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Portable toilet Hire Nationwide

Did you know that Tardis Environmental was incorporated back in 1991 and is now a well-established Portable toilet hire company that do construction and event toilets.

We now have the capabilities to supply and service our customers whether they are construction or domestic based clients. Plus we can provide our services nationwide and have 6 depots 3 near London itself and the other near Oxford Birmingham and Sandy.

With Tardis Environmental now planning on opening more depots in 2013 so that we can provide better coverage throughout the UK and help keep our co2 levels down, which means we use less fuel to better protect the environment.

What else is Tardis doing to keep emissions down?

Tardis Environmental have now been awarded FORS Bronze award for our London Depots. This means we are committed to protecting the environment and making sure our Tanker Drivers leave for each job with the correct health and safety equipment.

All our tankers are sat nav tracked, which you can ask for a full report and proof of correct disposal when we do a septic tank emptying service or any wet waste service.

Septic tank Emptying

Our largest Tanker in our fleet

Plus our website has an abundance of information on our tankers and portable toilets.

So if you need a portable toilet, septic tank empty, water bowser hire then give us a call and ask for a quote Tel: 0800 731 0589 or visit our website: www.tardishire.co.uk

Don’t forget that we also do Road sweeping as well!!!

Snake found in Portable toilet

A toilet serviceman named Troy Anderson from America came face to face with a 5 foot snake in a Portable toilet recently.

Luckily no one was bitten or injured. It all happened while Mr Anderson was cleaning the portable toilet Mr Anderson said “I was checking it out. I usually go in there and check for toilet paper first. I heard the water splash around and usually the stuff in there doesn’t splash around,”

The snake was a large Coachwhip snake that was having a splashing in the bowl of the portable toilet.

After about five minutes of struggle, Mr Anderson was able to remove the creature from the waste tank possibly saving someone from getting a nasty surprise.

Horse stuck in cesspit

The Fire Service was called out as reports came in that a horse had gotten its hind legs trapped inside a small cesspit. The Cullompton Fire Service mobilised as soon as the reports came in. A special team from Barnstaple also attended to the incidents.

The fire crews confirmed that the horse weighted in about 750 kilos approx. and was trapped in the cesspit by its hind quarters. A local vet was also called out to make sure the horse did not suffer any stress and was comfortable.

The fire crew along with the specialist rescue team who had the proper lifting equipment worked in conjunction with a front loaded tractor that winched the horse out safely and uninjured. The horse is now back with the owner and is being checked by the vet to ensure the horse is not injured or suffering any illness.

Tardis Environmental can provide a multiple of services like, septic tank emptying, portable toilet hire and many more vistit our website for more details or give us a call on 0800 731 0589.

200 or more Portable toilets burn!!!

200 to 250 portable toilets burn at a storage depot

Over 200 portable toilets burned in the early hours of last Saturday morning at a storage depot near western Fayetteville in America.

Authorities we called at 4.14am early Saturday morning to respond to a report of a fire that had erupted near the county of Hoke. The fire was on a storage facility which is on a 9000 block of Stoney Point Road.

An estimated 200 to 250 toilets were on fire when the fire department got to the scene.The damage was estimated to cost around $200,000.

The Fire Department spent around three hours at the scene, before the fire was put out.

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

Tardis Environmental can provide portable toilets with a metal mesh that can protect the toilets from vandalism in high risk areas.

Call us on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website for more information on portable toilets

Portable Toilet You Can Wear To Bed!!!

A Portable Toilet you can wear to bed!!!

The Japanese have invented a portable toilet that you can wear to bed and even comes with its own bidet.

This could be great nursing homes as the wearer and the nurse will not need to worry about wetting the bed or even waking up feeling a bit sticky, as the device will also include an automatic bidet.

This portable toilet was originally designed for the senior citizen side of the population, but this could also be implicated to help struggling mommy’s with bedtime to help reduce accidents during the night when potty training and even the Guy who knows he drank way too much at pub.

Japanese Salespeople showed how the device works with the U-shaped cup that will fit between the wearer’s legs and will use a sensor that will activate a suction mechanism to move the waste away from the body.

Once the suction mechanism is finished the bidet will then begin spraying clean water to the wearer’s genital area. The portable toilet is connected to a duct which flushes the human waste into a tank.

Muscle Corp manager Daizo Igawa had this to say about the Robohelper:

“This machine is intended to ease the burden for caregivers, especially at night, and it also helps those in bed stay clean and healthy.”

Need a larger portable toilet for an event or construction site then give Tardis a call on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website: www.tardishire.co.uk 

Is your Septic tank ready?

Winter is coming is my Septic Tank Ready?

What do you need to do to prepare your septic tank for winter

Well you don’t need to do much, because when it was installed it would have been installed correctly and would have been insulated properly to ensure weather damage can’t get to the Septic tank.

You could pour some antifreeze into the septic tank to stop the waste water from freezing and expanding within the septic tank, just make sure that the antifreeze won’t hurt the friendly bacteria within the septic tank. But if it’s been installed properly you will not have to do this.


I would recommend having it emptied before winter comes just in case and to be on the safe side. If it where to get damaged it could cost a lot of money.

If your septic tank uses a soakaway or drain field, you might want to get these checked out as well just to be on the safe side, but again if it has been installed correctly then there should be nothing to worry about at all.

If you’re worried or concerned, consult one of our experts or give us a call on: 0800 731 0589 for all septic tank emptying services