets are cleaned and washed before every hire and can come in a Varity of different colors.

Event Portable Toilet

Don’t forget about portable urinals as these can be crucial to your festival or event as these will help your customers spend less time queuing and more time enjoying the festival or event. Onsite attendants are also available to help clean and manage the portable toilets you have ordered to keep them stocked and cleaned throughout the day.

Got no water mains available, then our static water bowsers with an electric water pump is an ideal solution to no mains water.  If you need the water bowser to be mobile then we can add a trailer to the 2000 litre water bowser and have it towed by our off road vehicle to deliver water where and when it is needed.

As a constantly growing company we are always investing in new and innovative ways to deliver the best experience and service we can offer. Plus we always have the latest technology in wet waste removal and Portable toilet hire.

So for the complete package in festival and event hire equipment give Tardis Environmental a call today on 0800 731 0589. 

Long Term Toilet Hire

Mention something long term to a man, and you may see him trying to hide a bit of fear. Mention long term portable toilet hire to a builder, you may see his face lit up with joy!

If you work on a construction site it is essential you have the right facilities available to you, sanitation being one of them. Portable toilets can be provided on site to ensure that workers requirements and health and safety laws are met.

Tardis Environmental have been providing all types of portable toilets to construction and building sites for over the past 20 years so we know exactly what you need. Our long term portable toilet hire is perfect for construction sites! We will even service the toilet for you weekly to make sure that it says nice and clean for the duration of the hire!

Construction Portable Toilet Hire Disaster

Location: Williams Island, Aventura

Time: 9:30am

Date: April 3rd 2012

It started off as a normal day for construction worker Carlos Torres; he went to work on his construction site in Aventura, helping build a new luxury high-rise building.

Around 9:30 that morning, Torres stationed himself near the shell of the condo tower to help an employee of with a delicate task — lowering two, entirely full portable toilets to the site floor.

As they were being lowered, Torres gestured for the operator to stop while he moved a wheelbarrow. The “next thing the operator saw” was Torres lying on the ground, a Portable toilet on its side next to him. Carlos Torres had two full portable toilet dropped on him, 400 pounds of human excrement dropped right on his head.

Carlos Torres survived this horrible mess with a broken ankle and some head injuries.

Tardis Environmental has been providing construction sites with portable toilets for many years now, and we are proud to say we have never had any incidents like this happen.

If you need portable toilet hire for construction sites or any type of events please free-phone 0800 731 0589 and we will be happy to talk to you.