Portable Toilets Save Lives

Not really a sentence you are likely to hear every day but nevertheless a batch of portable toilets in America have saved a pilots life after the plane’s engine failed in flight and he was forced to crash land.

The plan hit a fence, flipping over and landing onto the bunched up portable toilets, the pilot walked away unharmed.

We provide toilet hire to a variety of places but never have had a story like this come from it!


What is Grey water/Backwater?

GreyWater is all the dirty water from your dish washer, shower, washing and bath. All this will go into your septic tank, so try not to use to much anti bacteria or bleach as this could kill the friendly bacteria.

Blackwater is the water you flush down the toilet and into the septic tank, again try not to use too much bleach or toilet cleaner.

Rainwater is water that is collected by the roof guttering that drains into your septic tank.

Remember all this waste water enters your septic tank. A yearly septic tank emptying service is advised.

Kim Kardashian and her 60k flushing toilet

Kim Kardashian has splashed out 60,000 pounds on some sort of super toilet having it fitted in her Beverly hills home.

The toilet is self-flushing, has a bidet, a heated seat and can play any music you want while you are using it

“Kim is obsessed with cleanliness, so she had no problem spending such a large amount on a hi-tech toilet,” a source told the Daily Star.

Well, she isn’t the only celeb to be obsessed with cleanliness in an earlier blog we showed that Jennifer Lopez has her own gem encrusted toilet seat she takes every with her!

Tardis Environmental may not have toilets with heated seats or self-lowering lids, if you’re at a festival you may be able to hear some music though!

If you need portable toilet hire for any event we can help!

Be careful where you put your portable toilets!

When you’re hiring portable toilets for a festival event you need to make sure that where you put them is the right location, if they are in the wrong place it may cause abit of a problem for some people.

A prime example of this is the residents at City Quay in Dublin, over 90 portable toilets which have been provided for guests of the Tall Ships festival have been left outside their homes, and rightly so they have been complaining about it! The residents said they were worried their area would be clogged with queues of festival-goers and that smells would drift across the road to their homes.

At 3pm yesterday, after their pleas for the toilets to be moved fell on deaf ears, several of the group used half a dozen of the offending loos to block the street. Not what the festival needs!

A spokeswoman for the Tall Ships festival said the toilets would remain at their current location despite the complaints and would be kept in immaculate condition.

“The toilets are being monitored and cleaned 24-7. There is cleaning on the hour, every hour. . .They are in pristine condition and that’s the way they’re going to be kept.”

Tardis Environmental have a wealth of experience in providing portable toilet hire to festivals and events, we use our experience to make sure that everything with your toilets is correct, including their location!

Safe Guard your septic tank

Septic system can and will fail with time. By following several safeguards, you can prevent your septic tank system from malfunctioning.
First Step:

Decrease the home’s water use.  You can do this by purchasing several water reducing products for your home such as toilets that use less water when flushing and Water saving showerheads.

Second Step:

Kitchen appliances like dishwashers should be filled to capacity before you turn them on for a wash. Trying using your washing machine less (if you can) to reduce the amount of waste water going into the tank.
Third Step:

Try installing a garbage disposal device for your septic tank if you have an old tank. Garbage disposal can eliminate sections of waste in your septic tank system. If you do not have modern Septic tank to handle food waste, then debris may cause problems for your tank.
Fourth Step:
Septic systems feature bacteria, which will break down waste that fall to the bottom of the tank, this is called sludge.  So avoid pouring too much bleach down the drain, plus try not to use too much anti bacteria hand wash or washing up liquid.

Fifth Step:

Check the area where the septic tank is buried. You may see a root from a tree that may damage the surface of the tank, which will end up being a very costly repair or even need replacing.

Sixth Step:

Remember not to park a car on top of the area where the septic tank is buried as this may crack or even fall through. Try not to place or build paving slabs on top as well, this could cause the septic tank to crack.

Follow these steps and you should have a healthy Septic tank system. BUT don’t forget to have your septic tank emptied on a yearly basis.  

Portable Toilets at Lodestar Festival

This is the 2nd year running that Tardis have provided portable toilets at Lodestar Festival! This year we are providing 30 single portable toilets and 4 disabled toilet units.

Lodestar festival takes place in Cambridge and this year the line-up includes the likes of Sir Bob Geldof and The GO! Team plus many more and loads of fun activities for the family to enjoy!

For more information about Lodestar festival visit their website www.lodestarfestival.com/

Tardis have been providing portable toilet hire to festivals and events large and small for over the past 20 years, we are sure that Lodestar will be a huge success and will do everything in our power to make sure that we play our part in ensuring it is!

Bank Holiday Weekend Prepare Yourself!

Party Time!!!

That’s if the weather holds (Yeah Right)

But if you still want to have a party remember to have your septic tank emptied and cleaned. This will ensure that your septic is read for a large amount of wet waste that you may have from your party.

Or you could hire some portable toilets to stop your guest entering the house with wet feet. Plus this may be cheaper then getting your septic tank emptied just for one party. I would still recommend having a septic tank emptying service every year to ensure a good working tank and prolong the life.

Tardis Environmental can provide either portable toilets or a septic tank emptying service.

Drain Fields Common Problems

Septic tanks will always cause you grief. All systems fail whether it’s how old a system is or not correctly looking after your septic tank. It’s just a matter of time. Every septic tank needs to be emptied yearly. The container of waste can only handle so much sludge. Remember if you have a party to get it pumped beforehand or Hire a portable toilet. But it’s not just the Septic tank you need to keep an eye, soak aways and drain fields are just as important.
Here are some of the signs of a soak away failure:

  • Toilet will keep overflowing
  • Drains could be making strange sounds.
  • Your washing machine can’t drain the water from the drum
  • Stinky odours coming from the drains in your house and outside are just as bad.
  • Toilets don’t flush properly.
  • The inspection chambers begin to fill-up with waste.
  • Nearby streams and ditches become polluted. This is a serious problem as the Environment agency will get involved.

Tardis Environment can help with any problems you may face with your drainage system.

What not to do with portable toilets at festivals

If you have ever been to a festival you will know that the odd portable toilet may be abit unclean and smelly due to how much it is used. However they are certain things that you just do not do to a portable toilet at a festival, and this is one of them.

In Peterborough Ontario a slightly intoxicated festival goer decided to blow up a portable toilet early on a Sunday morning

Whilst at the Havelock Jamboree festival the man decided to pour gasoline into the holding tank of a toilet, and then using a lighter he ignited the gas.

The ensuing explosion and flaming contents from the tank caused about $1,500 in damage to the unit. Police said the man was quickly arrested and held in police custody until he sobered up.

Luckily enough this has never happened to one of our portable toilets hired out for a festival!

Home Grown Paralympians

The Paralympics kicks off in 9 days’ time, and 2 of the hopefuls are from Walsall, which is where Tardis is based! They even went to the same school as 2 of our employees, one of which being me.

Ellie Simmonds and Ryan Cockbill will both be competing at this year’s Paralympics. Ellie Simmonds may be a more familiar face to you due to her success in Beijing 4 years ago.

Ellie was born 11 November 1994 in Walsall, West Midlands and competed at the 2008 Summer Paralympics in Beijing, China in the 50 m, 100 m and 400 m freestyle, 50 m butterfly, and 200 m individual medley. She swims in the S6 disability category.

At the age of 13, she was the youngest British athlete in China. She came 5th in the 200 m individual medley and won gold medals in the 100 m and 400 m freestyle events and hopefully there is more success to come at this year!

This year will be Ryan Cockbills first Paralympics; he will be taking part in shooting. His first international competition was the 2010 IPC World Cup in Sczcecin, Poland, where he returned home with four trophies. Other career highlights include the 2011 IPC Shooting World Cup in Fort Benning, USA, where he won a bronze medal in the R5 10m Air Rifle Prone Mixed SH2 bearing all this in mind I don’t see why there couldn’t be a gold medal on the way!

Everyone at Tardis would like to wish a massive good luck to Ryan and Ellie!