Keeping a Septic Tank and drain system in good condition

Do you know how to keep a septic tank and drain in good condition?

Here are some problems that may occur and recommended service to help solve any problems you have.

Don’t flush too much toilet cleaner down into the septic tank as too much toilet cleaner could kill the bacteria which are used to break down solids and other stuff for easy pumping.

Try not to flush nappies and sanitary towels down the toilet as this may block the inlet and outlets of the septic tank and cause it to spill into the drain field which could create a nasty smell.

Also keep an eye for any trees that may grow near your septic tank and drain system as a root from a tree may crack the surface of your septic tank or drain system, which could be a costly repair. One other thing to keep in mind is not to put too much weight on top of the Septic tank as it may put too much pressure and cause the septic tank to crack and splint.

Septic Tank emptying is recommended to happen at least once every two years depending on size and use of your septic tank. I would recommend getting your septic tank emptied every year to keep it in good order and avoid any costly bills to fix or replace a septic tank.

Check your pipes in your drainage system to see if any of them need a patch repair. If you find a pipe that needs more than a patch repair you could always get a drainage re-lining repair which will re-line the pipe back to working order.

Some older houses tend to have an old drainage system, you may notice that when you flush your toilet or empty your bath water it may be slow in going through your drainage system, but when checking the pipes you don’t see any cracks or splits in the system.

To solve this problem, first get a cctv survey to root out the problem, most common problems are blockages that slow the flow of wet water waste which can be solved be a jetting service which uses high pressured water to force out any blockages.

Tardis Environmental can provide all the above services which are Pipe Patch Repairs, High pressure jetting service, CCTV Survey, root cutting service and Septic tank emptying. Tardis has Full Public Liability cover as well.