Gully Sucking supreme!!!

New 26 Ton High Vol Jet Vac Tanker!!

Whale have delivered our brand new 26 ton High Vol jet vac. Our new High Vol jet vac tanker has a 3000 Gallon storage tank, mounted onto its chassis. The tank is split into two compartments. The first compartment has the capacity to hold 1000 Gallons of clean no drinking water. The second compartment carries 2000 gallons of wet waste like, sewage waste, septic tank waste, gully sucking waste and interceptor waste.

Gully sucker gully sucking

What Jobs will a High Vol Jet Vac Tanker perform?

The High Vol Jet Vac Tanker can perform so many tasks and services it’s untrue. Here are some of the tasks the tanker will perform.

A high pressure Jetting service that is provided by our High vol jet vac tanker is perfect for drain cleaning and drain unblocking with its high pressure jetting bomb.

High Pressure Jetting

 A jetting bomb is tear shaped and goes on the end of the high pressure hose. This tear shaped metal nozzle has approximately 7 small holes, One hole is located on the tip if nozzle, this cuts through the blockage in the pipe and the rest of the holes are located at the rear of nozzle and spray a high pressured ring of water to clean the rest of the pipe.

The tanker has a 2000 Gallon wet waste capacity; this is perfect for gully sucking, interceptor cleaning and general wet waste removal services.

You normally find gullies in a car park.

What happens if you ignore or don’t have a scheduled gully sucking service? You could end up with a flooded car park or construction site, which could force you to close the car park, until the matter is resolved. With a Tardis Scheduled gully sucking service, we will help in preventing this from happening.

If you have wet waste and need it removed ASAP then give us a call on 0800 731 0589 for more information

Septic tanks Beware!!

The Septic Tankers Are Back in Town

We have recently taken delivery of two new septic tankers and one High Vol Jet Vac.

32 Vacuum TankerSeptic tank emptying

The two new septic tankers or Vacuum Tankers are both 32 tons and can carry up to 4000 gallons each. This makes them ideal for large septic tank emptying jobs that hold more than 1000 gallons of wet waste.  They are also great for soakaway tests and wash downs. Both vehicles are chapter 8 approved.

Tanker Needs a little paintHigh Tech Vacuum Tanker

So if you are in need of a septic tank emptying or cesspit/cesspool cleaning service, trust Tardis to get it done in a professional manner.

For more information on these septic tankers visit our Tanker Page and download our spec sheet for them.

Our New 26 ton High Vol Jet Vac is our biggest jet vac in our fleet. Our New 26 ton High Vol Jet Vac has the capacity to carry up to 3000 gallons of wet waste. The new Jet Vac Tanker will perform the following services, Wet Waste Removal, Drain cleaning and drain unblocking, Gully Emptying, Pressure cleaning, Aco Drain Cleaning and interceptor cleaning. This Vehicle is chapter 8 approved.

26 Ton High Vol TankerPerfect for Gully SuckingHigh vol jet vac Tanker

Spec sheet is available for down load here

So if you need a wet waste service, then give Tardis Environmental a call and speak to one of our highly trained staff. For more information about our services visit our website

Tardis One Stop Shop!!!

Portable toilet Hire Nationwide

Did you know that Tardis Environmental was incorporated back in 1991 and is now a well-established Portable toilet hire company that do construction and event toilets.

We now have the capabilities to supply and service our customers whether they are construction or domestic based clients. Plus we can provide our services nationwide and have 6 depots 3 near London itself and the other near Oxford Birmingham and Sandy.

With Tardis Environmental now planning on opening more depots in 2013 so that we can provide better coverage throughout the UK and help keep our co2 levels down, which means we use less fuel to better protect the environment.

What else is Tardis doing to keep emissions down?

Tardis Environmental have now been awarded FORS Bronze award for our London Depots. This means we are committed to protecting the environment and making sure our Tanker Drivers leave for each job with the correct health and safety equipment.

All our tankers are sat nav tracked, which you can ask for a full report and proof of correct disposal when we do a septic tank emptying service or any wet waste service.

Septic tank Emptying

Our largest Tanker in our fleet

Plus our website has an abundance of information on our tankers and portable toilets.

So if you need a portable toilet, septic tank empty, water bowser hire then give us a call and ask for a quote Tel: 0800 731 0589 or visit our website:

Don’t forget that we also do Road sweeping as well!!!

Drain or Septic Tank Problems?

Are you having drain problems?

If so then don’t go tearing up the back garden and replacing the whole sewage system before you talk to Tardis Environmental.

We can check your sewage system with our CCTV Survey and drain mapping services for any blockages or cracks within the sewage pipes. Our Re-lining Repairs and Patch repairs can fix any piping that may be cracked or damage without digging up the whole back garden.

Blockages can be sorted with our high pressure jetting service which is on 24hr call out.

No problem found within the pipe system.

Septic tanks can even produce problems ranging from tree roots that crack and create a whole within the Septic tank which will cause it to leak and smell. Parking a car or building a new patio with concrete on top of where the septic tank is buried which could cause it to crack and cave in. Kill off all the friendly bacteria that helps eat the sludge that falls to the bottom of the tank, which could cause the septic tank to block up.

Tardis Environmental can solve and even help prevent any problems that may occur with our extensive knowledge ranging from, CCTV Surveys, High Pressure Jetting, Pipe repairs, Root cutting and Septic Tank Emptying.

All Fully covered with our Public Liability Cover 

Keeping a Septic Tank and drain system in good condition

Do you know how to keep a septic tank and drain in good condition?

Here are some problems that may occur and recommended service to help solve any problems you have.

Don’t flush too much toilet cleaner down into the septic tank as too much toilet cleaner could kill the bacteria which are used to break down solids and other stuff for easy pumping.

Try not to flush nappies and sanitary towels down the toilet as this may block the inlet and outlets of the septic tank and cause it to spill into the drain field which could create a nasty smell.

Also keep an eye for any trees that may grow near your septic tank and drain system as a root from a tree may crack the surface of your septic tank or drain system, which could be a costly repair. One other thing to keep in mind is not to put too much weight on top of the Septic tank as it may put too much pressure and cause the septic tank to crack and splint.

Septic Tank emptying is recommended to happen at least once every two years depending on size and use of your septic tank. I would recommend getting your septic tank emptied every year to keep it in good order and avoid any costly bills to fix or replace a septic tank.

Check your pipes in your drainage system to see if any of them need a patch repair. If you find a pipe that needs more than a patch repair you could always get a drainage re-lining repair which will re-line the pipe back to working order.

Some older houses tend to have an old drainage system, you may notice that when you flush your toilet or empty your bath water it may be slow in going through your drainage system, but when checking the pipes you don’t see any cracks or splits in the system.

To solve this problem, first get a cctv survey to root out the problem, most common problems are blockages that slow the flow of wet water waste which can be solved be a jetting service which uses high pressured water to force out any blockages.

Tardis Environmental can provide all the above services which are Pipe Patch Repairs, High pressure jetting service, CCTV Survey, root cutting service and Septic tank emptying. Tardis has Full Public Liability cover as well. 

Well Done Wolves for reaching Category 1!!!

Breaking news

Wolves have just announced that the club’s Academy has achieved Category One status which is the highest rating possible this is part of the Premier League’s Elite Player Performance Plan.

Wolves have landed the Category One license for a three year period which will put the Academy on a level footing with the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea.

“It has been long and hard process but it has certainly been worth it,” said Academy manager Kevin Thelwell.

Tardis Environmental would like to congratulate Wolves Academy for their fine achievement at reaching Category One Status and wish them all the best and support in the futuret.

Tardis Environmental supplied a number of services for Wolverhampton FC which include our jetting and cctv service, drainage service and our clean Portable Toilets for hire.

 We also do a number of other services nationwide like Septic tank emptying.

Tardis & London Sewers

Tardis Environmental regularly has drainage jobs in London; our jet vac tankers provide drainage solutions for many construction sites and local councils, whilst our CCTV survey units make sure the pipes are in top condition and not prone to clogging. Tardis specialist HGV vacuum tankers are fully equipped for sewer cleansing and blockage clearances. We have small low volume jet vac tankers as well as large high volume and vactor tankers for larger diameter bore pipework. Our operatives are all confined space trained for chamber entry if required. We also provide 24 hour emergency call out enabling us to provide a round the clock service, which is a good thing to have in London!

 This blog will look at a brief history of London sewers and what improvements are being made to them today.

 Throughout the early 19th century the River Thames was an open sewer, with calamitous consequences for public health in London; suggestions to update the sewerage system were consistently made during 1856 but were ignored due to lack of funds. However, after the Great Stink of 1858, Parliament recognised the urgency of the problem and set to construct a modern sewerage system.

 Joseph Bazalgette, a civil engineer and Chief Engineer of the Metropolitan Board of Works designed an extensive underground sewerage system that diverted waste to the Thames Estuary, downstream of the main centre of population. Six main interceptor sewers, totalling almost 100 miles (160 km) in length were constructed.

 The original system was designed to cope with as much as 6.5 mm of rainfall within the catchment area, and supported a smaller population than todays. London’s development has consequently put more pressure on the capacity of the sewerage system with high levels of rainfall in a short period overpowering the system resulting in flooding.

 Thames Water has developed three major engineering schemes to help stop sewer overflows and improve water quality in the River Thames. This includes upgrades to all five of our major sewage treatment works in London, the construction of the Lee Tunnel and the proposed Thames Tunnel. Thames water have also replaced more than 1,400 miles of old water mains, to reduce leaks and bursts and improve supplies for a growing population.

 They are also investing £346m to reduce the threat of sewer flooding at 2,500 properties by 2015. This investment will focus on reducing the risk of flooding to properties which have already suffered internal flooding. A large investment programme is proposed including plans to build underground tanks to collect and store heavy rainfall, increase the capacity of our sewers, and offer flood mitigation to homes at risk.


Where did the name Tardis Hire come from?

Tardis Portable Toilet Hire LogoTardis Toilet hire business was formed in 1994, but where did the name of the business came from? We asked Chris, the founder for an answer.

“Working in the construction sector, I learnt many slang names for the portable toilet. One of those names was Tardis and, not wanting to be to crude, this was the name selected for our new company.”

Tardis was incorporated in to a group of companies under the holding company of Boydon construction ltd, By the year 2000, it was decided to concentrate on Tardis as the main business and in 2002 the name was changed to Tardis Environmental UK limited.

Today, we continue to go from strength to strength, with our range of services from Portable Toilet Hire to septic tank emptying, high pressure water jetting, drain CCTV surveys and drain mapping. And you can’t miss our tankers with their distinctive green and yellow livery and iconic Tardis branding in red.