Water Bowsers

What can water bowser be used for?

Water bowsers can come in all shapes and sizes depending on what you would use the water bowser for.

Water bowsers have many uses

1,000 IBC Water Bowser

Small 1,000 litre water bowser is many used to supply small amount of water to a small welfare unit or just to help water the garden. When these water bowsers are filled with water there total weight is 1 ton, which can then be used as a marquee weight if you have to build your marquee on tarmac.

500 gallon static

Water Bowser Hire

New Static Water Bowser

Our 500 gallon water bowsers can be used for supplying water to a welfare unit, or can be used as a main water supply, if no mains water is available for companies like hydro demolition who need lots of water to perform their jobs.

500 gallon towable water bowser

The 500 gallon towable bowser is pretty much the same as the static bowser, but is placed on a towable trailer. With it’s off road tyres it is the ideal choice for construction sites that need to move the water bowser around the site. The towable water bowser can also be fitted with a dust suppression kit.

10,000 Litre large Water Tank

This is many used for sites that are contracted to be at a site over a long period. Can also supply large amounts of water to large welfare units. It’s also the choice of most hydro demolition companies as it holds vast amount of water. With its new easy refill tap, our drivers can do a water refill with ease.

All our drivers are EUSR Water Hygiene trained to give you that piece of mind, when refilling the water supply.

If you need more information on our water bowser hire service then give us a call today on 0800 731 0589.

Bulk Water Anyone?

Do you need a bulk water supply?

If you are working at a construction site and there is no mains water, then the next best thing is a supply on bulk water. Bulk water can either can as a large 6,000 gallon water tank or a 4,000 galloon trailered ISO water tank. These are mainly for someone who has machines that need a lot of water like a hydro demolition company or if you have a large welfare unit that needs a lot of water. If you think you going to need an ISO water tank for a constant bulk water supply then a static ISO Tank would be a better choice for you.

6000 Gallon Water Tank

Bulk water tanks are not the only solution. You could hire a water bowser which is smaller and easier to find a place for. There are a few types of water bowsers that you need to keep in mind. First of you can have the massive 10,000 litre water bowser if the 4,000 gallon ISO Water tankis too big.

Large Water Bowser

Then we have our 2,000 litre static and towable water bowsers.

The static water bowser is much like the large water bowser where it will stay in one place. The towable water is highly mobile with its off road tyres. The towable bowser is placed on a trailer which can then be hooked up to a tow bar and transported to another location with ease.

All our ISO bulk water tanks and our water bowsers can also come with an electric on demand water pump for a better flow of water. Petrol water pumps are also available.

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Need More Water Bowsers

Water bowsers in high demand

We have just purchasedmore towable water bowsers due to the high demand we are receiving. Our water bowsers can come either as towable or static with the capacity to hold approximately 500 gallons of clean fresh water. Our towable Bowsers will also have off road tyres for easy transportation on construction sites.

Water Bowser Hire

The Water that is stored within the bowser is not for drinking! It is only to be used for washing and general water use.

If you need drinking water then hire out one of our 250 gallon towable drinking water bowsers.

Need bulk water?

We can supply you with a 10,000 litre water bowser if you need a bulk supply of water. We can also arrange a scheduled water refill. Our 10,000 water bowser now have an easy to fill inlet pipe that allows our Driver to fill the bowser without having to open the hatch that is located on top of the Water bowser.

10000 Water Bowser

We can also supply fresh water up to 6,000 gallons.

All our bowsers have an on/off tap that will stop and release the flow of water. This is okay if you don’t need it to flow like a tap at home.  If you need fast flowing water then you could also add an on-demand water pump.

For all the information or advice please call Tardis on our Freephone number 0800 731 0589. Or visit our website and see what other services we can provide you.

Water Hygiene all trained in Bulk Water

 Did you know that all our drivers will be EUSR trained in Water Hygiene?

Water Hygiene Card

What is EUSR?

The National Water Hygiene scheme has been developed at the request of Water UK who is the representative for the water supply companies across the whole of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The blue National Water Hygiene card was introduced in January 2006 to replace all water company specific hygiene schemes and removes the need for workers to undergo separate testing, health screening.

If any person working on a restricted operations sites such as service reservoirs, pumping stations, treatment works, wells, spring and boreholes and working on the network of water mains and service pipes must be in possession of a EUSR National Water Hygiene card.

This is why Tardis Environmental has trained all our drivers to be EUSR trained in Water Hygiene. What does it mean for you? This will mean we can deliver fresh water (Not drinking Water), which will be safe to use. We can deliver up to 6000 gallons of fresh water with our water tank. Need less I have other tanks like our H20 Bulk water tank that can hold up to 4000 Gallons of bulk water?

We also do water bowser and IBC’s. Our Water Bowser range from 2,400 litres up to 10,000 litres. Our IBC’S has the capacity to hold 1,000 litres. Both our Bowsers and IBC’s hold fresh water only and are not suitable for drinking from. Before all our bowsers and IBC’s are sent out they are cleaned and ready for use.

We can deliver drinking water from our special drinking water towable bowser.

If you need more information on our Bulk Water Tanks or more information on EUSR give our Hire desk a Call today on 0800 731 0589


Need a Water Bowser!!!

Do you need a Water bowser to deliver water in bulk?

Whatever reason Tardis Environmental can help. We have water bowsers ranging 1000 litre all the way up to 10,000 litre water bowser. All can be delivered to the site of your choosing and will be filled with clean water (Not suitable for drinking), the water is okay to use for washing dishes in a welfare unit or toilet flushing and washing of hands, but if you require drinking water, then we have some special towable drinking water bowser that can be filled and delivered to the site that you want within the UK.

Need more than 10,000 litres of water.

No problem Tardis Environmental can provide fresh water suitable for wash downs and bulk water delivery up to 6000 Gallons (approximately 30,000 litres) of fresh water.

Want an On-demand Pump!!

So you’ve ordered a toilet block with a waste tank to go underneath and you have also added a water bowser. Now all you need is an On-demand Pump so that the water can be pumped to the toilet so the flushing system works and the hand wash works as well.

You can fit the pump yourself or you could ask Tardis for an on-demand pump fitter.

Tardis Environmental can provide water bowsers, waste tanks, septic tank emptying and even portable toilet hire.

Affected by the hose pipe ban?

The Environment Agency has stated that over half of England is now under drought conditions adding 17 more counties to the list, including most of the South West and Midlands. The agency suggests domestic users in those new areas will not be badly affected, but warned that farmers and the environment as a whole could suffer. Although there has been heavy rainfall over the past couple of days, this will still not affect the hose pipe ban.

If you are in an industry which needs a constant supply of water Tardis Environmental have the solution. We provide a large range of water bowser & tanks that are ideal for water storage and in addition can provide you with a fast water delivery service. As the hosepipe ban is expected to last quite a while, using Tardis you will be able to hire a water bowser for as long as you want and refill it whenever you need to!

We can also provide Tardis on-demand pumps, which provide a constant water supply to toilet blocks, canteens, offices etc. These pumps can pump water 12 meters across a level surface or 8 meters horizontally. Pump performance can be improved by increasing the bore size of the pipe.

For more details you can email us at info@tardishire.co.uk and ask for one of our brochures!

Can you drink water direct from a water bowser supply?

Water BowserHiring a water bowser is an easy and cost-effective way of providing onsite solutions where no mains water connections are available.

A drinking water bowser supplies water that is safe to drink, however, it is not advisable to drink water direct from it. The water should be checked for any discolouration and boiled before use when required for drinking, brushing teeth, washing food and cooking.

We’re also able to offer a weekly water delivery service with our fleet of split tankers, keeping your water fresh.