Special Toilet Designed to be a Goal Keeper!!!

That’s Right two companies in Japan have come together to create a goalkeeper that is a toilet!!!

You have probably shouted at your team’s goal keeper of being a load of toilet. Now the worrying thing is that could be true.

Who would come up with this idea?

Who else but JAPAN, the inventors of all things weird but Hi-tech gadgets. But they have seriously out done themselves this time with a Loo that can calculate a Balls trajectory.

All the shots were done by former Japanese international striker Tatsuhiko Kubo. This one off special toilet is a result of collaboration between toilet manufacturer TOTO and the Sports Lottery firm toto and was asked to promote environmental issues, I have watched the video myself and none of it makes any sense to me, then again football and toilet mixed in with environment issues was never a going to be clear to me.

But you have to admire what they have accomplished, a toilet that can save a shot on goal.

So how is it done?

First of the toilet is placed if the centre of the goal with two camera either side of the goal posts, these cameras film at 250FPS (Frames per Second) which will track the balls trajectory and send the information to the toilet, which will then pivot in the right direction and then release a ball from inside the toilet to collide with the football.

All this is done in 0.1 seconds.

We don’t have Goalkeeping toilets, but we done have a Top Portable Toilet Service at a Low cost and 24hr call out service Nationwide.

Tardis is Like a Swiss Army Knife!

Septic tank Emptying and Portable Toilet Hire


If you thought these were the only services that Tardis Environmental provide then you would be wrong.

Not only do we provide these great services at a low cost with a 24 hour call out service which is done by are high trained Staff.

We also provide a Water Bowser hire service from 1,000 litres all the way up to 10,000. All will be delivered with or without fresh water.

Need more than 10,000 litres of fresh water than just ask (Fresh water not suitable for drinking); we can deliver up to 6000 gallons of fresh water which will be useful at Events or to perform a wash down.

Don’t just want fresh water but need a drinking water bowser then Tardis can supply a towable water drinking bowser. Don’t forget that we also provide a towable fresh water bowser.

Hired 4 or more Portable showers or toilets   and need a bigger waste tank? At Tardis we fabricate our own waste tanks to meet the specifications you need and require.

Need a Tank Emptied Domestic or Commercial then our highly trained tanker drivers can perform a septic tank emptying service plus if you need advice about your septic tank or any problems that may be happening ask a member of staff for a survey report. If we can’t complete a job due to a drainage blockage or damaged septic tank our tanker drivers will create a report and tell you the next course of action.

Other services include High pressure Jetting, Gully Sucking, Interceptor Cleaning, CCTV Surveys, Road Sweeping and many more. Just visit our website for all the services we do.

Alternatively give us a call for a low cost quote from one of our helpful Sales Team.

Septic Tank Done Before Christmas!

Get your septic tank ready before Xmas and Winter Kicks in!!!

If you need a Septic Tank Emptying Service or need to hire some Portable Toilets during Christmas then I would recommend booking them now so you have peace of mind during Christmas and winter.

With the weather starting to get colder and the days are getting darker it’s important to get your septic tank emptied before it turns to Winter as you may find your septic tank could freeze if a seal has gone on the hatch or any of the pipes.

With winter and Xmas soon approaching it will be best to have all this sorted as Construction Sites and Depots will close during Xmas and the New Year. After the Xmas Holiday things tend to get back to its busy self here at Tardis so try and have it ordered before the Xmas holiday.

Ordered a Portable Toilet and scared that the waste tank will freeze in the winter. There’s no need to panic as our Portable Toilets come with a chemical that will help prevent the wet waste within the tank from freezing, if you’re not sure then just ask upon ordering.

Tardis have depots Nationwide that means we can provide a septic tank empty at a low cost to our customers.

What Type of waste is Hazardous waste?

What Hazardous Waste can Tardis Remove and dispose of!Hazardous Waste Removal

There are some many different kinds of Hazardous waste that will need different licenses and even different tankers.

At Tardis we have a Nationwide Coverage and have agreed and set-up accounts with a large number of licensed waste disposal facilities all around the UK.

Which means we’re in the best position to provide a low cost and Nationwide 24hr call out on our hazardous removal service?


Hazardous Wet Waste Tardis can remove

  • We can remove oil and water from interceptors, Bunded fuel tanks, Fuel Bowsers and Drip Trays.
  • What other service can you provide?
  • There are so many services that Tardis Environmental can offer our clients. Here a small list of services that we can provide you.
  • Tank Removal and cleaning, cold cutting – Degassing and Certification
  • We can remove Bio Hazardous Waste
  • Used aerosol Removal
  • Drummed Waste Collection
  • Battery Collection

We can also collect samples and provide an analysis service on the samples provided. We are fully licensed with our hazardous waste carrier license and are a fully licensed waste broker.

So any Hazardous waste you have you can count on Tardis Environmental to get the job done. 

Have the right Tanker for the Job!

What tanker do I need?

44ton Vacuum Tanker

If you need a general Septic tank Empty then the Tanker of choice would be one of our vacuum tankers. You can choice from an 18 ton Vacuum tanker all the way up to our flag ship 44ton vacuum tanker.

What other jobs can a vacuum tanker perform?

Vacuum tankers can also be used for wash downs, Bulk water delivery, grease trap cleaning and Man Hole Emptying. Please remember when ordering one of the above services to make sure that you have enough room for the Vacuum tanker to get to job that you have requested, all our tanker carry 40mts of suction hose if you think the tanker will need more then please request when ordering a tanker as we can make sure the tankers leaves with the correct length of hose

Vacuum Tanker 26 ton


Need A Jetting Service? Jet Vac Tanker 18 Tons

Our High Volt or Low Volt Jet Vac Tankers are perfect for jobs like Drainage cleaning, Aco Cleaning, Pressure cleaning, Gully sucking and drain unblocking. The Jet vac Tankers will carry up to 100mts of jetting hose, which is more than enough to get the job done. If you are having a drain unblocking service and our jet vac still can’t unblock the sewage pipe then you could ask us to perform a CCTV survey to see what has happened and see if you need a new pipe or sewage system.

Does your Site need cleaning?

Then ask for one of our Tardis Road Sweepers to perform a site or if you are not at a site then you could ask for a simple road sweep. Our Road sweepers can even clean your gully out.

All our Vehicles are chapter 8 approved and you can now download a spec sheet from our website on all our tankers in PDF form.

Need a Septic tank Emptying service then don’t hestitate to give Tardis a call on 0800 731 0589 

Portable toilets and Bonfire Night

Hiring a Portable Toilet for Bonfire Night?

If you’re planning to have a party during Guy Fawkes Night and want to hire some Mobile toilets. Here are some things to remember.

Make sure the portable toilets are easy to find in the dark and try to make sure they are in well-lit area as most portable toilets don’t have their own light.

Positioning of the portable toilet is key as you don’t want the toilet to be too close to the bonfire as the toilets are only made of plastic, which is great as this makes them light and durable but not fire proof even at a distance a toilet could still start to melt and weaken from the heat of the fire.

Don’t use the portable toilets as a storage unit for fireworks or any other equipment. When you hire portable toilets from a portable toilet company remember you are responsible for that toilet and any damages that occur could mean you will have to repair or even replace the loo that you hired, which could mean a costly event.

Need an Event Toilet for Guy Fawkes Night then give us a call on 0800 731 0589 and just see how low our costs are. All our Toilets come with 2 rolls of toilet paper, hand soap and the chemical that will sit in the waste tank.

What Type of Septic Tanks systems are there?

Septic Tanks

What are the most common Septic Tank Systems?

The first most common Septic Tank System is the gravity system, which uses gravity to move the wet waste into the septic tank and then when separated, Waste water will leave through the Outlet pipe and to the drainfield to be soaked up and become ground water. This is what most domestic homes have.

The second is PDS (Pressure Distribution System). This will have a pump attached to it that will distribute wet waste to the entire drainfield for a more even spread.

Other Alternative Systems are the Aerobic Treatment Unit (ATU). This uses oxygen to break down solids, producing clean waste water.

A Mound System is only used when there is minimal soil available for treatment, the drainfield will then be raised above ground level.

A Bio Filter system consists of different layers of sand and gravel placed in a watertight box. Wet Waste is pumped into the bottom of the filter and then works its way up through the sand and gravel out into the soil.

AdvanTex Filter system. The wet waste is filtered through layers of engineering textile materials that is enclosed in a watertight container. This allows treatment of a large amount of wastewater in a small space and is clean enough for subsurface irrigation.

And Finally a Drip Irrigation is a shallow, pressure-dosed system that will equally distribute pre-treated wastewater at a very slow rate over the entire drainfield, preventing flooding of the soil.

Whatever the septic tank system is you can be sure that Tardis Environmental will be able to empty it in professional and speedy service at a low cost. 

What Type of Portable Toilets is there?

There are some many types of portable toilets you can choose from.

The two most common ones are Event Portable Toilet:This toilet is made for high use which is why this is ideal for festivals. It’s made to be strong with its cross ribbing between panels this will provide unbeatable strength and durability.

Here are some of the features our Event Portable Toilets have:  Event Toilet InsideEvent Portable toilet

  • Recirculating Chemical Flush
  • Hand Operated Flushing System
  • Hand Sanitizer or Cold Water Wash Hand Basin
  • Integral Vents
  • 2-Roll Toilet Roll Holder
  • Plastic Toilet Bowl and Seat
  • Integral Door Lock
  • Translucent Roof

Construction Portable Toilet: Our Construction Portable Toilets can come Coldwash or Hotwash and each can be Hired long term with a weekly service that will empty the waste tank and replenish the toilet paper and soup.

Portable toilet Hire

Here are some of the feature for our Hotwash (Coldwash will not need electric)Portable toilet Hotwash

  • Recirculating flush style tank operated by means of a hand pump.
  • Large Health & Safety compliant sink, designed for full fore arm immersion and foot operated for optimum efficiency.
  • Instantaneous 3kW-water heater placed above the wash hand basin.
  • 24-Volt submersible pumped water supply.
  • 12 Volt courtesy light and acrylic mirrors.
  • Full RCD/MCB protection conforming to the latest IEE regulations.
  • Requires a 240 Volt and a 16amp power supply

Here are the other portable units Tardis has to other.


Portable Shower unit

Portable Shower Units can be supplied at a construction site or event. Showers will need a power supply for the heating of the water.

Disabled ToiletDisabled Portable toilets can come as they are or you could add a baby changing facility.

6 Bay Portable UrinalPortable Urinal 4 – 6 Bay units can be hired to help cut down queues at events and festivals.

Portable toilet MainsThe Mains Portable Toilet is connected to the main sewage line; use this like any normal toilet at home.

What ever the need you can count on Tardis Environmental to provide a cheap and fast service on any portable toilet hire request.

Need a Septic Tank Emptying Service?

Tardis Environmental Septic Tank emptying Service is Nationwide and you can call us on our Freephone 24/7 phone line.

Tarids Environmental Flag Septic tank emptying

All our drivers are fully trained and have to complete a checklist before they leave the depot for every septic tank emptying job.

All our tankers are fully loaded with all the equipment needed to complete the job.

What do our tankers carry on a normal job?

The most common piece of equipment is the hose and each of our tankers will carry around 40 metres, If you think we will need more to get the job done then just ask use to bring more or request a site visit this will ensure that we arrive with the correct amount of hose to get the septic tank emptied.

What type of jobs can our tanker perform?

We have a wide range of tankers that can perform multiple services like our High and Low Volt Jet Vac tankers great for jetting  and gully sucking or our 18-44 ton Vacuum Tankers these are great for Septic Tank Emptying, Bulk Water Delivery, Wash Downs and Soakaways and many more.

26 ton Vacuum Tankers Septic tank emptying

Plus if you need to know the dimensions of our tankers visit our website and download a spec sheet on all our tankers. The spec sheets will have all the information you will need from what they carry, jobs they can perform and make and size of each tanker.


Tardis Environmental website is a hive of knowledge and information on everything you need to know about septic tank emptying and our tankers.

Portable toilet that fits in a Handbag!!!

A German company invent a Portable toilet that will fit in a woman’s handbag!!!

When a man needs to a man can go anywhere but when a women needs to go she needs cross her legs and wait for the nearest toilet. Now thanks to a German company, women can go whenever they like thanks to a new portable toilet that fits inside your handbag.

This new portable toilet is called ‘Ladybag’ and will help cut wasting time queuing up for the toilets at events.

How does this the new toilet work, the actual toilet consists of a plastic bag fitted with absorbent polymers that turn urine into a gel. The toilet will fold to the size of a chocolate bar when folded. It has a wide pink opening and can be used squatting, sitting or standing.

The Portable toilet is disguised as a leaf. The gel itself can absorb 1 pint of liquid, but if you had one to many drinks at an event the bag itself can hold 2.2 pints. The gel will also prevent any unwanted smells from coming out, plus can be disposed of in the rubbish bin and will not harm the environment

Need a Portable toilet for a large event or wedding then call Tardis Environmental for a Quote on 0800 731 0589 or Visit our websites Portable toilet section