You can’t get fitter than a Tardis Fitter.

Quite often, our clients on site, take delivery of a water or waste tank and then say, now we’ve got to fit it…

Unloading the tools and fittings for another fitting job

Right said Sam…

That’s when we tell them, we’ve an experienced team in place for just that.

For site based plumbing and electricals, we’ve trained, experienced people to provide the service to get you operational.

We realise that not all the items on hire from Tardis are simply plug and play. A single portable shower for example, which needs power supply, water supply and drainage arranging.  Then there’s the initial set up of site welfare cabins and toilet blocks.

A couple of weeks ago, we were out in the pouring rain (what did we say about Tardis fitters, unstoppable)?  A two storey welfare and admin block which required hooking up to water in waste out.

As it was a brand new site, there were probably more Tardis bods than site folk that morning.  Firstly, our crane lorry arrived with the much needed tanks.

The waste tank is buried to improve gravity feed

Waste tank is buried

Shortly after, the Tardis fitters who were briefed by the site personnel as to where everything had to be placed.

The waste tank was buried up to its inspection ports at the rear of the block and the water tank sited just round the other side.

Tardis water tank

The water tank is sited and filled with clean water

While the waste tank was being connected to the cabins, the Tardis H2O on site water tanker arrived and filled the water tank with 5000 litres of clean water for hand washing and toilet flushing purposes.

Clean water delivery by Tardis H2O

Tardis H2O water tanker

Once the waste tank was ready for duty, the Tardis crew set about plumbing in the water tank.

Tardis Pump Protection Box

The all important pump protection box housing an electric on-demand pump

An electric on-demand pump was put into the water line, to provide water pressure to the cabin.  This was put inside one of our now famous pump protection boxes, someone thinking ahead to the chilly days a few weeks away.

These custom-made boxes provide weather proofing protection from wind, rain and of course frosty conditions, they really are a must for site based installations.

So, despite everyone being ankle deep in rust coloured mud, the job was completed in a working day and left ready for occupancy by the site staff.

plumbed in job done by Tardis Fitters

Cabin all plumbed in for waste disposal and clean water supply

A hot toddy and feet soaked in a hot bowl of Radox and the fitters were ready for more of the same.

As they say, you can’t get fitter than a Tardis Fitter…

Tardis – High Rise H2O

Water’s going up.

We attend an interesting variety of construction projects at Tardis H2O on site, this one being no different.

A call from a construction company in Salford with an urgent requirement for 60,000 litres of quality assured drinking water ASAP to charge and test drinking water tanks for a brand new high rise development opening soon.

And so, it was an early start for the delivery crew and our water hygienist who met us at our Brownhills HQ to oversee the filling procedure and test the water was fit for purpose.

There’s quite a bit goes into the quality assurance of drinking water. Delivery tankers for example are sterilised before filling from an authority approved hydrant. Standpipe and fitting are treated in the same way to assure the integrity of the delivered load and of course, there’s that important final test of the cargo before being waved of on our way to Manchester.

We arrived at a very busy site and manoeuvred into position to deliver the water. Its destination, two enormous tanks located in the basement of the building where a troop of engineers were waiting to conduct their tests.

We rolled out quite a few metres of drinking water hose with WRAS approved stainless fittings again, treated before conveying any water.  Even though the water we were delivering today would not be drunk, it’s rather like a dress rehearsal, everything as it should be in a real life situation.

Whilst the engineers were doing what engineers do, we popped off to refill the tanker with the day’s second load.

A few snags back in Salford meant a short delay, where we were able to catch up on Salford gossip.

The site is a hop and a skip from Media City where both the BBC and ITV have their northern headquarters. One of the main site lads told us how he’d escorted one of the actresses from Coronation Street around the building as she’s considering one of the luxury apartments.

Manchester’s landscape is changing big time with many construction projects dotted about this fast growing city.

And Tardis H2O is proud to be part of those projects providing both clean and quality assured drinking water to meet any size requirement.

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