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Tardis Training in Water Hygiene and Chapter 8

In the first half of the year Tardis Environmental will be training staff in chapter 8 (Safety @ street works and Road Works. Tardis will also implementing Water Hygiene EUSR procedures to ensure clean water.

All operational employees will be trained to EUSR-water hygiene card. A  P.H water testing procedure and programme has been implemented to cover all water delivery at all Tardis Environmental Depots

With new laws and new health and safety guidelines to adhere to Tardis Environmental likes to be in top form and a head of the competition.

What is chapter 8

Chapter 8 is basically health and safety for our drivers and the general public when performing a service like septic tank emptyingWater Hygiene. We would need to make sure the vehicle has the correct reflective plates on it, plus enough cones and road signs to ensure the drivers safety and our clients safety. All our tankers will have minimal chapter 8 equipment on the vehicle. If more assistance is required our drivers will contact head office and ask for a support unit to come and provide more assistance.

Water Hygiene EUSR

When delivering fresh water to our clients, we like to make sure that they feel it is clean and fresh to use for wash cuts and hands. That’s why we are training our driver in the correct procedures in water hygiene EUSR card.

Tardis Environmental is always atop of its game so give us a call on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website for a better service.

Septic Tank Emptying just got easier!!

Our New 32 Ton Septic tank Emptying Vacuum Tanker

Septic tank Emptying

Tardis Environmental has just taken delivery of our new and old 32 ton Vacuum Tanker. Old I hear you say. Well the 32 ton Mercedes –Benz chassis is new but the tank is from one of our old Tankers that sadly went to tanker heaven. But we don’t have Environmental in our name for nothing; we are constantly looking for ways to reuse our equipment in a bid to help the environment. Which is why we are part of the new FORS scheme (More Info on this on our website) not only are we trying to lower our carbon footprint by half, we are also trying to reuse as much equipment as possible.

Cesspool Emptying

This is why our new 32 ton Mercedes-Benz chassis has an old septic tank placed on it. The old septic tanker has been updated and repaired with brand new parts and given a full Tardis makeover. You would never have guessed that the tanker was recycled from one of our old tankers.

Cesspit Emptying

The main use for this Vacuum tanker will be to empty septic tanks, cesspits and cesspools, but will also be used for soak away tests and wash downs.

All of our drivers are highly trained in dealing with any wet waste. We don’t just do septic tank emptying; we can also remove chemical waste, hazardous waste and even fuel removal. All our tankers are Sat Nav Tracked and you can even ask for proof of correct disposal.

And Can I say a special Thanks to Vallely Tankers for a great job done.

Tardis Septic Tankers GO Digital!!!

Tardis USB Septic Tankers

You already know that Tardis Environmental perform an excellent Septic tank Emptying service. We also provide emptying services for cesspits and cesspools, plus we can also check and arrange a scheduled maintenance check-up or emptying service your septic tank, cesspit and cesspool.

If you have waste chemicals that you would like to have removed and disposed of safely, then call Tardis Environmental and will send out a tanker to suck up the waste chemicals and then we will dispose of it correctly. We can even supply you with proof of proper disposal.

We can dispose of any Hazardous waste you have in a safe and environmentally friendly way. All wet waste we dispose, we can provide you with the correct documents to prove and give you piece of mind that we have done the job within the EPA guidelines.

Our Septic tank Tankers range from 450, 2000, 3000, 4000 and 6000 gallons. Please check to see if you have access for the vehicle. We can also send out spec sheets on all our different types of tankers.

Septic Tank USB

Now we can even help you move computer data from one computer to another computer with our Tardis USB Tanker. With its huge 1GB Approx. memory flash drive you can move pics and important documents to another computer with ease.

Trust Tardis environmental to give you a Septic Tank emptying service you will never forget.

Water Pump Hire

Tardis Water Pump Hire!!!

Tardis has a water pump for every need.

WH20 water pump

If you need a water pump for some light work like water jetting or just simple water bowser filling, then our Honda WX10 is perfect for the job. Its output is 140 litres/min and has an operating time of 1h20 approx.

Need water pump with a little more power?

Pumps Water Transfering

If you need more power to pump your fresh water then why not hire out the WH20, with its 500 litre/min 4 stroke engine and has an Operating time of 2h30 approx.

These two pumps are great for small jobs and very portable. Working on a construction site and need water pumped quickly, then the WB20 or WB30 is the ideal choice as they have large output levels. The WB20 has an output of 600Litres/min and the WB30 has a massive 1100litres/min, which is great if you need to transfer water or if you have a flooded car park or site.

Waste water Remover

If you have waste water with large debris that needs to be pumped, The WT20 can handle debris up to 24mm and with an output level of 710litres/min you can be sure it will be done.

All above pumps have a 4 stroke engine that will need fuel. More information is available on our website.

Don’t want a fuel powered pump?

High pressure water pump

Then ask for one of our electric water pumps. Our Dab Water pumps are useful for Tank Filling, Domestic water supply, water transfer and pressure bosting. For more information on our electric water pump visit our website.

Tardis Water pumps can also fit our water bowser and the H2O Water Tankers. We can even supply a fitter who will fit the pump at an additional cost.

Tardis Portable Event Toilets

Event Toilets

Need some information on Event Toilets?

Well here is some information on our Event Toilets.

Event Loo

Our Event toilets are made for the constant use that a festival or event will bring.

The Event toilet has vandal proof door springs. Doubled-wall roof that can withstand heavy weight, Ultra strong two ply walls with a smooth finish for easy cleaning. You can also request a push light if the Toilet will be used at night time. The waste tank has a large capacity of 265 litres. The total weight excluding the waste tank is approx. 84kg. Need measurements then download the spec sheet from our portable toilet web page?

Our Event toilets will come with hand and soup sanitizers and can come with different soap. You can order a normal soap dispenser that will deliver approx. 480 uses, we also supply an alcohol based soup that will deliver approx. 600 uses and finally you could ask for our foam sanitizer dispenser system which will deliver approx. 1600 uses.

You can request a sink instead of a soap dispenser at no extra cost. The large water basin has a water capacity of 322.5 litres. For more information on our portable toilets, visit our website for more details on what type of portable toilet we can supply.

Would you like to speak to someone from our very helpful and friendly sales team then please call our Freephone number on 0800 731 0589.

Septic Tank Emptying!!!!

What you need to know about septic tank emptying

When you have a septic tank emptying service, have you considered what you have flushed down the toilet or you’re sink.

Needs A Septic tank Emptying Service

If you’re pouring fatty oils from the frying pan down the sink, you could be damaging your septic tank and drainage field. The oil from the fat could solidify and block up your septic tanks outlet pipe which will cause your tank to over flow and cause more damage.


Emptying Septic tankLike having clean and lovely smelling toilets? Use the strong anti-bacterial bleach? You could be killing the wrong bacteria. Inside your septic tank and at the bottom there live some very useful and friendly bacteria that helps in digesting all the solid matter that falls to the bottom of the tank. Too much anti bacteria chemicals could kill off this friendly bacteria, which would then make the solid matter (Also known as Sludge) build up, meaning the tank will take less waste water and possibly cause the tank to over flow. Not saying don’t use anti bacteria, just don’t use a lot.

Wet Waste Removal Preparing service Vehicle

If you are planning to redesign your back garden, try to remember not to place anything heavy where your septic tank is buried. Remember you tank is probably made from plastic or even concrete and enough weight on top could cause the tank walls to cave in.

Gas level CheckingRemoving Liquid Waste






Now I hear this lot in the news. If your septic tank is in the back garden and the access hatch is in the middle or anywhere in the garden and you have children who like to play in the garden. Make sure the tanks lid is secured on properly, so when a child or even an adult walks over it does not break or come loose, causing you or your child to fall inside.

If you need help or advise about your septic tank emptying service call our free phone number 0800 731 0589 or if you have an enquiry and would like a quote contact us from our contact us page.

Portable toilet hire Service

The Three Toiletteers- Servicing Portable Toilets around the UK

Portable toilet Service

If you’ve been ready our Tardis Times Monthly newsletter then you would have known that Tardis Environmental purchased three brand new Mercedes Sprinters.

Portable serviceToilet servicing

The three sprinters are nearly ready to go out and service portable toilets nationwide. They have now been repainted in Tardis Colours and have now had Tardis logos and phone numbers put on them. All that is remaining now is to have a Service Tank placed on the back trailer. When this has been completed then our new service vans will go out and service portable toilets.

Toilet Hire

What does a service include?

If you have hired some portable toilets from us or another company, we will come out and replace toilet paper, hand soap and empty the waste tank with the service vacuum tanker.

Not only will we replenish the toilet paper and had dispenser soap, we will also clean the portable toilet.

If you think that the portable toilet is in a high risk area and may be subject to vandalism or damage, then when not add our anti vandalism cage to help keep it safe when no one is around or on site.

Tardis Portable Toilets


If you have any questions regarding our portable toilet hire service then please don’t hesitate to Freephone us on 0800 731 0589 or for visit our website

Need some Bulk water?

Our H2O Bulk Water Storage Tanker

Our Bulk water Mobile H2O Storage tanker has the capacity to carry 4000 gallons nationwide.

Bulk water

Bulk water storage

Need bulk water for a wash down? Need more than 4000 gallons?

Then why not hire our 6000 gallon mobile bulk water storage.  These are great for soakaways and wash downs or just fresh water for you welfare unit.

6000 Gallons Bulk Water

We can also help you out when you need an emergency water supply as we operate 24 hours 7 days week on all our services.

Don’t need mobile water Storage tankers then hire out our static tank which has the same capacity as the H2O Mobile Water Storage tanker of 4000 Gallons.

H2O Bulk Water Tanker

We also hire out a wide range of water pumps; each water pump has a different Hose diameter ranging from 1” up to 3”.

All our tanks are delivered with fresh water only and are not suitable as drinking water.

We do supply however specially designed bowsers that are specially cleaned to allow bulk drinking water to be delivered on a towable trailer.

Check out our website for more information the type of water services we can provide you.

Tardis has a wide range of water bowsers for hire and sale. All bowsers are delivered empty and filled onsite with fresh water (Not Suitable for drinking). Towable drinking water bowsers can be hired for bulk drinking water.

Bluetooth Toilet!!!

Japanese Toilet makers Satis have made a toilet that has Bluetooth and its own app.

The Japanese are the leaders in high tech loos. I did a blog late last year on a loo that could save a penalty kick from a professional Footballer.

So what can this Bluetooth toilet do?

Well from checking the video and checking the web, I have found that you can control the toilet with an app you can download onto you mobile phone. The app will allow you to control everything, like the lifting of the toilet seat, flushing it after us. This toilet is more than just your average Bluetooth toilet.

It has a secret and slightly scary hidden feature. If you have watched the video, you can probably see the extending perforated pipe that comes out at an angle and squirts water at you. Yes this is an extending bidet feature. From what I can tell from the video (it’s all in Japanese writing) you can change how the water is released and what pressure it will have.

If you need a normal Toilet to hire, give Tardis a call on 0800 731 0589. We hire out Event and Construction Toilets on short and long term hire.

Tardis Environmental 2013

So what’s happening in 2013 for Tardis?

First we would like to announce that we are teaming up with students from the University of Wolverhampton to create a short YouTube video that will be out in the early part of 2013.

We are also pleased to announce that we will be opening yet another depot in New Haven, East Sussex in the next few months.

This will further our nationwide coverage even more.

Our two new Tankers will soon be ready for pick up from Whale. The two tankers will perform different roles at Tardis. The 32 ton Vacuum tanker will perform septic tank emptying and generally any manor of wet waste removal service including hazardous liquids. The new 26 ton Jet Vac tanker will be performing jobs like gully sucking, High pressure jetting and unblocking drains.

For more news about Tardis check out our Monthly News Letter on our website.

Need a septic tank emptying service? Then trust Tardis to get the job done. Need a different service to septic tank emptying? Then visit our website or call 0800 731 0589

Plus We would like to wish all our current Clients and Future clients all the best in 2013.