Crossrail Compliance For Tankers (HGVs)

Tardis have Crossrail compliant Tankers

What is the compliance that Crossrail make mandatory in their contracts?

With every Crossrail Contract there is a mandatory requirement for Lorries working on the project. This Mandatory requirement must be met or the contractor runs the risk of being turned away from the Crossrail site. This will be at the contractor’s expense and will be liable for any costs incurred.

Tardis Tanker Rear

What will you need to do to make sure you are within the guidelines?  All HGVs that turn up to a Crossrail site must have the following equipment attached or installed on the Vehicle. The Requirements are all HGVs must be fitted with Fresnel Lenses, side scan equipment which will then give of a loud audible beep in the drivers cab when an object is near, like a cyclist or pedestrian. Under-run guards that will prevent a cyclist from coming into contact with the wheels of the lorry. Vehicles must also have carry signs that will warn cyclists and pedestrians.Tardis 32 ton TankerTrixi mirrors are also being installed at the left turn at traffic signals near Crossrail sites.The measure will support the wider work by the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.Tardis Environmental have Crossrail compliant Tankers, not only that our two brand new Scania lorries are fully Crossrail Compliant with even more safety features like side and rear cameras that will let the driver see where the tanker is reversing and what objects are in the way.

Tardis Tanker

Tardis Environmental is committed to providing a great service on septic tank emptying, cesspool cleaning and any other wet waste you have need of removal. So hire a Tardis Tanker today.

Portable Event Toilet Hire

10 Reasons why you should use Tardis Environmental for all your Portable toilet needs

Portable toilet Hire

  1. We have depots all over the UK.
  2. All Portable toilets are cleaned and fully stocked.
  3. We have a multiple choice of Toilets from event toilets to Construction toilets visit our portable toilet page for all the different toilets we have to offer.
  4. We have over 15 years’ experience
  5. Long or short term hire available.
  6. A weekly service where we re-stock the and clean and empty the waste tank so it can be ready for use again.
  7. We have our own Health and Safety Manager, who will make sure that everything is okay and free of any mishaps when delivering or collecting.
  8. All our Drivers have update to date training.
  9. We can also provide onsite attendance to give you piece of mind and clean toilets throughout the day.
  10. We can also provide 4-6 bay urinals to help minimise your clients queuing time and helping them get back to the event or festival.

We don’t just do Portable toilet either. We can also provide you with a bulk water supply and water bowser that can come with an on-demand pump. Visit our Website for more details on what services we can provide you.


Vacuum Supreme!!!

Septic tank Beware!

Whale has delivered our brand new 32 ton Vacuum Tanker. The new Scania 32 ton Vacuum Tanker has the capacity to carry over 3100 Gallons of wet waste, this is great for large septic tank emptying jobs and the other compartment will carry up to 1000 Gallons of clean fresh water (Not Suitable for Drinking).

The new 32 ton tanker is part of our ever growing Vacuum Tanker fleet.

What services can a vacuum tanker perform?

A vacuum tanker can perform services like septic tank emptying, cesspool emptying, cesspit cleaning, hazardous waste removal, tank wash downs and soakaway tests.

To empty an average septic tank that has the capacity to hold 1000 gallons of wet waste, it only takes our tankers approximately 7 mins with a 3” suction hose. For more info on our vacuum tankers suction abilities check out our Tanker Page.

What is a soakaway test?

A soakaway test is where a construction site needs to check the grounds soaking abilities. Our tanker will then turn up and pump water over the area they want to test and then see how long it will take to soak into the ground. This is to make sure the ground under the construction will not flood in light or heavy rain.

When we take your wet waste it becomes our waste and our responsibility to dispose of it within our strict guidelines and to make sure you have peace of mind. You can also request proof of disposal.

Tardis Environmental septic tank emptying services are nationwide and on a 24/7 call out service. So why not give us a call today on 0800 731 0589.

Gully Sucking supreme!!!

New 26 Ton High Vol Jet Vac Tanker!!

Whale have delivered our brand new 26 ton High Vol jet vac. Our new High Vol jet vac tanker has a 3000 Gallon storage tank, mounted onto its chassis. The tank is split into two compartments. The first compartment has the capacity to hold 1000 Gallons of clean no drinking water. The second compartment carries 2000 gallons of wet waste like, sewage waste, septic tank waste, gully sucking waste and interceptor waste.

Gully sucker gully sucking

What Jobs will a High Vol Jet Vac Tanker perform?

The High Vol Jet Vac Tanker can perform so many tasks and services it’s untrue. Here are some of the tasks the tanker will perform.

A high pressure Jetting service that is provided by our High vol jet vac tanker is perfect for drain cleaning and drain unblocking with its high pressure jetting bomb.

High Pressure Jetting

 A jetting bomb is tear shaped and goes on the end of the high pressure hose. This tear shaped metal nozzle has approximately 7 small holes, One hole is located on the tip if nozzle, this cuts through the blockage in the pipe and the rest of the holes are located at the rear of nozzle and spray a high pressured ring of water to clean the rest of the pipe.

The tanker has a 2000 Gallon wet waste capacity; this is perfect for gully sucking, interceptor cleaning and general wet waste removal services.

You normally find gullies in a car park.

What happens if you ignore or don’t have a scheduled gully sucking service? You could end up with a flooded car park or construction site, which could force you to close the car park, until the matter is resolved. With a Tardis Scheduled gully sucking service, we will help in preventing this from happening.

If you have wet waste and need it removed ASAP then give us a call on 0800 731 0589 for more information

Need Information on Wet Waste?

Septic Tank Emptying to Portable Toilet Hire

If you need information or advice on anything to do with portable toilet hire, you can either call our Freephone number 0800 731 0589 and speak to one of our highly trained advisors. We also have information about our portable toilets on our website

We have all the information on all our different types of portable toilet, urinals and portable showers.

Portable toilet Hire

Our portable toilet ranges from the construction Toilet which can either come as a cold wash or hot wash and is HSE compliant with its wash basin, which needs to be able to wash forearms and legs.

We have spec sheets on all our portable toilets, urinals and showers, we even have spec sheets for the service vans so you can be sure when ordering a toilet service, you have the correct access for the vehicle.

Did you know that Tardis has 6 depots around the UK?

Do you have a septic tank, cesspit or cesspool that needs a sechuled emptying service? We have a massive fleet of vacuum tankers ranging from 450 gallons capacity all the way up to our flag ship vacuum tanker which is able to suck up 6000 gallons. Why you order a wet waste emptying service from Tardis, please ensure that you check and make sure you have correct access for the vehicle we send for the job.

Septic tank Emptying

When you have placed an order with Tardis we will send Conformation and a spec sheet of the type of tanker that will be attending. If you’re a domestic house owner you probably wouldn’t want a 44 ton 6000 gallon tanker Turing up and not being able to gain access to the septic tank. Same goes for the construction site; you don’t want a Towable Vacuum taker that can only take 450 gallons and you have 6000 gallons of wet waste.

All our Tanker Spec Sheet s is available to download from the Website.

H2O Supply Water          

Bulk Water Storage

Need a water supply for your site?

Then don’t worry, with our range of water containers, bowsers and water tanks, you can be sure that Tardis will deliver. We have water containers that can hold 1000 litres, bowsers that can hold up to 10,000 litres. Need more? Then try out our H2O Tanker which has the capacity to carry 6000 gallons of fresh clean water (Not suitable for drinking).

Towable Water Bowser

You can also hire out an on-demand water pump that is either powered by electric or diesel.

We have many more service that we provide like jetting, CCTV, drain surveys and many more, so why not visit our website for more information on our services.


Septic tanks Beware!!

The Septic Tankers Are Back in Town

We have recently taken delivery of two new septic tankers and one High Vol Jet Vac.

32 Vacuum TankerSeptic tank emptying

The two new septic tankers or Vacuum Tankers are both 32 tons and can carry up to 4000 gallons each. This makes them ideal for large septic tank emptying jobs that hold more than 1000 gallons of wet waste.  They are also great for soakaway tests and wash downs. Both vehicles are chapter 8 approved.

Tanker Needs a little paintHigh Tech Vacuum Tanker

So if you are in need of a septic tank emptying or cesspit/cesspool cleaning service, trust Tardis to get it done in a professional manner.

For more information on these septic tankers visit our Tanker Page and download our spec sheet for them.

Our New 26 ton High Vol Jet Vac is our biggest jet vac in our fleet. Our New 26 ton High Vol Jet Vac has the capacity to carry up to 3000 gallons of wet waste. The new Jet Vac Tanker will perform the following services, Wet Waste Removal, Drain cleaning and drain unblocking, Gully Emptying, Pressure cleaning, Aco Drain Cleaning and interceptor cleaning. This Vehicle is chapter 8 approved.

26 Ton High Vol TankerPerfect for Gully SuckingHigh vol jet vac Tanker

Spec sheet is available for down load here

So if you need a wet waste service, then give Tardis Environmental a call and speak to one of our highly trained staff. For more information about our services visit our website

Portable Toilet Hire

Just don’t hire any Portable Toilet!!!

There are some many different types of portable toilets to choice from. So here is a little advice to help you choice the right portable toilet.

Mobile Toilets

Construction Toilets come in two different types. The First Type is the cold wash. The cold wash is basically a portable toilet that has a wash basin able to wash your forearm and face. The hot wash portable toilet will need to be connected to a mains power supply.


Main portable toilet hire are connected to the main sewage just like your toilet at home.

Event Portable toilets are made to be strong and durable for the constant use during a festival or event. The door hinges are vandal proof, plus the toilet walls are 2 ply which makes it strong and durable and the roof is also 2 ply.

Festival Toilet

Disabled toilets are not just for the disabled they can also be used for changing your baby nappie, with our baby changing facalities that can be added on at the time of hiring.

Disabled Loo

Urinals help reduce waiting and queening ao your clients can enjoy the festival or event without the need of waiting too long. Tardis have 4 or 6 bay urinals that can be hired.

Finally we have our portable shower units. These are great if you work on a site and get dirty all the time.

shower unit

We have spec sheets on all our portable toilets, urinals and showers on our website just visit our Portable toilet page and download the PDF or give us a call on 0800 7631 0589 and we can send you a spec sheet over the internet.