Dust suppression bowser – new video!

We’ve recently shot some new video footage of our dust suppression bowser in action before it went out on hire.

The video below, features a dust suppression bowser being towed around our Walsall site. The bowsers are fabricated by Tardis and are available for both hire and sale.

Dust suppression bowser stats:

  • 4 metres long, 2 metres wide, 1.8 metres high
  • 2,000 litre / 500 gallon capacity

Dust suppression bowsers are commonly used in the construction or agricultural industry, on construction sites, renovation sites, demolition sites and quarries as an ideal choice to combat dust particles in the air. It works by damping down the particles, particularly important with summer approaching and possible dry weather.

Not only is dust hanging around in the air irritating, it can also be viewed as a risk to health. High levels of dust on construction sites has been identified by the Health and Safety Executive as a possible cause of COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease of the lungs). This is because small dust particles remain in the air longer and if inhaled, can cause damage if they become lodged deeper into the lungs. By keeping dust to a minimum, you could be protecting your workforce and helping to keep them healthy.

Having a dust suppression bowser will help also help eliminate some of the dirt and dust from being trailed around other areas of the site, reducing the risk of contamination.

The bowser can be seen mounted on a trailer with land rover style wheels, allowing for easy transportation, even on rough terrain. The bowser is also fitted with a mounted petrol water pump.

For more information on a cost effective solution for dust control on your site, as well as the other water bowsers we offer, contact our friendly Tardis hire team today on 0800 731 0589.

Interceptor cleaning!

Interceptor cleaning – another service Tardis provide – we bet you didn’t know that!

What are interceptors?

Interceptors, also referred to as oil catchers, wash down pits, oil water separators, oil and water tanks and more, are a common drainage installation found on many industrial sites, manufacturing sites, car parks and garages.

Interceptors are designed to separate water from oil, silt, dirt and other contaminants, allowing rainwater to drain away and trap all of the other pollutants. This drainage system prevents contaminants from polluting watercourses and the sewage systems.

Why is interceptor cleaning needed?

The separate waste is caught in the interceptor. As the waste builds up, the interceptor can become full and cause blockages, increasing the risk of flooding and also other potential risks to the environment.

For these reasons alone, this is why regular interceptor emptying and cleaning is necessary.

Interceptor Cleaning

Interceptor Cleaning

How can Tardis help?

Our fleet of vacuum tankers are fully prepared for the job of interceptor cleaning. As a fully licensed waste carrier, we have sites throughout the UK where the waste can be disposed of both ethically and legally for our customers.

It’s also nice to now that all Tardis operators have the correct safety equipment for the job. Before an operative leaves the Tardis depot on a call, a checklist of health and safety and of the vehicles equipment is complete.

Tardis Tanker

Tardis Tanker

Please note, as standard our tankers carry 40metres of hose, so if your interceptor is located further than 40metres from the roadside, please let us know at the time of ordering the interceptor cleaning service. In such cases, the hose can be increased to 100metres.

Duty of care paperwork is also available on request.

For more information on interceptor cleaning and on any other services we provide, call 0800 731 0589 or visit the website today.

Summers calling – Tardis Hire at the ready!

With summer upon us, this means a busy time of year here at Tardis Hire, with the festivals and events season now well underway.   

Last week you may have read our article on Tardis Hire going to Glastonbury, we recently delivered 45 waste tanks to the site ready for the festival. Whether a small local event or larger festivals across the UK, we’re more than happy to help with events of all sizes.

From portable toilets to bulk bottled water, we’ve got it covered!

There’s more to consider about portable toilets than you might think, and almost a necessity at any outdoor event. It is essential to pick the right toilet for the job. If you are unsure of the right number of portable toilets required at the event, we can work it out in relation to the number of people at who will need facilities at your event. We will even take into account the alcohol that will no doubt be consumed!

Clean Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets

Want to cut the queues at the loos? Portable urinals are also available for the male festivalgoers out there with 4 and 6 bay urinal units, an ideal space and time saving fix at larger events.

For more information on the range of portable toilets we offer, visit our website.

Keeping your customers hydrated is also important, especially in the sun (although unlikely in Britain one might add). Another facility needed for events and festivals is therefore fresh drinking water. So if you have a stall at a festival selling bottled drinking water, we sell the wet stuff by the pallet! No matter the size of your gathering, we have the H2O needed to keep everyone happy and hydrated throughout.

If bulk bottled drinking water doesn’t take your fancy, you might be interested in our new drinking water fill station – also featured in another article a few weeks back.

Water Fill Station

Drinking Water Fill Station

This innovative little invention connects to a water supply in minutes, such as a drinking water bowser or tank that we can also supply. This will allow up to 4 people to fill up bottles or buckets at a time, leaving more time for the more fun stuff.

Any questions or for help planning your event, our friendly booking staff on the hire desk are here for your guidance! Call 0800 731 0589.

Or alternatively, to visit our website click here.

Who’s going to Glastonbury ? Tardis is !

Waste tanks for Glastonbury 

It’s a logistical nightmare to prepare a well organised festival for 175,000+ revelers, caterers and musicians alike.

We’ve been there before, got the T shirt and we’re there again this year.

A total of 45 waste tanks 600 gallon capacity some of which you can see being delivered by big yellow and green Tardis lorry.

Tardis delivers to Glastonbury 2015

Waste tanks for Glastonbury

The festival’s come a long way since 1970 when 1,500 people paid a pound a head to see T Rex. Now, it’s part of the nation’s summer events calendar.

job done

Another load delivered

Here’s some facts and figures from 2014.

5,000 loos on site

700 metres of male urinals

£ 210.00 the cost of a standard ticket (a bit more than seeing T Rex).

3 million litres of water will be consumed and that’s just from the taps provided. Bottled water will make the figure double.

1,300 recycling volunteers cleaning up the mess.

400 cows who live on the site normally are moved out of harm’s way for the festival duration

You’re not allowed to wee in the bushes. The organisers have patrolling officers looking for offenders.

Of course, this is where Tardis Hire and our waste tanks come in.

Diesel fuel bowser makes its debut on Tardis Hire fleet


Tardis diesel fuel bowserWe’re famous for our water bowsers providing instant water on site and now we’ve taken things a step further…

Land Rover towing Tardis Hire towable Diesel fuel bowser

Ideal for construction sites where plant and equipment requires refilling with fuel. our 950 litre Diesel fuel bowser is a filling station on wheels. It comes with a fill nozzle just like you get at the petrol station, 15 feet of hose and a hand operated pump.

Cut down on your use of Jerry cans and regular trips to refill them. Save yourself time and inconvenience with your own fuel supply.

This bowser features a pull down lockable lid to secure the fuel.

pump nozzle assy for Tardis Hire Diesel fuel bowser

Download the spec sheet by clicking the picture.

950 litre diesel bowser

Further enquiries, just call the usual free telephone number

0800 731 0589

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