Portable Toilet given to church

Tardis Helps with Portable Toilet

Tardis Environmental helps local church with whacky idea. We were asked by St Philip’s Church for a Portable toilet shell to help them with their building site feature.  So we gave them one of our orange portable toilet shells which was to be used as the main feature. Community Transformation Manager at St Philip’s Church said “it was really amusing to some of the faces of people on Sunday wondering what the Orange Portable Toilet shell was doing in the hall”

St Philips Church is now thinking of other ways in which they can use the portable toilet shell. I think one idea is that they are going to use it as a gunge tank with some alterations.

Did you know that not only do we help here in the UK but we also help in getting drinkable water to those less fortunate then us? We are now proud sponsors of water aid giving them a donation every month to help children and family’s get clean and drinkable water.

Call Tardis today for all your portable toilet needs. Our staff are highly trained and have all the knowledge to get you the best service.

Portable Toilet Hire

Don’t Just Hire Portable Toilets for an Event!

When you have a large event you will need Portable Event Toilets. How many you need is depending on many factors like will there be alcohol served and how long is the festival or event. The Longer the festival is, the more Portable toilets you will need. Normally you will need to add around 15% of the amount of Toilets you will need if alcohol is being served.

What other options are there?

The last thing you want is your customers to do is queue and wait to use the Portable toilets
you have provided them. The maximum acceptable waiting line is around 10 people. To help minimise this and keep your event flowing. I would recommend hiring out some portable urinals.

Single 4 bay white

This will help cut queues down. You can have portable Urinals come in either 4 bay or 6 bay portable urinal. They have a large waste tank and can also come with a Tardis screen.

Portable Urinal

If you need more advice on our portable toilets and how we can help you organise how many toilets you will need then please give Tardis a Call on 0800 731 0589.

Portable Toilets at Church

Portable Toilets have an essential Role!!

Did you know that until 2005, the cardinals had to endure Spartan like conditions in makeshift “cells” that was close to the Sistine chapel? The cardinals had to sleep on hard beds and were also issued with chamber pots to use as toilets. But Pope John Paul ll changed all that with the construction of a massive five storey guest house that has 130-rooms, this is located near St Peter’s – Domus Sanctae Marthe (St Martha’s House).

Even with the construction of the five storey St Martha’s House (Domus Sanctae Marthe), the cardinals still have it rough when voting for a new pope. Antonio Paulucci who is the director of the Vatican Museum told Catholic News Service the other week “I believe they may be installing some Portable Chemical Toilets inside the chapel”

Here are Five Fun Facts You May Not have Known about Portable Toilets

  1. There were 5,000 portable restrooms at Obama’s inauguration.
  2. A portable toilet will uses 90% less water than a conventional toilet.
  3. The first toilet cubicle is usually used least. This makes it the cleanest toilet in a row.
  4. Toilets are flushed more times during halftime super bowl than any other time of the year.
  5. The U.S. spent over $100,000 on a survey just to determine whether it was more common to put the toilet paper in the holder with the flap facing the front or behind. The flap in the front is the most popular.

If you need more information or the services we can provide on Portable Toilets then give us a call on our freephone 0800 731 0589

Tardis Portable Toilet

Tardis Toilet to Star in its own short film!

Tardis Environmental has teamed up with the University of Wolverhampton to create a short 30 second/ 1 minute video.

This was the original Story we and the University came up with.

Portable Loo Hire


A man is sitting in a park bench. He glances over to the side. A woman sitting on a picnic blanket looks coy and smiles at the man. They exchange flirty looks. The man gets up and begins to walk. The woman fixes her dress trying to impress the man. The man walks straight past her and into the Tardis Portable toilet. The woman looks shocked.

Portable Toilet

We have modified the story a bit as the weather wasn’t always in our favour. The Location was at West Park in Wolverhampton. We started filming around 10.30 and were finished before noon on the 18th March. We had two actors, one from the Performing Arts & Leisure in Walsall and our very own Charlotte from the Hire Desk at Tardis.


The Film has now gone off to be edited and finalised and should be with us soon.

So watch out for our upcoming short film.

Need more information on what portable toilets you can hire from Tardis. Give our hire desk team a call on 0800 731 0589

Portable Toilet or Tree Stump!!

Tree Stump Toilet

An American Portable toilet company has joined forces with a master Hollywood Set Designer and have produced one of the most eye catching portable toilet camouflages I have ever seen. This is a good alternative to the tradition Portable toilet, if blending in is more important than standing out. I could see this being a great investment for camp sites and Golf Clubs.

This Stump shaped portable toilet completely fools the eye as it has no straight lines with real bark textured surface that looks like the real thing. This Tree stump style portable toilet is also surprisingly roomy at 6’10’ tall interior. It is designed to be a full working portable toilet with features like its floor to ceiling seamless encapsulated insulation.

Each Portable Tree Stump Toilet has an hand painted exterior, which has a UV stabilized hard surface, integrated rain drainage system, seamless construction (no corners or straight lines ), Insulated unit and locking door with internal frame.

The height is approx. 6’10” tall and 8’ around. The weight of the Portable toilet Tree Stump is only 295 lbs.

The Portable Tree Stump can be fitted with a hand washing station, soap, towels, vanity mirror, interior lighting and a coat hook/item shelf.

A premium Stump Tree is large enough to allow wheel chair access in and out of the portable toilet.

If you are interested in the above toilet then give Tardis a call today on 0800 731 0589.

Need Information on Wet Waste?

Septic Tank Emptying to Portable Toilet Hire

If you need information or advice on anything to do with portable toilet hire, you can either call our Freephone number 0800 731 0589 and speak to one of our highly trained advisors. We also have information about our portable toilets on our website www.tardishire.co.uk.

We have all the information on all our different types of portable toilet, urinals and portable showers.

Portable toilet Hire

Our portable toilet ranges from the construction Toilet which can either come as a cold wash or hot wash and is HSE compliant with its wash basin, which needs to be able to wash forearms and legs.

We have spec sheets on all our portable toilets, urinals and showers, we even have spec sheets for the service vans so you can be sure when ordering a toilet service, you have the correct access for the vehicle.

Did you know that Tardis has 6 depots around the UK?

Do you have a septic tank, cesspit or cesspool that needs a sechuled emptying service? We have a massive fleet of vacuum tankers ranging from 450 gallons capacity all the way up to our flag ship vacuum tanker which is able to suck up 6000 gallons. Why you order a wet waste emptying service from Tardis, please ensure that you check and make sure you have correct access for the vehicle we send for the job.

Septic tank Emptying

When you have placed an order with Tardis we will send Conformation and a spec sheet of the type of tanker that will be attending. If you’re a domestic house owner you probably wouldn’t want a 44 ton 6000 gallon tanker Turing up and not being able to gain access to the septic tank. Same goes for the construction site; you don’t want a Towable Vacuum taker that can only take 450 gallons and you have 6000 gallons of wet waste.

All our Tanker Spec Sheet s is available to download from the Website.

H2O Supply Water          

Bulk Water Storage

Need a water supply for your site?

Then don’t worry, with our range of water containers, bowsers and water tanks, you can be sure that Tardis will deliver. We have water containers that can hold 1000 litres, bowsers that can hold up to 10,000 litres. Need more? Then try out our H2O Tanker which has the capacity to carry 6000 gallons of fresh clean water (Not suitable for drinking).

Towable Water Bowser

You can also hire out an on-demand water pump that is either powered by electric or diesel.

We have many more service that we provide like jetting, CCTV, drain surveys and many more, so why not visit our website for more information on our services.


Portable Toilet Hire

Just don’t hire any Portable Toilet!!!

There are some many different types of portable toilets to choice from. So here is a little advice to help you choice the right portable toilet.

Mobile Toilets

Construction Toilets come in two different types. The First Type is the cold wash. The cold wash is basically a portable toilet that has a wash basin able to wash your forearm and face. The hot wash portable toilet will need to be connected to a mains power supply.


Main portable toilet hire are connected to the main sewage just like your toilet at home.

Event Portable toilets are made to be strong and durable for the constant use during a festival or event. The door hinges are vandal proof, plus the toilet walls are 2 ply which makes it strong and durable and the roof is also 2 ply.

Festival Toilet

Disabled toilets are not just for the disabled they can also be used for changing your baby nappie, with our baby changing facalities that can be added on at the time of hiring.

Disabled Loo

Urinals help reduce waiting and queening ao your clients can enjoy the festival or event without the need of waiting too long. Tardis have 4 or 6 bay urinals that can be hired.

Finally we have our portable shower units. These are great if you work on a site and get dirty all the time.

shower unit

We have spec sheets on all our portable toilets, urinals and showers on our website just visit our Portable toilet page and download the PDF or give us a call on 0800 7631 0589 and we can send you a spec sheet over the internet.

Tardis Portable Event Toilets

Event Toilets

Need some information on Event Toilets?

Well here is some information on our Event Toilets.

Event Loo

Our Event toilets are made for the constant use that a festival or event will bring.

The Event toilet has vandal proof door springs. Doubled-wall roof that can withstand heavy weight, Ultra strong two ply walls with a smooth finish for easy cleaning. You can also request a push light if the Toilet will be used at night time. The waste tank has a large capacity of 265 litres. The total weight excluding the waste tank is approx. 84kg. Need measurements then download the spec sheet from our portable toilet web page?

Our Event toilets will come with hand and soup sanitizers and can come with different soap. You can order a normal soap dispenser that will deliver approx. 480 uses, we also supply an alcohol based soup that will deliver approx. 600 uses and finally you could ask for our foam sanitizer dispenser system which will deliver approx. 1600 uses.

You can request a sink instead of a soap dispenser at no extra cost. The large water basin has a water capacity of 322.5 litres. For more information on our portable toilets, visit our website for more details on what type of portable toilet we can supply.

Would you like to speak to someone from our very helpful and friendly sales team then please call our Freephone number on 0800 731 0589.

Portable toilet hire Service

The Three Toiletteers- Servicing Portable Toilets around the UK

Portable toilet Service

If you’ve been ready our Tardis Times Monthly newsletter then you would have known that Tardis Environmental purchased three brand new Mercedes Sprinters.

Portable serviceToilet servicing

The three sprinters are nearly ready to go out and service portable toilets nationwide. They have now been repainted in Tardis Colours and have now had Tardis logos and phone numbers put on them. All that is remaining now is to have a Service Tank placed on the back trailer. When this has been completed then our new service vans will go out and service portable toilets.

Toilet Hire

What does a service include?

If you have hired some portable toilets from us or another company, we will come out and replace toilet paper, hand soap and empty the waste tank with the service vacuum tanker.

Not only will we replenish the toilet paper and had dispenser soap, we will also clean the portable toilet.

If you think that the portable toilet is in a high risk area and may be subject to vandalism or damage, then when not add our anti vandalism cage to help keep it safe when no one is around or on site.

Tardis Portable Toilets


If you have any questions regarding our portable toilet hire service then please don’t hesitate to Freephone us on 0800 731 0589 or for visit our website www.tardishire.co.uk.

Bluetooth Toilet!!!

Japanese Toilet makers Satis have made a toilet that has Bluetooth and its own app.

The Japanese are the leaders in high tech loos. I did a blog late last year on a loo that could save a penalty kick from a professional Footballer.

So what can this Bluetooth toilet do?

Well from checking the video and checking the web, I have found that you can control the toilet with an app you can download onto you mobile phone. The app will allow you to control everything, like the lifting of the toilet seat, flushing it after us. This toilet is more than just your average Bluetooth toilet.

It has a secret and slightly scary hidden feature. If you have watched the video, you can probably see the extending perforated pipe that comes out at an angle and squirts water at you. Yes this is an extending bidet feature. From what I can tell from the video (it’s all in Japanese writing) you can change how the water is released and what pressure it will have.

If you need a normal Toilet to hire, give Tardis a call on 0800 731 0589. We hire out Event and Construction Toilets on short and long term hire.