Bathroom Ban – Portable Toilets Needed

In America a dispute has risen about the chaotic state of washroom’s which has left some taxi drivers in the city feeling insulted and isolated.

The Toronto Port Authority has banned cabbies from the passenger building at the foot of Bathurst St., across the water from Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. As a result, drivers feel they are being segregated from the public, says the president of iTaxiworkers Association. Portable toilets have been provided in the mean time for the taxi drivers.

“I have heard of a few drivers (who say) they’re not going back to the airport if they treat us like this,” said Sajid Mughal, who represents about 750 cabbies in the city.

The Toronto port authority has banned the taxis drivers as they believe it is them who are to blame for repeatedly causing a mess in passenger buildings washrooms, while the drivers feel they have been accused without any proof.

On July 16, taxi drivers received a message from Toronto Port Authority ground services manager Antonella Tarantino as a “final warning” about the washrooms and the state they were in.

“Urinating and defecating on the floor, walls, hand driers etc. is not acceptable and will result in all taxi drivers being refused access to the building,” is what the message is reportedly to have said.

The following day, drivers were given one more notice from Tarantino saying they’re no longer allowed inside the passenger building because “a member of the taxi driver community refused to comply” with her previous warning.

Three days later, the port authority placed the portable toilets outside for drivers to use.

The portable toilets are only meant to be a short-term solution until the port authority builds a toilet area which is specifically for taxi drivers.

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The Royal Welsh Show – Complete Event Sanitation

The Royal Welsh Show is the biggest agricultural show in Europe. It is organised by the Royal Welsh Agricultural Society, which was formed in 1904, and takes place in July of each year, at Llanelwedd, near Builth Wells, in Powys, Mid Wales.

Royal Welsh Chief Executive, David Walters, described the show as one of the smoothest ever staged. It was the result of a team effort by everyone involved including the exhibitors and the many sponsors who had made a huge contribution to its success.

The royal welsh show also got the help of the Tardis complete event sanitation service. We provided 28 single portable toilets, 3 disabled portable toilets, 4 portable electric showers and 28 waste tanks. We also had a one of our combination tankers on site for the whole event to remove the waste collected by our waste tanks. A road sweeper was also at the event to ensure the roads and specific areas were kept clean.

The event was a huge success for everyone involved which is what we always like to hear.

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What will damage your Septic Tank?

What things can damage a septic tank?

People who wash their dishes normally pour all the Fats, oils &
greases also now as (FOG) down the drain. A lot of this adds FOG to your septic

Sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms and paper towels. All of these can fill
up the septic tank and cause the plug inlet and outlets to block up the septic tank
and cause pumping to be needed more frequently which means you could end up
needing to buy a new one.

Hobby or craft materials like paints, thinners or other chemicals. All
these can kill the bacteria in the septic tank and cause the system to die or
not function correctly, which is needed to break down the solids. The thinners
and chemicals could also cause leaks in the seals

Filter tips of cigarettes and ear buds. Both can plug baffles and
increase the need for the septic tank to be pumped sooner than normal.

Tardis Environmental Ltd Septic tank Emptying Service is not just about
emptying septic tanks but we also provide maintenance on septic tanks as well

Large portable toilet fire near T in the Park

Portable toilets were on fire at T in the Park and smoke could be
seen for several miles.

Fire-fighters had to tackle a blaze which caught hold of 150
scrap portable toilet cabins in a field.

Tayside Fire and Rescue Service said four engines and about 25
officers were called out to a farm near Kinross.

Locals reported seeing the plume of smoke for miles around.
Emergency services said there were no reports of any injuries.

The farm is near the site of the T in the Park festival.

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Well Done Wolves for reaching Category 1!!!

Breaking news

Wolves have just announced that the club’s Academy has achieved Category One status which is the highest rating possible this is part of the Premier League’s Elite Player Performance Plan.

Wolves have landed the Category One license for a three year period which will put the Academy on a level footing with the likes of Manchester City and Chelsea.

“It has been long and hard process but it has certainly been worth it,” said Academy manager Kevin Thelwell.

Tardis Environmental would like to congratulate Wolves Academy for their fine achievement at reaching Category One Status and wish them all the best and support in the futuret.

Tardis Environmental supplied a number of services for Wolverhampton FC which include our jetting and cctv service, drainage service and our clean Portable Toilets for hire.

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Provide the right amount of Portable Toilets!

When you’re throwing an event its quite easy to get caught up the excitement of booking acts, organising shows, stalls and whatever else you decide to have there, but sometimes all this can lead to you forgetting, or most of the time underestimating some parts of your event. Portable toilets being one of them!

A prime example of this is at an event in America, Prescott Valley Fireworks show. The event was a success; however one attendee took to the internet to show his displeasure at the lack of portable toilets provided. It was estimated that there was around 2,000 people attending the event, maybe more however only 9 portable toilets were provided! This is completely unacceptable, and as you can imagine many guests simply could not wait, or could not be bothered too.

Putting it bluntly, if there is somewhere else men can go, they most likely will. The person describes seeing men heading towards bushes, and even driving to another place just to go to the toilet.

This is definitely not something you want to happen at your event, spending that extra bit of money to ensure your guests are soundly accommodated for goes a long way in the hospitality industry, if there  are not enough portable toilets at your event, they will complain, they will not be happy, and they will find other places to go.

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Crane moving trees falls onto house and Cracks a Septic Tank

A crane moving trees from the back garden of a home to the front of the house
fell nearly splitting it in two on Thursday afternoon.

The crane was lifting trees cut by a tree company over the home, at about
4:15 p.m.

One of the truck’s four outriggers, used to stabilize the truck, was placed
on the septic tank, according to Blue Ridge Fire and Rescue, which responded to
the incident.

The ground gave way and the crane tipped over. The septic tank was cracked.

No one was home at the time and no one was injured.

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Tardis Portable Toilets Out and About!

Having done a quick search on Google images for Tardis Toilets I found our toilets were proving quite popular with customers and just regular passers who liked them enough to stop and take a picture!

Below are just of places you can see our toilets and those who have appreciated them in the past!

If you see one of our portable toilets somewhere and decide to take a picture let us know!

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More than 400,000 households could face septic tank charge

Households will need to register their septic tanks before February 2nd next or face the prospect of being fined up to €5,000.

The Government has announced new rules on septic tanks which homeowners will be obliged to make sure they are working properly and do not pollute water.

An inspection regime will begin next year, Environment Minister Phil Hogan said, adding it would cost households €5 to register their tank up to September 28th 2012, after which it would increase to €50.

There will be no charge for inspections.

The inspection regime is being introduced after the European Court of Justice ruled that Ireland was not doing enough to protect drinking water sources.

Mr Hogan said that in a small number of cases, septic tanks might have to be upgraded. Some financial assistance might be available, he added.

Registration will last for five years, and there will be no fee for second or subsequent registrations. Registration can be completed online at by credit  or debit card, by post, or at local authority offices.


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Is there a new portable toilet on its way?

An American company called Sanitation Creations is developing what they call the “Dungaroo” which is an odourless, waterless, hygienic and cost efficient portable toilet aiming to solve a worldwide sanitation crisis.  The “Dungaroo” is a patent-pending system to collect excreta through innovative toilet design that can be retrofitted into existing portable toilets. Sounds good!

Two billion people in the world are without proper toilets, which lead to sickness and in some cases death. The problem is so extreme that the UN made halving the population without basic sanitation by 2015 one of its targets. The Dungaroo, which is due to begin consumer trials shortly, aims to help meet this target by providing an innovative sanitary solution to places where toilets are hard to come by.

This new portable toilet could be a big help to developing countries where basic sanitation facilities are hard to find, if it works it will be a very good invention which has been needed for some time.

For more information on the dungaroo and its aims you can visit