John is running the London Marathon!

Last year we reported that John Babb (Hire Desk Manager at Tardis Environmental) had ran the Birmingham Half Marathon. We all helped him raise an impressive £490 for his chosen charity, the British Heart Foundation.

This year, John has decided to push himself even further, as has signed up to run the Virgin Money London Marathon on 24th April 2016.

This time, John has decided to raise money for different charity still very close to his, and his family’s heart, Heart Research UK.Heart Research UK

With training already underway for the gruelling 26 mile course, he now has the mammoth task of raising a minimum of £1750.

If you would like to show your support and help John reach his target, please follow this link to be taken to his Virgin Money Giving page.

Good luck John!

London Marathon 2016

Celebrating Christmas with Tardis

Well that time of year has come around again and in a few days we will be celebrating Christmas followed by New Years, and because of this here at Tardis we decided to have a look into more about the history of celebrating Christmas and New Year’s.




Some of the traditions we have around the Christmas period such as the Christmas tree started before we celebrated Christmas. The festival of Saturnalia in December celebrated in Roman times, where they would decorate their homes with evergreens. However, the traditions that we now all know  and associate with celebrating Christmas go back to around the 6th Century. It took up until the Middle Ages for Christmas to actually be an important holiday similar to how it is today.

One of the oldest holidays to be celebrated that is still very much celebrated today is New Year’s, it was first observed around 4000 years ago. However, back 4000 years ago it was celebrated in the spring time and not January. It was actually up until 153 BC when the 1st January was known as the beginning  of the New Year, this was altered to set up the calendar correctly.

If you are having a party or an event for either Christmas or New Year’s it is not too late to order your portable toilet today! Tardis hire have been providing portable toilets for events for the past decade. We have supplied portable toilets for a range of different occasions of all sizes from small family occasions to large music festivals over the UK. Click here for more information about our event portable toilets.  Also if you are not sure how many portable toilets you may need please use our toilet calculator by clicking here to help ensure you will have enough for your celebrations.

Portable toilet Hire

For more information call 0800 731 0589 or go to our website by clicking here.

Christmas jumper day at Tardis Environmental

Today at Tardis Environmental we all came in to work in our Christmas jumpers in order to raise money for Text Santa.

Text Santa was started up by the ITV in 2011 in order to support charities that are based in the UK during the Christmas period. The charities that Text Santa will be raising money for this year are: Save the Children, Macmillan Cancer Support and Make a Wish UK.

See below for some pictures of the team in their Christmas jumpers.

John and Natasha


image1 (2)


To donate please click here!

Merry Christmas from Tardis Environmental!

christmas card


Seasons Greetings!

That magical time of year has come round once again.

Over the Christmas period the offices will be shut from the 23rd December 2015 and will be re-opened again on the 4th January 2016.

Services will be available during this period whilst the offices are closed. Please contact the numbers below. These phones will be answered every day which will include Christmas day.

The contact numbers for over Christmas are:

07764791759 – David Furlong

07764791760 – Robin Boydon

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us here at Tardis Environmental!

Our Specialist Tankers

Here at Tardis Environmental we have a fleet of specialist tankers, these specialist tankers include our 26 tonne kilo whale tanker and our 32 tonne liquid ring tanker. These specialist tankers will be ideal for removing thicker sludge as well as getting a deeper lift for waste.

One of our specialist tankers is the 26 tonne kilo whale tanker is the perfect solution for deep sewer cleaning due to its vacuum and jetting power. It is also able to hold large capacities with it being able to hold 1000 gallons of fresh water and 1500 gallons of waste water. For more information on our 26 tonne kilo whale tanker click here to view our spec sheet. See the image of the 26 tonne kilo whale tanker below.

26 tonne kilo whale tanker


Another specialist tanker we have in our fleet is a 32 tonne liquid ring tanker, this specialist tanker is suitable for:

  • Septic tank emptying
  • Sewer cleansing
  • Deep lift suction
  • Culvert cleaning
  • Sludge slurry removal

This is because the 32 tonne liquid ring tanker can carry up to 4000 gallons of liquid as well as being able to suck up to the depths of 30 meters. To find out more about our 32 tonne liquid ring tanker please click here to view our spec sheet. See the image below to see our 32 tonne liquid ring tanker.

32 tonne liquid ring tanker


For more information on our specialist tankers please go to our website by clicking here or call us on: 08007310589.

On Demand water pumps in Sub-Zero Temperatures

With the winter months being right around the corner and even though it is nice and mild currently, the colder weather unfortunately will be with us soon enough. With this in mind it is very important to remember that if you have got one of our on demand water pumps on hire that they are not designed to be in use in either frosty conditions or in sub-zero temperatures.

Therefore, should the temperature where the pump is being used go down to 1 degree Celsius or lower, then the on demand water pump must then be taken out of service. The on demand water pump needs to be taken out of service because the water could become frozen inside the pump, this could then result the water pump to become damaged and then it would be no longer be fit for purpose and a replacement water pump would then be necessary for the job. For more information on our water pumps please click here.

water pump

To the avoid damages happening to the on demand water pumps this winter season whilst they are on hire to yourselves, remember once the temperature drops down to 1 degree Celsius to take the pump out of service. This is so that there is no risk of the on demand water pumps becoming damaged from the sub-zero temperatures.

To take the on demand water pumps out of service when the temperature drops correctly, please follow the steps below:

  • Switch the on demand water pump off.
  • Make sure that the water pump is no longer connected to the water supply.
  • Store the water pump in a warm place.

For more information please call us on our freephone at: 0800 731 0589 or go to our website.

Our Warrington depot

Did you know that this year we opened a depot in Warrington? This means that we can now cover a variety of locations around our new Warrington depot these locations include:

  • Liverpool
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • North Chester
  • Preston
  • Bolton
  • Wigan

Since we have opened up in Warrington we decided to look at some facts and figures about Warrington and this is what we learnt:

  • Warrington has a population of around 206, 400.
  • It was founded during the 8th Century.
  • Warrington is a town.
  • Warrington is a borough in Cheshire.

The services that we can provide at this new Warrington depot are toilet hire and tank services. In regards to toilet hire we can provide portable toilets for commercial and domestic use. We have event toilets that are ideal for events and festivals. Our event toilets are more durable than other models of toilets which makes them suitable for the higher usage. As well as event toilets we can also provide construction site toilets which are essential for you to be able to provide adequate sanitation for your site. For more information on our portable toilets please click here.

Tardis portable toilets

At our Warrington depot we also provide waste tank hire. Our waste tanks are a ideal solution for temporarily storing effluent waste. These tanks can be sited or buried underneath toilet blocks, welfare units and kitchen. Our waste tanks are available to either hire or sale. To find out more about our waste tanks click here.

waste tank

Please call our freephone on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website for more information.

Children in Need with Tardis

This year to help raise money for children in need we decided on a fancy dress and a bake off. The tardis team came in dressed up as either a superhero or their childhood hero in order to help raise money for the great cause as well as bringing in cakes and also eating cakes.

Before we got to selling and eating the cakes we had brought in, we first had to decide on the best baker which went to a joint effort to Heather and Zoe with the cupcakes and a shout out to Amy who made her own Pudsey bear cake!



Zoe’s cupcakes went down well before we managed to get a picture!



Heather’s cupcakes



Amy’s Pudsey cake


As well as a bake off, we also had a fancy dress below are some pictures of the team dressed up as a superhero or their childhood hero.



Tardis Supergirls



Pudsey and a cowgirl




and finally the best costume went to Zoe dressed as Wonder Woman.



To donate please follow the link to our JustGiving page.

Mobile 4 Bay Gas Shower Unit

Here at Tardis Environmental we are eager to announce the new mobile 4 bay gas shower that is coming soon! We have recently purchased a brand new mobile 4 bay gas shower unit that will be available for hire in the near future. See below for a picture of our new mobile shower unit.

mobile 4 bay gas shower unit


This mobile shower unit is ideal for both events and construction due to its robust steel construction. As well as being robust it is also economical to maintain and class leading in both design and quality which makes it perfect for any events you’re planning. For more information on our new mobile 4 bay gas shower unit click here to go to our website. Also, click here to view the spec sheet for the new mobile shower, for information on running stats, cubicles and to see more pictures of the new mobile shower unit.

The benefit of using the mobile 4 bay gas shower unit is, that it’s an ideal solution for construction, festivals and other events that will enable your guests to stay fresh and comfortable. There is also the benefit of using Tardis Environmental where our support team can provide you with expert advice on shower hire. We also have highly trained installers and drivers to make sure everything goes smoothly.

For further information please go to our website clicking here or call us on 0800 731 0589.

Celebrate Bonfire night with Tardis

Remember, remember the 5th of November. With it being November already, we are very excited about it being bonfire night on Thursday! Here at Tardis Environmental we decided to have a look and find out more about bonfire night. Bonfire night is associated with celebrating the failure of Guy Fawkes actions. Guy Fawkes was arrested whilst guarding explosives that were underneath the House of Lords, the celebration for this night is that he was caught and King James I survived.


Bonfire night is celebrated with events held all over the country around the 5th November, where there are firework displays and bonfires. If you are planning an event this bonfire night don’t forget to hire portable toilets for your event. Here at Tardis Environmental we have been providing portable toilets to events of all sizes successfully for the past decade. Our event toilets do not need connections to any services for example water, electricity and waste connections which makes them ideal for bonfire night. To work out how many portable toilets you will need for your event please click here to use our toilet calculator.

Please call 0800 731 0589 to book your event portable toilets today and for further information please click here to go to our website.