Rings flushed down into a septic tank not found

Engagement rings worth 8,000 euros that were accidentally flushed down a toilet have not been found, even after one brave man entered the septic tank more than twice.

Drain service and septic tank experts were called on Thursday after a woman flushed her friend’s engagement and pre-engagement rings away at a hotel outside Navan in the Irish Republic.

An Unlucky woman had left with the rings from Harrods in London and Fields in Swords, County Dublin, in tissue paper in her wash bag overnight.

A friend flushed the ring away after the ball of tissue fell into the toilet.

The whole operation took almost eight hours, and involved one man entering the septic tank with oxygen tanks, the missing rings could not be found within the tank.

Cameras were sent down the toilet at the Hotel to make sure the rings were not in the drains.

They had no option but to send a man in after a vacuum filter which emptied the septic tank and still failed to find anything.

The man who went down has had confined space training, went down three times with oxygen tanks each lasting 20 minutes.

Your septic tank should be emptied on a regular basis to ensure that nothing like this will happen, Tardis Tanks can provide septic tank emptying services nationwide!

London 2012 Opening Ceremony

Tardis Environmental have been doing a lot of work at various different sites for the Olympics games, such as portable toilet hire, tank emptying, waste tank hire and more! However we were not invited to the dress rehearsal of the opening ceremony which took place yesterday. However even if we did attend we wouldn’t be allowed to say anything about it!

60,000 fans watched the Olympic opening ceremony rehearsal -but were sworn to secrecy by organisers! Director Danny Boyle asked spectators to keep quiet about everything they saw so it is not spoiled for billions around the world on Friday and spectators quickly took to twitter using the hash tag #savethesurprise which started trending as people soon started giving it rave reviews without revealing any detail.

Little is known about the ceremony apart from the fact that the Olympic Stadium will be turned into a British country idyll and hundreds of live animals and even fake rain are being used to reflect an image of Britain to the world.

The opening ceremony cost £27million so it should be worth a watch!

New Regulations coming to England soon!!

Engalnd might be in for some new regulations on septic tank systems. There is to be a new Legislation from the EU directive that is already in place for Wales, Scotland and Ireland and will be expected to hit England soon. Your Septic Tank location and potential tank system to pollute, will determin how your Septic tank will comply with the new regulations.

Owners of existing and new septic tank systems will be required to apply for ‘A Consent to Discharge Clean Water’ then you will be able to discharge ‘cleaned water’ from thier sewage treament plant, straight into a river.

If you have a NEW septic tank system, then The Enviroment Agency will need a ‘Building Control’ certificate before they will consent, this is just to show that the system has been installed according to ‘Building Regulations’. Most domestic Septic Tank Systems will achieve the ‘Exemption Certificate’.

Septic tank owners will still be expected to empty and maintain thier systems on an annual basis and will need to keep records for potential inspections by the Enviroment Agent in the future.

Your Septic tank should be emptied on a regular basis to ensure a clean enviroment and a well conditioned Tank. Tardis Enviromental can provide a Septic Tank Empty  and get rid of the waste within the laws and regulations.

Septic Tank Failures – Unusual suspects

If you own a septic tank you should know not to put drain cleaners or oil down the drain into it, but there may be some substances that you don’t know of that can mess up your septic tank system, here are 3 you may not know about!

Hand Washing Soap

You may have a little liquid hand soap dispenser by your sink at home, and although these are a good idea, and can kill up to 99.9% of germs on your hands, they can also carry on killing bacteria when they reach your tank. If you have children they may also overuse this liquid hand soap and kill even more of the bacteria that are needed in your tank to keep it digesting all the waste you put in it.

Toilet Cleaners

Every time a failed tank is emptied they may be a lot of blue dye, the source of the blue is from toilet cleaners that you can buy at supermarkets, which send deadly (to your bacteria) chemicals to your septic tank every time you flush.

Bath Oils, Body Oils

Bath and body oils may make your skin feel smoother, but when they wash down the drain they increase the chances of septic tank failure.

Your septic tank should be emptied on a regular basis to ensure it is in its best working condition, Tardis Tanks can provide septic tank emptying services nationwide!

Good Weather at Last – more events, more portable toilets!

The sun finally looks like it has arrived and has never been more welcome with the start of the Olympic Games this week and countless festivals which are due to take place in the coming months. Let just hope it lasts!

If you’re organising an event or if you decide to throw an impromptu barbeque you may need portable toilet hire, and that’s where Tardis come in! If you don’t want guests bringing their dirty shoes inside your house hire a portable toilet and your problem is solved! Tardis hire have been successfully providing portable toilets to parties and weddings for the past decade, across the UK.

Good weather often brings more spontaneous events and Tardis are in the position to respond fast and efficiently to enquires and can even often next day delivery!

How do you ‘go’ in space?

A tour of a space facility in the US apparently prompted Prince Philip to ask how astronauts deal with “natural functions” in space. So how exactly do they go to the toilet (or should that be the loo)?

It’s all to do with air flow. On earth, in the West at least, your standard toilet is a water-flush affair, that takes waste and washes it down a pipe.

The lack of gravity on the shuttle and the space station mean a water-flush system is not an option. You don’t need a particularly vivid imagination to see the potential problems.

Instead, on the shuttle, urine and faeces are carried away by rapid flow of air.

The unisex toilet resembles a conventional loo, but with straps over the feet and bars over the thighs to make sure that the astronauts don’t drift off mid-go. The seat is designed so the astronaut’s bottom can be perfectly flush to make a good seal.

The good news for fans of convenience is that, on the shuttle at least, urinating standing up is possible. A funnel-on-a-hose contraption is included so that astronauts – both male and female – can urinate standing up. Or sitting down if they prefer. They just attach it to the toilet using a pivoting bracket.

The system separates solid and liquid waste. Solids are compressed and remain on-board to be unloaded after landing. Liquids are released into space. Nasa hopes one day to recycle waste productively.

Researchers at the University of Guelph in Canada have said such recycling will be key to tackling any future mission to Mars in order to feed the astronauts.

The air used in the space shuttle’s toilet system has to be filtered to get rid of the smell and bacteria before it is returned to the living area.

Tardis Environmental! will be there to help if they run out of Septic tank space, we have galloons of space. Plus tons of portable toilets.

Portable Shower Hire

If you’re organising an event you may need more than just portable toilets, especially if the event is over a couple of days such as a festival.

This is where portable showers come in! For those that don’t like camping because they think its “dirty” having showers available can be a real life saver. The queue for the showers may be longer than the ones for a toilet! That is how popular portable showers are at festivals.

At Tardis we provide electric portable showers for hire which are perfect for events or even on construction sites, if you need to cater for a lot of guests we can also provide a 6 bay shower unit

Tardis in Popular Culture

The word Tardis would widely be associated with Dr. Who but what else has been named after the Tardis? The TARDIS has regularly appeared or been referred to in popular culture outside of Doctor Who.

Here is a list of Tardis related things!


  • The asteroid 3325 TARDIS, discovered in 1984, is named after the TARDIS.
  • When answering children’s questions on an episode of the BBC television programme Blue Peter in October 2006, the then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair compared the interior of his official residence at 10 Downing Street to the TARDIS when asked if it was larger on the inside than it looked from the street. “Yes. I mean a lot bigger, we call it like the TARDIS.
  • At Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio stations, a “TARDIS Booth” refers to a small studio where an interviewee or reporter may participate in a radio programme in another city or timezone. It is so-called because it “‘transports you to wherever the interview is.”
  • The TARDIS Project is a student-run Unix computing facility established in 1987 in the Computer Science department (now Informatics) of the University of Edinburgh.The name was chosen because the project’s first computer was a GEC Series 63, a minicomputer housed in a large blue cabinet resembling the TARDIS.
  • “Doctorin’ the Tardis” was a 1988 novelty pop single by The Timelords (better known as The KLF) which hit number one in the UK and had chart success worldwide. It was a reworking of several songs (principally “Rock and Roll Part 2” and the Doctor Who theme music) with lyrics referencing Doctor Who, specifically the TARDIS.
  • Cover art from the band Iron Maiden has had the Doctor’s TARDIS depicted twice, one being the cover art for the single Wasted Years, in which the band’s mascot is chasing the Doctor along a time tunnel. The second appearance is the cover art for the album Somewhere in Time, in which a TARDIS is perched on a building in the background. Additionally, the fan club T-shirt for the Twickenham Iron Maiden tour for “Somewhere Back in Time” featured the band’s mascot holding a beating heart (The Seventh Son) and the TARDIS.
  • Turner Prize-winning artist Mark Wallinger created a piece entitled Time and Relative Dimensions in Space in 2001 that is structurally a police box shape faced with mirrors. The BBC website describes it as “recent proof of [the TARDIS’s] enduring legacy”.
  • Tardigrades in Space, a research project to study the ability of Tardigrades (extremophiles found in extreme regions on Earth – commonly known as “Water Bears” – to survive in open space, was nicknamed ‘TARDIS’.
  • Craig Ferguson’s desk on the The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson features a model of a TARDIS. He also used (a bigger) one to travel to Scotland for a week to host The Late Late Show from there (May 2012).

And of course Tardis Environmental! The “Tardis” is a widely used nickname in the construction industry for a portable toilet, and we supply loads of them!

Leicester Caribbean Carnival

The Leicester Caribbean Carnival began in 1985 and has in recent years become a hugely popular multicultural event, celebrating the diverse cultures in Leicester in addition to keeping the cultural traditions of the Caribbean alive.

There are all kinds of events going on in the lead up to the main event, and will be an event all the family can enjoy, so if you’re out and about in Leicester on the 4th or 5th of August be sure to check it out!

You will even get to see some of our toilets! Not for the first time we are helping the carnival out by supplying single portable toilets and disabled portable toilets, with some onsite attendance as well!

We will also be using our Servicing Vehicles’ to service the toilets during the carnival to keep them nice and clean, once the event is over our Tardis tankers will come in and do a final empty ensuring all waste is safely removed.

This is just one example of the total event sanitation services Tardis can provide, we pride ourselves on the level of service we can provide which has led to repeat orders such as Leicester’s Caribbean Carnival. If you need event sanitation free phone Tardis today on 0800 731 0589 and we will do our best to help you.

What Would You Expect To Find In A Portable Toilet?

On the 16th July in Issaquah, Washington construction workers came across a damaged portable toilet, that look to have been caused by some sort of fire or explosion. Upon further inspection workers found an unexploded pipe bomb inside the toilet!

A bomb squad was immediately called and safely disarmed the bomb through a controlled detonation.

Tardis Environmental has been providing portable toilet hire for over the past decade for construction sites and events. We can’t promise you there won’t be something horrible or smelly waiting inside it for you but I’m fairly certain it won’t be an unexploded pipe bomb