Mobile Septic Tank News

Our New Mobile Vacuum Tanker Scores at Wolves Football Ground!

Our new Mobile Vacuum Tanker has been a great success for Tardis. Being so mobile and small compared to our normal Tankers, the mobile tanker can get to really difficult septic tanks that are normally really time consuming and will need a lot of hose to be able to reach the septic tank.

The Mobile Vacuum Tanker does not just do septic tank emptying services; it will also perform toilet services and even deliver a small amount of fresh water that is suitable for washing hands.

Wolves Academy

Here is a Picture of our Mobile Vacuum Tanker at Wolves Football Academy Club performing one of its many services.

So if you think that you have a hard to reach septic tank, but still need a vacuum tanker to remove your wet waste. Then give Tardis a call on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website and download the spec sheet on our new mobile Vacuum tanker.

New/Old Septic Tankers

Septic tank Emptying Tanker in with the new and out with the old!!!

Normal When a Vehicle Starts Braking down and the Repair bills are now worth more than the actual vehicle; you tend to start looking for a new vehicle and scrap the old vehicle for as much money as possible.

Here at Tardis Environmental we believe in recycling everything we can. Even paper, we turn it round and print on the other side. So when one of our Septic tank emptying tankers has reached the point where it becomes too costly to repair, we don’t just send it off to the scrap heap, we try and salvage as much as possible.

Here is a perfect example of a Tardis Environmental tanker having a tank from an old tanker being placed onto one of our new Scania chassis.

Tardis is also looking in to getting solar panels installed at their head office. This is all part of Tardis lowering its Carbon Footprint and protecting the environment the best way we know how.

We have also been awarded Bronze FORS, check out our website for more details.

Need a Septic tank emptying service? We have depots placed all around the UK, so we can provide the best coverage at low low cost.

Septic Tank Emptying

New Vacuum Tanker on the way!!!


Tardis sent a new Scania 32 ton chassis to Whale to add a 4000 gallon Vacuum tank on to the chassis. When ready this will perform services like septic tank emptying, Cesspit/cesspool emptying and any wet or liquid waste you may need us to get rid of.

All our Tankers are Sat Nav tracked, plus you could ask us to provide proof of disposal. We have an ever growing fleet of vacuum tankers to perform septic tank emptying services and much more.

Here is a pic of how far Whale has got completing our new vacuum tanker.

Septic Tank Emptying

Our BIGGEST EVER High Vol Jet Vac Tanker!!!

Not only have Whale got a New Chassis for a 32 ton Vacuum Tanker, but they have also received a new 26 ton High Vol Jet Vac Tanker. This will be our largest High Vol Jet Vac Tanker in our fleet.

Jet Vac Tanker 26 TonWhy have we got a bigger High vol jet vac tanker?

We have a massive demand for our High Vol Jet Vac Tankers and the new 26 ton will be able to perform bigger jobs like, Unblocking large sewage system and will have the capacity to stay on site longer.

So if you need a Septic Tank Empty or a Jetting Service, then give Tardis a call on 0800 731 0589 or just visit our site for more information. 

Need your Septic Tank Emptied?

But the access hatch is in a hard to reach area!

Tardis are now a proud owner of this Tardis Mobile Vacuum Tanker.
The Mobile Vacuum Tanker will many be used to service our Portable toilets, but with its capacity to carry 450 gallons wet waste, it will be sent out to perform septic tank emptying services for those hard to reach septic tanks, where our normal 26 ton or even our 18 ton vacuum tanker just can’t get to.

The Mobile Vacuum Tanker also has the capabilities to carry up to 150 gallons of fresh water.

So what are the specs of our new Mobile Vacuum Tanker?

The Tardis mobile Vacuum Tanker comes complete with at least 15 metres of 50mm Tiger Tail hose.

The 150 gallon water tank is fitted with 15 metres of 25mm hose complete.

The Mobile Vacuum Tanker is fitted with a 75mm discharge valve, 3 metres of waste discharge hose, 2 sight glasses, 1 pressure relief valve, 1 cut off trap when full and 1 vapour trap to protect vacuum pump.

So if your in need of a septic tank emptying service, but have a difficult septic tank to empty, then call Tardis on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website. There is also a PDF spec sheet for the Tardis Mobile Vacuum Tanker.

Want award winning portable toilet hire?

Our Portable toilets can help you win

Lodestar festival has won an UK Festival Award 2012!!

So what did Lodestar win?

Lodestar won an award for best toilets at the UK festival Awards 2012. Lodestar was competing against festivals like BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend, Beautiful Days, Bestival, Bloodstock Open Air Festival, Download, Latitude, Reading & Leeds, T in the Park and V Festival.

Can you guess who supplied the Portable toilets?

That’s right Tardis Environmental Supplied the award winning portable toilets for Lodestar!!

Tardis Portable toilets can come in all different types ranging from

Event Toilets

These are made stronger to be able to withstand the constant use a festival or event will bring.

4-6 Bay Urinals

We would recommend having these; to help reduce the time spent queuing for a portable toilet.

Disabled Portable toilet

You have to cater for everyone. That’s why you can now order disabled toilets with baby changing facilities.

Construction Portable Loos

You can either hire a cold wash that has no hot water or you could hire a hot wash Portable toilet. The hot wash will need a mains supply. Both have a wash basin large enough to wash your forearm in.

Near or have access to a mains sewage line? Hire a Portable Mains Toilet. These need to be correctly fitted to the main sewage line, we could supply one of our Tardis Fitters to come out and do the connection for you.

Last of all you can hire out is a portable shower unit. Again you will need a power supply to provide hot water.

Outdoor Portable Toilets

Planning an important outdoor event such as a house party or wedding? It is important that you consider a portable toilet hire service.

If you are planning a wedding and money is no object then I would recommend hiring a luxury Portable toilet Block. Luxury portable toilets offer users unique facilities such as separate urinals, water tanks, soaps, moisturizes, luxury bathroom fittings, air fresheners etc. for the VIP gatherings.


If you do hire some portable toilets, you could wrap a white blanket around and put some flowers to make the toilets presentable at a wedding. The Portable toilets should arrive to you all clean and filled with toilet paper and hand soup.

Portable toilet Tardis

If you’re hiring a portable toilet for an event or festival and have a large number of customers attending then it would be wise to order the event toilet and not a normal portable toilet as event portable toilets are made stronger and are able to withstand the constant use a festival could bring.

If you plan on selling alcohol at the event or festival then add another 20% on the total number of toilets needed. It would also be a good idea to hire out some 4 or 6 bay urinals to help cut the queue time down.

If you need help calculating how many toilets you will need for you event or wedding then try our portable toilet calculator for events.

Tardis Environmental is a nationwide portable toilet hire, road sweeper hire and wet waste service expert. If you need help and advice about anything on portable toilets and septic tank emptying then please don’t hesitate to visit our website and fill out an enquiry form.