Register your septic tank for €5 last chance

Septic tank to cost €50 after today

The deadline has final come around for the cheap registration fee of €5 which will end 28th September 2012, which is today. The current fee to get your septic tank registered will increase to €50 and will need to be registered by the beginning of February 2013.

The EPA is currently developing a National Inspection Plan that will be ready sometime soon. They also said that they will be using a risk-based approach in the plan.

When the inspections commence the EPA will be publicing in the national and local news media.

All EPA Inspectors will have identification, so make sure you ask to see the ID first before letting someone inspect your septic tank.

You will be informed when an inspection is due by the water services authority.

Are domestic septic tank included?

Yes all Domestic wastewater treatment systems which will include septic tanks, waste water tanks and treatment systems receiving, storing, treating or disposing of domestic waste water. It also includes all fittings and percolation areas associated with such tanks and systems and drains used to discharge waste water from a premises, whether or not a receiving tank is present.

Who is excluded?

Owners of properties that are connected to larger on-site system which discharge more than 5 cubic metres per day will not be required to register their tank. Systems that  might be excluded are, sports clubs, pubs, hotels, guest houses and other businesses that require a licence from the relevant local authority under Section 4 of the Water Pollution Act 1997.

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Portable Toilets Placed on top of Memorial!!!

Swansea Council allow Portable toilets to be place on top of Memorial

Hard work has been placed into getting Swansea Bay 10k ready for last Sunday. All the preparation and effort that went in for last Sundays 10k run was nearly ruined with Swansea council allowing a block of several portable toilets to be placed on top of a legendary memorial. Passers-by commented on the thoughtless and insensitive defacing of a city’s local legend.

Portable toilets

Picture of Portable Toilets over Memorial

The Memorial is for local rescue dog legend Jack who would always respond to the cries of help that came from the water and would dive into the water and rescue whoever was having difficulty and would safely bring them to the dock side. The first rescue jack did was in 1931, where he rescued a 12 year old boy, which went unreported and then a few weeks later jack rescued a swimmer from the docks that was reported in a local newspaper and then went on to receive a silver collar. 1936 he was awarded bravest dog of the year by London Star Newspaper.

Sadly in 1937 Jack died from eating rat poison. But in his whole life time he managed to rescue over 20 people, which earned him Dog of the century by New Found friends of Bristol.

Dogs are and always will be man’s best friend!!

Tardis is growing Bigger and Bigger

New Depot and 2 new Tankers are on their way!!!

Tardis will soon be opening a new depot in Feltham (Heathrow Depot) London. The New depot will also be receiving two new tankers that are currently being modified
by Whale that will perform different tasks.

Tardis Environmental

One of these tankers will be our largest High Volt Jet Vac in our fleet weighting in at 26 ton with the capacity to hold 3000 gallons of wet waste. Our current tanker is 18 ton High Volt Jet Vac which will hold 1800 gallons of wet waste. This is great for gully sucking, interceptor cleaning, wet waste removal and pressure cleaning.
The other tanker will be a 32 vacuum tanker that will hold 4000 gallons of wet waste, which will be great for septic tank emptying, bulk water delivery and wash downs.


Not only will the new depot be receiving new tankers but will also be FORS Accredited. This will help us lower our carbon foot print.

Tardis Environmental not only want to provide the best service in portable toilet hire and septic tank emptying but are also lowering our carbon foot print by opening regional depots so that our tankers don’t have to travel as far to each job.

Tardis Environmental can provide septic tank emptying nationwide. If you require a quote then give us a call on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website.

Whale takes delivery of 2 New Scania chassis!!!!

Scania Chassis sent to Whale

Tardis have just purchased two new Scania chassis which are being sent to Whale. The two Scania chassis that Tardis have ordered is a 26 ton chassis and the other chassis being a 32 ton chassis.

Whale has taken delivery of the two chassis and will now be in the process of equipping them with tanks that will perform different jobs.

What Jobs will these new tankers carry out?

The 26 ton chassis is going to be our largest High volt jetvac tanker ever with the capacity to hold 3000 gallons, which will be great for wet waste removal, drain cleaning, drain unblocking, gully sucking, pressure cleaning, aco drain cleaning and interceptor emptying. The tanker will be chapter 8 approved and will meet our strict health and safety guidelines with all the correct health and safety equipment.

The 32 ton chassis will be a vacuum tanker with the capacity to hold 4000 gallons of liquid this will mainly be used for septic tank emptying, Bulk water delivery and wash downs. Chapter 8 approved and will also meet our health and safety guidelines as well as having all the correct health and safety equipment.

When Whale finishes installing the equipment to the chassis they will then send them back to us which we will then send off to get painted in our Tardis Environmental colours.

Once the two tankers are finished they will go home to our London depot ready for work.

Need a septic tank emptying service or gully sucking service then give us a call on 0800 731 0589 or visit our website which will have all the information that you will need to know about septic tank emptying, gully sucking, interceptor cleaning and bulk water delivery.


Toilets that can produce ELECTRICITY

Toilet that recharges itself

Japan gave us the fully automated toilet for the best bathroom experience, all you had to do is sit down and let the loo do the rest.

The current automated toilet uses sensors that detect when you are walking towards it and then lifts up the toilet seat ready for you to sit down. It also has a hand operated panel on the side which will enable automatic hands free washing for a complete sanitary cleaning – no hands or toilet paper needed. When you’re done just get up and leave the toilet to flush itself automatically.

But Japan has now added another cleaver feature to their already impressive toilet. The ability to generate its own electricity from, which is from the movement of the water being flushed down into the bowl, making this toilet run on eco-friendly hydroelectric  power. It stores all the electricity in a cell battery that could last up to ten years without ever having to replace it.

Not only that the computer inside the toilet will also manage the amount of water that is flushed to further decrease the amount of water used in each flush. How it does this is amazing, it uses voltage that will run over the contents of the bowl before flushing, analysing the minimum amount of water needed to perform the best flush. When used in a public block it will also ensure that sanitary conditions are kept at the highest level of sanitary with its non-contact design

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Tardis Septic tankers Information

Information on our Septic tankers

Ever wondered how a Tardis Vacuum tanker comes and does a Septic tank emptying service really quickly. Well here is science or maths behind our tankers vacuum power.

First let’s look at what factors could slow or speed up the filling time of one of our tankers.


  1. The first factor is the vacuum itself depending on the quality of the vacuum. If not maintained properly then a septic tank could take longer to empty.
  2. Depth from which the sucking load is. Say sucking from a depth of 4 metres will take less time than sucking from 8 metres and so on.
  3. Third is the fluid property. All liquids are different for example oil will sit above water so in retrospect water has more density than oil and is harder to suck up same with blood and sewage which each have different density.
  4. The easiest one which is pipe diameter. The bigger the diameter the quicker the septic tank will be emptied.
Septic tanker

Diagram of a Tardis Septic Tanker

So how much time will it take to empty a 1000 gallon Septic tank compared to a 2000 gallon septic tank

If the dia of the hose was 3” it will suck up 145 gallons a minute. So if you have a 1000 gallon tanker it would only take 7 minutes to empty and for a 2000 gallon septic tank it would tank 14 minutes. 4” dia hose sucks up 260 gallons a minute, emptying the septic tank in 4 mins and 2000 gallon septic tank will take 8 mins.

For more information on our tankers vacuum capacities then visit our tanker page on our website

Portable Toilet Fright that Cost!!

Frightful fall

A girl from Illinois who went to an amusement park looking for a good Halloween scare got more than she could ask for, according to a lawsuit which was filled by her father.

The Farther said that his daughter was attending last year’s Fright Fest event at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee. When a hiding costumed park employee jumped out of a portable toilet and shot the young girl with a water pistol gun.

Tardis Portable Toilet

Then the employee chased the young girl who then fell and suffered some scrapes and bruises on her knees. The farther is now seeking $30,000 compensation from six flags, saying that the park did not properly instruct the employees on how to frighten and chase customers around the park, even though the parks grounds were full of hazardous tripping hazards.

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Register your septic tank soon

8 more days till the deadline

Only 8 days left to register your septic tank for only €5. After the 28th September the cost will rise from €5 to €50 and you will then need to have your septic tank registered by February 2013.

This is all part of the new shake up for owners who have a septic tank system instead of being part of the main sewage line.

The EPA will send out inspectors to check and make sure that your septic tank is inline the new water service act 2012 and not polluting the environment.

If your septic tank is found to be leaking or found releasing polluted water back into the ground water you could end up with a caution to repair or even a fine.

All Inspectors from the EPA will have ID so don’t be afraid to ask for ID as there are fears that some might try and take advantage.

As long as you do a regular empty on your septic tank min being 1 year you should have no problems.

If a problem does occur give Tardis a call 0800 731 0589. We will be more than happy to help.

Sludge from a septic tank dumped at North Park, Lonmay

Farmer fined for dumping Septic tank Sludge

A SCOTTISH farmer has been fined £2,500 for illegally dumping Septic tank sludge containing sanitary products and other wet waste in a field used for growing animal feed.

Officers from the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency (SEPA) discovered untreated slurry spread across Walter Watson’s farm at North Park, Lonmay, Fraserburgh last year.

Yesterday the farmer failed to clear up the wet waste despite being given an opportunity by SEPA, pled guilty at Peterhead Sheriff Court for disposing of untreated sewage tank sludge without a waste management licence.

The farmer is also director of a well know Drainage & Plumbing company that is licensed to treat septic tank sludge.

However slurry can only be spread on agricultural fields in certain circumstances only if it has been properly screened and treated and safe for the environment.

Disposing unscreened sludge from a septic tank is forbidden due to the potential harm it can do to the environment.

The SEPA’s investigating officer, said: “Mr Watson made no attempt to screen the considerable quantity of sewage-related litter from the septic tank sludge before spreading it on agricultural land. This type of activity is completely unacceptable and undermines the commitment of similar businesses which operate in an environmentally responsible way……Sewage litter waste can be a significant hazard to wildlife, livestock and human health. Mr Watson failed to take these risks into consideration and his prosecution should serve as a strong reminder that practices which do not meet environmental legislation will be punished accordingly.”

Craig Harris, head of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service Wildlife and Environmental Unit added: “This conduct showed an utter disregard for the environment. Sanitary products, plastics and rag materials were spread across a field which is used to grown animal feed and which is adjacent to water which runs into a national nature reserve. Such conduct is a clear breach of the criminal law and is repugnant to all law abiding farmers.”

Tardis Environmental can provide detailed information on where our tankers are this is because all our vehicles are satnav tracked and monitored at our head office in Walsall. Who can tell you where they are and even how fast they are going.

Proof can be given for correct disposal when needed as we keep all the information from every disposal we do. You can request at any point.

We do all this so that when you ask us to do a job, you know 110% we will do it right and legally. So you have peace of mind

Tardis Environmental Provide a legal and professional septic tank emptying service.

Septic tank Tardis Environmental is here to help

Installing a new septic tank?

If you are in the process of installing a new septic tank by yourself here are a few steps that may be of some use to you. Advices only for correct installation speak to the manufacture.

  1. You will need to excavate the ground to the correct size of the septic tank
  2. Put a concrete base at the bottom of the hole you have just excavated. You may require putting some hold down straps within the concrete; your septic tank provider should let you know whether this is necessary.
  3. With a crane slowly lower your septic tank into position within the hole.
  4. If you were required to use hold down straps you should now install the straps around the septic tank to stop it rolling around while it’s in the ground.
  5. Once you have installed the straps you will now need to fill the septic tank with water which should be about 30-40cm deep, ahead of backfilling.
  6. Now backfill the excavation with concrete or with a suitable material that is approved by the septic tank company. Remember to only half fill it as you still need to connect pipes.
  7. Now you will need to connect the inlet and outlet pipes to the specified areas of the drainage system.
  8. Now backfill with concrete or any other suitable material minimum being about 300mm above the tank. You should now only be able to see the hatch. I would also advise in having a galvanised steel lid so if someone stands on top they want fall in.
  9. Level off the ground so that people or you don’t trip up over the hatch and fall in. if you have installed a large commercial septic tank then the tank should be able to have concrete on top. If it’s a domestic septic tank then I would suggest laying grass on top. And make sure you have a septic tank emptying service every year to ensure good working order. This is only advice. I would recommend getting a professional to do the job myself.

Tardis Environmental can provide a great septic tank emptying service.