Portable Toilet Hire!!!

Portable toilet hire from us is as easy as 1, 2, and 3!!

All you need to do is give us a call or fill out our contact us page, which will then send us an e-mail which we will then read the e-mail and call you back or contact you by e-mail which ever you prefer about the portable toilet enquiry.

The vans and truck used

Here is a few of our vans that may be used to service your portable toilet

First we will find out what it is you require, whether it be a portable toilet or a portable shower. If you plan on hiring more than one portable toilet you want to think about ordering a waste toilet block.

A waste toilet block is basically one of our fabricated waste tanks elongated and made to fit any number of portable toilets. We can even supply steps for easy access.

When you have placed an order with us and we have delivered the portable toilets, we will then provide a portable toilet service which is every week. Included in this service are the emptying of the waste tank, hand soup refill (if required), Paper towel refill (Added feature) and toilet paper refill.

All you need to do is make sure there is easy access to the portable toilets.

Have your own portable toilets?

We can still provide a toilet servicing for you. All you will need to do make sure there is someone on site and the toilets are easy to access for our drivers. Most of our vans and tankers have about 40 metres of hose so if you think it is further then please let’s know beforehand so that we can provide more hose if needed.

One of our drivers

Tardis Driver with portable toilet service truck

Tardis Environmental Will provides a great Portable Toilet Hire service from start to finish.

Some facts on septic tanks!!

Septic tank information!!!

Septic tanks can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes ranging from a 4 all the way up to a 35 people septic tank. There are different shapes as well like the onion shaped tank or the low profile tank.

The plastic that makes the septic tank is approximately 5mm thick. Some can be made from metal, these tend to be the larger ones that are suitable for large buildings with more then 15 people.

You can even get a sewage treatment plant that fits on top of the septic tank and treats the water and turns into clean water before releasing back into ground water.

Septic tanks should be buried about 1ft underground and away from any tree roots. When installing a septic tank in should be covered in gravel with a layer of grass on top, remember not to park a car or put patio paving slabs on top as the weight could damage the tank which you don’t want to happen as this could cost  a lot of money in repair or possibly replacement of tank.

Try getting the septic tank emptied every year as this will ensure that it is kept in top condition and in perfect working order.

Make sure the hatch is easy to get to as well, this is needed to perform a septic tank emptying service otherwise they can’t perform a proper empty, which could cost more money.

Also when ordering a septic tank emptying service try and find out what tanker they will be sending, you don’t want a massive 6000 gallon tanker to come and empty a small 2600 litre septic tank or a 2000 gallon tanker to come and empty a 4600 gallon septic tank. Most companies can supply a spec sheet on the tanker they will be sending out to you like Tardis Environmental so that you have an idea what kind of tanker will be coming.

Tardis Environmental is the One Stop shop with services from Portable toilet hire, water bowser hire, waste tank hire and gully and interceptor cleaning.

What Can I Plant near a septic tank?

Septic tank advice

My Suggestion is to just place grass on top and have at least 15ft distance from any tree or bush roots as these could be strong enough to pierce a septic tank wall, this could cause the septic tank to leak and could cost a lot of money if left unchecked.

Especially with the EPA bring in the new water services act 2012, where you will have the septic tank inspected to ensure you’re not polluting the surrounding environment.

What about Plants?

There are a quiet a few plants you can plant near the septic tank as their roots don’t grow that long and are not that strong to damage your septic tank.

Here is a list of plants that should be okay:

  1. Wild garlic
  2. Nodding wild onion
  3. Field pussytoes
  4. Wild columbine
  5. Butterlyweed
  6. Sand coreopsis
  7. Prairie coreopsis
  8. White prairie clover
  9. Purple prairie clover
  10. Pale purple coneflower
  11. Purple coneflower
  12. rattlesnake master
  13. Big leaf aster
  14. Wild geranium
  15. Western sunflower
  16. Prairie sunflower
  17. False sunflower
  18. Rough blazing star
  19. Sundial lupine
  20. Wild bergamot

There are a few more flowers that are okay to plant near a septic tank. If you find that a root has pierced a hole within the septic, it’s not the end of the world just give Tardis Environmental a call and we can advise or repair the septic tank for you.

Just remember that when planting any plants near or around your septic tank that it must still have easy access to get so that a septic tank emptying service or any fixes can be easy done without any interference.

Tardis Environmental will always endeavour to give the best advice possible and will always give the best septic tank emptying service we can deliver. 

How to Prevent a Septic tank failure!

How to Prevent a Septic tank failure!

Here a list a thing that will help in preventing a septic tank failure:

Have Tardis Environmental perform a septic tank emptying service every year. Some contractors will say 2 to 3 years, but Tardis recommend having a septic tank empty every year that way you will ensure your septic tank meets with the EPA’s Water services act 2012.

Conserve water

Here are a few things to do to conserve water and prolong the life of your septic tank. Try installing low-flow fixtures (I got a free shower water saver cap the other that helps me use less water when showering), fix any dripping taps and toilet that keep flowing and try and do the laundry and dishes when the machines are full. Plus you will save money with using less water.

Don’t pour hazardous wastes down the drain like, chemicals, grease, oil, paint and pesticides and especially anti bacteria soup or cleaners as this could kill all the friendly bacteria inside the septic tank that is used to digest all the sludge that falls to the bottom of a septic tank. One more thing try not to flush non-degradable items down the toilet as these items could block up the septic tank drainage system or even block the outlet pipe that links to the drain field/soakaway.

Parking cars in above your septic tank is not advised as well as the septic tank is not really made to take the weight of a car or even a paved patio. The tank should only be buried one foot underground with an inspection hatch popping out of the ground for easy access. Place the tank about 15 metres away from any trees or bushes as the roots can damage the walls of your system and could cost a lot of money to fix or possibly replace.

Some septic systems can contaminate down gradient wetlands, ponds and streams. Even with no signs of failure an improperly maintained septic system may be contributing to surface or ground water contamination.

What signs should you be looking for to tell if your drainage system is failing!!

Some of the signs that will tell you when you septic tank is full will be backups of toilets, sink and baths or when you pull the plug and it takes forever to drain.

Soggy Grass and standing waste water where your absorption field are signs that you may have a leak within the system, other signs could be lush grass even in dry conditions.

Odours coming from a leech field or even bad odours coming through your plug holes in your shower or sinks, normally means the sludge layer has built up because the bacteria has been killed from too much anti bacteria liquids.

Tardis Environmental Provide a great Septic tank emptying service 

Need a Water Bowser!!!

Do you need a Water bowser to deliver water in bulk?

Whatever reason Tardis Environmental can help. We have water bowsers ranging 1000 litre all the way up to 10,000 litre water bowser. All can be delivered to the site of your choosing and will be filled with clean water (Not suitable for drinking), the water is okay to use for washing dishes in a welfare unit or toilet flushing and washing of hands, but if you require drinking water, then we have some special towable drinking water bowser that can be filled and delivered to the site that you want within the UK.

Need more than 10,000 litres of water.

No problem Tardis Environmental can provide fresh water suitable for wash downs and bulk water delivery up to 6000 Gallons (approximately 30,000 litres) of fresh water.

Want an On-demand Pump!!

So you’ve ordered a toilet block with a waste tank to go underneath and you have also added a water bowser. Now all you need is an On-demand Pump so that the water can be pumped to the toilet so the flushing system works and the hand wash works as well.

You can fit the pump yourself or you could ask Tardis for an on-demand pump fitter.

Tardis Environmental can provide water bowsers, waste tanks, septic tank emptying and even portable toilet hire.

Hurry or miss out for cheap septic tank registry!!!

Deadline looming for septic tank registry!!

It is almost coming up to the deadline to get your septic tank registered for only €5. The deadline is the 28th September 2012 to take advantage of the cheap registration admin fee.

Home owners will need to have their Sewage system or wet waste system registered before February 2013; otherwise the EPA may send you a fine for not registering on time.

Septic tank Tanker

Our largest Septic tanker

The new water services act 2012 is to help ensure that domestic sewage systems AKA septic tanks don’t pollute the surrounding environment and water.Places like Kilkenny who have a 40% that’s 13,444 homes have a domestic sewage system. All of which will fall under this new water services act 2012.

There is growing fear that people may be taken advantage of from this new act, by going round homes and pretending they are there to inspect your septic tank. You will be notified when an inspection is about to happen and never forget to ask ID when they are at the door.

Tardis Environmental can provide useful tips or even help on anything to do with septic tank emptying and domestic drain servicing.

Septic Tank Leaflets Issued to home owners in Clare

Septic tank Leaflets

Clare County Council this week commenced issuing leaflet information to Clare households in relation to the registration of domestic Septic tank and sewage treatment systems.

New act coming into force which was introduced back in 2012 under the Water Services (Amendment) Act 2012, this is to protect ground and the surface water quality, specially drinking water sources, from the risks posed by malfunctioning or poorly managed Septic tank systems. Owners of premises connected to a domestic wastewater treatment system are required to register their systems before the 1st February 2013.

All septic tanks and any other sewage treatment and disposal systems for domestic waste water should be registered not later than 1st February 2013 which will cost €50. But Registration payments received by 28th September will only have to pay €5 fee if left to the 1st February the cost will increase to €50 so hurry up and get registered.

Septic tank emptying

Tardis septic tank emptying service

What sewage system does this include?All Domestic wastewater treatment systems will be include like septic tanks, waste water tanks and treatment systems receiving, storing, treating or disposing of domestic waste water. It will also include all fittings and percolation areas associated with any tank, sewage systems and drains used to discharge waste water from your home, whether or not you have a receiving tank.

The EPA is now developing a National Inspection Plan. The EPA will be using a risk based approach in developing the plan. Inspections will not commence until 2013 and when the inspections start they will be publicised in the national and local media.”

Registration fee is intended to cover the all costs of administration by the water services authorities and risk-based inspections.

All inspectors will carry ID to confirm who they are. You shouldn’t allow anyone to come and knock on your door and say they are from the EPA. Otherwise this could be someone claiming to be septic tank inspector. You will be formally notified by the water services authority when your domestic septic tank system is to be inspected.

Where do I register my Septic tank System?

If you check out the links in the right hand column you will see a link to the website so that you can register your septic tank.

Tardis Environmental can provide great septic tank emptying and servicing.

Portable Toilets Spills sewage waste over the A14 yesterday!!!

A14 covered in portable toilet waste

A load of portable toilets spilled all over the A14 yesterday. A trailer overturned yesterday spilling loads of sewage from the portable toilets that were be transported on a trailer.

The trailer overturned throwing portable toilets all over a section of the A14 yesterday which caused long delays in snail near Newmarket.

Luckily no one was hurt or injured.

Need Portable Toilets or Need your Portable toilets Serviced then call on Tardis Environmental

Long Island Homes Damaged by High Flying Toilet waste!!!

FROZEN wet waste from airplane toilet

Mysterious holes have appeared in the roofs of two Long Island homes that may have been caused by frozen waste from a airplane toilet. The solidified wet waste, which is called “blue ice” by those in the industry, reportedly leaked from aircrafts toilet flying over long Island.

Owners of some New York homes were baffled as to what could have precisely caused the damage to their homes. The owners contacted the police to report the damage. They then hired a roofer, who inspected the damage and discovered wet stains near the impact area.

The FAA states that something along these lines happens at least a few times each year. Leaky toilets in airplanes cause the so-called “blue ice” to escape from its container and plummet towards the ground. These blocks of human waste land on homes, much to the dismay of the home owners. However, attempting to track down the airline responsible for the damage can be a little hard.The Roofer said that the holes created in the roofs must have had some blunt force to go through an inch and a half of shingles. He also said that they could not have been caused by birds.

The holes opened by the frozen waste in two Long Island homes could force the owners to fork out thousands of dollars in repair bills.

Tardis Environmental Provide Great Portable toilet hire without the frozen waste worries.

What are the possible dangers of a Septic tank!!!

Septic tanks have numerous possible hazards which could include a septic tank cave in or collapse, this is where too much weight or root damage to the inside of the tank has occurred and cracked the inside.

Other hazards are gases that may leak from the septic tank and up into your bathroom; these gases are mostly hydrogen sulphide and sometimes methane gas which is an explosion hazard. Hydrogen Sulphide is the gas that smells of rotten eggs and can be quiet noxious.

While these gases will have to be very concentred to have an effect on you the best thing to do is open a few windows and vent the smelly gases out to be on the safe side to avoid gas build up.

A septic tank emptying should solve the gas problem.

Tardis Environmental can provide a septic tank emptying service