Woman gives birth in Emirates airplane toilet!

A mother who went into premature labour on a flight was forced to give birth in the air plane toilet.

The aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing in Vietnam after the Filipina woman gave birth to a boy.

Two Filipina nurses on the flight rushed over to help with the mid-air delivery as the plane flew from Dubai to Manila.

And the mother has decided to name the boy EK after the airline code for Emirates.

This got me thinking, an airplane toilet is pretty small, and about the same size a portable toilet could that be done as well? Although we have never had any women give birth whilst our toilets are on hire.

All the best to the new mom and child! Quite a story they have to tell.

Just 4% completed septic tank registration

Only 4% of homeowners with a septic tank system have registered their septic tank online since the Environment Minister introduced the scheme back in June.
The government has introduced new rules on septic tanks to make sure that homeowners keep their septic tank system working properly and not polluting the water.

Owners who have a septic tank or waste-water treatment system will be required to register them by February 1 next year.  But if you register before the 28th September the fee will be €5, otherwise the fee will be €50 so hurry and get your septic tank registered ASAP

Figures from the Department of the Environment, 18,000 out of an estimated 497,000 properties have registered their domestic waste water treatment system.

The plan to register septic tanks has been criticised by some rural dwellers whom claim it discriminates against them and would force them to spend thousands of euros upgrading or fixing their septic tanks.

Tardis Environmental can help with servicing your septic tank and do a septic tank emptying service to keep you septic tank in peak condition.

Bid for more beach toilets in Adelaide, Australia

A protest at Adelaide beach took place the other day due to the lack of toilets provided. A politician and a radio star were among those who came together for the protest.

Andrew Baines the artist who organised the protest said he was trying to bring the issue to the wider attention of the community.

Portable toilets could be the answer or at least a temporary solution! We have been providing portable toilets for hire for a long time now and know how useful and handy they can be for situations like the above!

Meet our newest members to the Tardis family!!


We have just been delivered today some Brand New portable shower that you can hire today.

Tardis portable showers are made from HD and MD Polyethylene.

Our Portable shower comes with an instantaneous 7kw water heater with temperature and flow control, fully height adjustable shower head with a soap tray and shower curtain.

Waste capacity for portable shower is 65 litres. Weight when empty is 80kg.

Tardis environmental can also provide you with a fabricated waste tank unit that can sit underneath the portable showers and collect all the waste from them whether you have a 4 bay or 6 bay shower units

Tardis Environmental Can provide a Septic waste tank emptying service when the waste tank is full.

Re-invent the toilet winner!

A toilet that uses power from the sun to break down water and human waste into fertilizer and hydrogen has won the Reinvent the Toilet Challenge put on by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

The $40 million program aims to tackle the problems of water, sanitation, and hygiene throughout the developing world.

The winning design by a team at the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) includes a solar-powered electrochemical reactor that converts waste into fertilizer and hydrogen, which can be stored in hydrogen fuel cells as energy. The treated water can then be reused to flush the toilet or for irrigation.

Caltech engineer Michael Hoffmann and his colleagues were awarded $100,000 for their design, which they demonstrated at the Reinvent the Toilet Fair, a two-day event held August 14–15 in Seattle.

Last summer, Hoffmann, a professor of environmental science, and his team were awarded a $400,000 grant to create a toilet that can safely dispose of human waste for just five cents per user per day.

The team built a prototype inside the solar dome on the roof of Caltech’s Linde + Robinson Laboratory, and after a year of designing and testing, they—along with the other grantees—showed off their creation. The Gates Foundation brought in 50 gallons of fake feces made from soybeans and rice for the demonstrations.

The $60,000 second-place prize went to Loughborough University in the United Kingdom, their design produces biological charcoal, minerals, and clean water.

This could be the first step towards tackling the world’s toilet crisis and help those in developing countries. Below is a video which shows the toilet.

Paralympics Start Tomorrow!

Tonight the opening ceremony of the Paralympics takes place with the games officially kicking off tomorrow!

There is a lot of buzz around Team GB with them expecting to win a lot of gold medals across numerous events and with the success of Team GB in the Olympics we can only hope and cheer that the Paralympians will be able to do the same.

This blog is just to send a final good luck message to all Team GB athletes participating in the Paralympics in particular our home town paralympians Ellie Simmonds and Ryan Cockbill.


If you are having a party or event relating to the Paralympics we can provide portable toilets for hire to ensure all your guests are catered for, and can also offer disabled toilet hire for those that require it.

Need a waste tank?

But you can’t find the right size!

Don’t panic Tardis Environmental can fabricate one to meet your required size whether it be 50 gallons to 1500 gallons. All fabricated waste tanks are made from 4mm to 6mm mild steel.

Follow link to see one of our waste tanks getting wielded:


 Here is a finished waste tank ready for delivery.

Tardis Environmental can fabricate waste tanks for hire as well

28th September Deadline!!

Registration and inspection law for septic tanks was introduced in June 2012. The new law aims to protect to environment from poor performing septic tank systems.
The Deadline for everyone to get there septic tank registered is the 1st February 2013 which will cost up to €50, Pay before the 28th September though and you will only be paying €5 to get your septic tank registered so hurry and save €45.
There are a number of ways to register your septic tank here is a few options:

  1. Online at Protect Our Water
  2. Send by Post: forms are available in city/county councils. Send to protect our water, PO Box 12204 Dublin 7.
  3. Local authority office

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is developing a national inspection plan. Local authorities will arrange for inspections to be carried out and there is no inspection charge.
After 5 years you will need to re-register, but you will not have to pay a fee for the second registration.

Further information is available from your local authority, the Environmental Protection Agency.
Tardis Environmental can provide a great Septic tank service nationwide, Plus help maintain you septic tank so that it meets with the new Septic tank Law.

Rita Ora – Scared Of A Toilet?

Pop star Rita Ora struggles with a strange phobia – she is terrified of bathrooms.

Apparently she fears there is something sinister lurking in the U-bend everytime she needs to use the toilet and its going to pop and and get her!

She tells newspaper The Sun, “I always feel that when I go to the toilet that something’s going to come out of the bottom.

“I have this thing where I think this tunnel must start from somewhere and sometimes I think, ‘What if something comes out of the toilet?’

“That’s been one of my fears. I always make sure I put the light on when I go.”

The rising star has performed at a couple of festivals this year, and will no doubt continue to do so; I wonder how she will cope with portable toilets?

portable toilets are a must have at festivals and they can be a challenge to use even for the bravest of men after a couple of days however for artists VIP Luxury trailers are provided most of the time, so she may be okay.

You Can’t Plan For Everything – Creamfields Cancelled

You may be the best event planner ever but sometimes you just can’t control everything. Even if you have got everything sorted from food to portable toilets sometimes external forces come in to play.

You may have heard that Creamfield’s was cancelled. This was because of extreme weather conditions which made the sight “unusable”. Unusable? How could it be unusable?  Well,


A statement on the Creamfields website stats “Everything that could be done to keep the festival running was, but eventually the conditions on site made it impossible.”

So, even if you have hired portable toilets, got the best acts, the best organisation you possibly could. Your whole site could still become flooded and you have to cancel the event. British weather for you.

Luckily there were no casualties and all attendees are being escorted from the event with the help of the Cheshire police. Creamfields organisers are yet to make an announcement about any refunds.

Although its still not as bad as Glastonbury 2004 was!