Happy Halloween from Tardis

Planning a last minute Halloween party? With it being Halloween this weekend here at Tardis Environmental we decided to have a look into the history of Halloween. The origins of Halloween go back thousands of years. Back in Ancient Celtic times there was a festival called Samhain which was when the spirits of the dead would visit the living. Today Halloween is celebrated across the world on 31st October. The celebration today involves dressing up in a scary costumes and going out trick or treating or having a Halloween party for those too old to go trick or treating. As well as carving pumpkins and apple bobbing.

Here at Tardis Environmental we can supply portable toilets for your Halloween party, the benefits of using portable toilets for your celebration is that it saves on long queues for your guests as well as people coming in and out of your house all night long.  Our event toilets are more durable than other models of toilets, for further information on our event toilets please click here. Also if you are unsure how many you may need please use our toilet calculator by clicking here to help ensure that you will have enough portable toilets for your party.

Tardis portable toilets

If you’re having a Halloween party this year and haven’t yet ordered any portable toilet call us on: 0800 731 0589 to order yours today.


Hazardous Waste Removal and Disposal

As you can probably imagine the transport and disposal of hazardous waste is strictly regulated as well as there being many different kinds of hazardous waste that needs different licenses and different tankers. Here at Tardis Environmental we have the knowledge, the equipment and the licensing. With nationwide coverage and accounts in place with a network of licensed hazardous waste disposal facilities. Tardis Environmental are in a prime position to provide a hazardous waste disposal service throughout the UK. Here at Tardis Environmental we are licensed waste carriers and brokers, for further information click here.

The hazardous wet waste that we can remove are:

  • Oil and water from interceptors

Interceptors are common drainage installations on many industrial sites, car parks and large cooking facilities throughout the UK and also known as oil catchers. Here at Tardis Environmental we have a fleet of vacuum tankers suitable for emptying your interceptor.

  • Bunded fuel tanks

The bund captures any leakage caused by either having an overfill or a failure. Bunds can often fill up with rain water and debris, the rain water in the bund would be classed as contaminated waste and therefore should be disposed of.

  •  Drip trays

These provide temporary storage for containers and drums and are useful for preventing drips and small leaks.

See the below for a picture of one of our hazardous waste removal tankers.

hazardous waste removal tanker

As well as the removal of hazardous wet waste we can also :

  • Remove Bio Hazardous waste
  • Tank removal and cleaning
  • Used aerosal removal
  • Battery collection
  • Drummed waste collection

For more information please go to our website by clicking here or call us on: 0800 731 0589.


Pillow Tanks

Here at Tardis Environmental we now offer a range of pillow tanks with the capacity of up to 1000 m3 for preserving water resources, they can be used for both temporary and permanent solutions. Pillow tanks are also known as flexible tanks, they get the name pillow tanks because of the “pillow case” like shape that they have. Pillow tanks are self-supporting this means that they can be placed directly on to any clean and horizontal surface. These tanks are suitable for a number of different uses and can be used for drinking water storage, fire, water storage as well as industrial effluents which includes waste water, sewage sludge and leachates. They can also be used for storing chemicals, oils and liquids. For more information on pillow tanks and to see our spec sheets please click here to go to our website.

pillow tank

The pillow tanks are ideal for storing drinking water for example:

  • Water storage on building sites and living compounds
  • Supplying water to a remote site
  • Water reserves for developments and emergency missions
  • Storage of water for industrial processes
  • Watering for livestock

Pillow tanks can also be used for fire protection for example storing fire water in:

  • Remote areas
  • Construction sites
  • Where the water network is insufficient

Below is an image of a pillow tank.

pillow tank

Benefits to using closed pillow tanks are that:

  • They protect your water from air, mosquitoes, light and all forms of contamination
  • The water remains intact without any evaporation
  • You can drink in complete safety
  • They require no maintenance
  • They are easy to transport
  • Because our tanks are manufactured from a highly resistant material, they are resistant to weather conditions from -30˚C to ++70˚C, this means that they have a long life span
  • All that is required is that the pillow tank is placed on a flat horizontal surface
  • Pillow tanks are quick and easy to install, with that you can install one in four easy steps:
  1. Unpack it
  2. Unroll it
  3. Unfold it
  4. It is all set up!
  • Pillow tanks can also be folded up completely when not in use

For further information on pillow tanks please go to our website by clicking here or please call us on 0800 731 0589.

Back to the Future with Tardis Environmental

Today is the day! In Back to the Future in which Marty McFly travelled to the future to today. With it being 30 years since the film was released, here at Tardis Environmental we decided to look back and see how things have changed.

In the last 30 years there has been many improvements from the international drinking water supply and sanitation decade also known as the first water decade, which took place between the years 1981- 1990. This was due to the worlds needs for basic sanitation services for example drinking water and waste water disposal. Fast forward to today where even here at Tardis Environmental we can supply clean and potable bulk water across the UK. Here is a picture of one of our water tankers. For more information about our bulk water tankers please go to our website by clicking here.

tardis water tanker

As well as drinking water sanitation that has improved throughout the years also, portable toilets have improved drastically over the years. From the first portable toilets being made of wood and metal and they were too heavy to transport as well as not being very hygienic. Then in the early 1970’s when fibre glass was introduced to be used for portable toilets, however due to the material the portable toilets still absorbed odours. In the mid – 1970’s polyethylene portable toilets were introduced they are light weight,durable and still the most common material for portable toilets today. The need for portable toilets is still needed for a variety of reasons from construction sites to events. Here at Tardis Environmental we have a range of portable toilets to suit your needs, click here for more information on our portable toilets.

Tardis portable toilets

What do you think will change in the next 30 years as we are excited to find out and for more information about the services we offer here at Tardis Environmental please go to our website by clicking here or calling 0800 731 0589.



Tardis Environmental raising money for Children in Need

On Friday 13th November, we will be hosting the Great Tardis Bake Off! That’s not all, we will be doing so whilst in fancy dress. We have decided on  a Superhero / Childhood hero theme.

We now have a few weeks to choose a costume and plan what cakes we are going to bake (or buy for those of us who can’t bake!).

On the day we will be picking a ‘best costume’ which we will share with you all on the Tardis blog.

All this fun is of course for a good cause, please help us reach our fundraising target of £250 towards the BBC Children in Need appeal.


It’s easy to donate, you can text or follow the link to our JustGiving page.

To text in your donation, text our code ‘GTBO71’ followed by your amount, for example ‘£5’ to ‘70700’.

JustGiving Great Tardis Bake Off

Event Portable Toilets

Are you planning an event this autumn season? Need event portable toilets? Yes it may not be Summer any more, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t reasons to throw an event. May that be a Halloween themed event of even for Bonfire Night there is still plenty reason to be celebrating.

We are way into the month of October now and with Halloween only being at the end of the month as well as having Bonfire Night coming soon too. You may be planning  an Halloween event or a firework show, in which suitable event portable toilets for your event, are very important in keeping the guest happy.

Here at Tardis Environmental we provide event portable toilets for events of all sizes may that be family occasions, village fetes or larger events such as music festivals across the UK. Meaning no matter on the size of event you are planning this season there will be a solution for you.

For information on the range of our event portable toilets we offer please visit our website. However if you are still unsure we are happy to go through any queries you may have to make sure that you are fully satisfied. For example we will help you with advising on the amount of toilets you will need for your event. We also have an interactive portable toilet calculator which is another method to seeing how many event portable toilets you will need for your event. Click here to have a look at the toilet calculator.  This will help make sure that there is no queues, with keeping the amount of queuing in mind alongside portable toilets, portable urinals can also be hired in order to provide a convenient solution for male users. All of our event portable toilets are cleaned and washed before every hire, meaning they will be clean and presentable for your event.

Tardis Toilets 2

For further assistance contact our hire desk team on the usual phone number 0800 731 0589 or go to our website.

John’s running a half marathon!

Our lovely John Babb is running (or walking as the case may be!) the Birmingham Half Marathon this year!

The 13 mile event takes place Sunday 18th October. The race starts in the city centre, taking runners past famous sights such as Edgbaston Cricket Ground and Cadbury World, finishing up in Broad Street.

John is raising money for the British Heart Foundation, the charity that helped his Dad through his bypass.

British Heart Foundation





If you would like to support John and help him reach his fundraising target, follow the link to his JustGiving page, or text in your donation.


To donate via text, text BABB89 followed by your £amount to 70070

John Babb Just Giving

Good luck John, we know you can do it!


Gully Emptying with Tardis

It’s that gully emptying time of year again.

Autumn is now in full swing, the leaves are turning from green to autumnal colours and falling off the trees. Even though the autumn leaves are pretty, mixed with the rain water from the typical British wet weather, without prior planning this could then result in havoc. With building site road gullies, car park and street gullies becoming blocked.

If the gully becomes blocked it can then cause flash floods in heavy rain situations as the rain water will not be able to be drained away properly. Gullies are commonly found in a car park locations, if they become blocked this could lead to you being left with a flooded car park. This could then force you to close the car park, until the matter is resolved.

This week at Tardis Environmental we were called out to a company with a flooded car park. See below for the not very pretty pictures of the event. This is a scary example of how car parks can be affected when the gullies become blocked. Unfortunately for this company, that car in the middle was of a visitor!


To avoid something similar happening to your car park and to the high insurance costs associated with this, planning ahead is key. It is advisable to ensure gully emptying is regularly maintained to avoid such circumstances.

Here at Tardis Environmental our gully suckers are specialised tankers. Our tankers have suction specialised gear that will take up the wet waste from hollows and spaces and then take the wet waste and carry it to a suitable disposal point. Specific suction power is often needed for gully emptying as the material being removed can contain bulky debris such as branches and stones.



We at Tardis Environmental provide a nationwide gully emptying and cleaning service. Call our hire desk for your quotation at: 0800 731 0589 or enquire via the website today.

Introducing the Tardis Toilet Calculator

Ok so maybe a bit over the top but we’re excited to share our new interactive toilet calculator with our readers. It’s already proving to be very helpful.

Here at Tardis Environmental we understand it can be a stressful task organising an event or festival, with so many things to arrange. We are already receiving enquires about events for 2016! When organising larger events with a high attendance expected it can become even more confusing.

We are always asked, ‘how many portable toilets do i need?’. In order to make organising sanitation for your event as stress free as possible, we’ve put together a guide that will answer this question for you.

There are a number of factors that can effect the number of portable toilets required, with these factors included in the new toilet calculator. An important influencing factor is the consumption of alcohol, as this will increase the usage and therefore the number of portable toilets required.

The only other information you will be asked is the maximum attendance of your event and the duration of your event (measured in hours).

We’ve also included a calculator for construction sites.

Click here to take a look and let us know your thoughts.

For further assistance contact our hire desk team on the usual phone number 0800 731 0589.

Don’t forget, we can offer the complete event sanitation service from portable toilet hire, water bowsers and waste tank hire.

Tardis Toilets 2