The Importance of Regular Septic Tank Emptying

If you live or work in an area where access to a public sewage system is limited or non-existent it is likely you will have a septic tank system. Septic tank systems and cesspits are not like traditional sewer systems, they need to checked and maintained, you cannot just forget about them! To ensure your tank is functioning at full working efficiency you may need to hire the services of a company to undertake the regular emptying of the tank.

Avoid a septic tank overflow!

If your tank is not regularly you could be dealing with a very bad situation. Although it’s not very pleasant to imagine, the waste will continue to build and build up until the tank is full, once it is full and the waste keeps coming in there’s only one place it will go, and that’s everywhere.  This will cause a tremendous amount of damage to the environment potentially wrecking the habitats of local animals.

Increase the Life of your Tank!

If the above doesn’t convince you to have your septic tank emptied regularly, this next point may. Having your septic tank emptied also increases its life span; the more it is allowed to reach full capacity the less time it will last you. The cost of having the tank emptied is dwarfed by the potential cost you will have to pay to have a new septic tank system fitted.

To ensure you do not suffer an overflow or need to buy replacements have your septic tank regularly emptied by Tardis Environmental. Our vehicles are equipped with specialist vacuum pumps and long hoses to ensure we can desludge both domestic and commercial septic tanks. We also have vehicles with pressure washers for wash downs.

Portable toilets still available to hire over the jubilee weekend!

Many people have left it till the last minute to hire portable toilets for an event they are throwing this weekend.

If you are one of these people you may be finding it hard to get some, but fear not help is at hand!

Knowing demand will be at an all-time hire we bought some more portable toilets to cope with the increase demand and still have some readily available for use with next day delivery!

Contact Tardis today and we will do our best to help you!

The Law On The Duty Of Care

The duty of care is set out in section 34 of the 1990 Environmental Act. Those subject to the duty must try to achieve the following four things:-

(a) To prevent any other person committing the offences of depositing, disposing of or recovering controlled waste without a waste management licence; contrary to the conditions of a licence; or in a manner likely to cause environmental pollution or harm to health.

(b) To prevent the escape of waste, that is, to contain it;

(c) To ensure that, if the waste is transferred, it goes only to an “authorised person” or to a person for “authorised transport purposes”.

(d) When waste is transferred, to make sure that there is also transferred a written description of the waste, a description good enough to enable each person receiving it to avoid committing any of the offences under (a) above; and to comply with the duty at (b) above to prevent the escape of waste.

Those subject to the duty must also comply with the 1991 Regulations which require them to keep records and make them available to the Agencies.

Failing to observe the duty of care or the 1991 Regulations is a criminal offence.

Offences and penalties

Breach of the duty of care is a criminal offence. It is an offence irrespective of whether or not there has been any other breach of the law or any resulting environmental pollution or harm to human wellbeing. The offence is punishable by a fine of up to £5,000 on summary conviction or an unlimited fine on conviction on indictment.

Tardis Environmental adheres to all relevant laws under the 1990 Environmental Act ensuring that we are a safe and responsible contract. Duty of care is paramount to us; we are also safe contractor approved and ISO accredited so you know that when you come to Tardis your waste will be handled in the correct manor and will disposed of legally.

For all you wet waste removal needs such as Hazardous waste removal, septic tank emptying, or toilet block tank emptying be sure to come to us. We also provide the hire of portable toilets. Water bowsers & Waste Tanks.

What builders need to know about site welfare

If you a builder you may be pushed for time running a busy site, the following tips are ones you must follow. These are essential for health and safety on your site.

What can happen if health and safety is ignored?

At an inspection, a company was found not to have provided welfare facilities at a construction site and was served with an improvement notice. The company failed to provide the facilities within the timescale and was prosecuted. The company received a £2000 fine for not complying with the notice, a £5000 fine for not providing the welfare facilities, and had to pay prosecution costs of £1272.

What do you need to provide?

  • Flushing toilets connected to the mains water and drainage system where possible.
  • If main connection is not available, then facilities with a built in water supply and drainage tank
  • Portable chemical toilets can be used as last resort.
  • Toilets should be ventilated, lit and kept clean
  • There should be arrangements for cleaning the toilets (daily may not be sufficient) and an adequate supply of toilet paper etc
  • There should be wash basins with hot and cold (or warm) running water next to the toilets with soap and towels (or hand dryers)
  • The basins should be large enough to wash hands, face and forearms.
  • Somewhere to change, dry and store clothing;
  • Drinking water, and cups if needed
  • A rest area to sit, make hot drinks and eat food.
  • There should be an area for securely storing clothing and for drying wet items.

How many toilets do you need?

If using portable chemical toilets you need 1 for every 7 people working a 40 hour week.

Number of people at work Number of toilets Number of washbasins
1-5 1 1
6-25 2 2
26-50 3 3
51-75 4 4
76-100 5 5

Tardis Environmental have been providing the hire of portable toilets to construction sites large and small for many years now, our toilets fit all the HSE regulations and are perfect for sites where no mains sewage connection is available.


Importance of Portable Toilets

Hygiene and sanitation have become so common in today’s society that people often don’t stop and think about how important portable toilets are. Imagine if you were at a festival and there were no portable toilets, urinals or portable showers? Now you may start to realize the importance of these simple innovations. What other solutions could there be if there were no portable toilets?

Portable units can be placed in any suitable area within an event venue to ensure your guest have everything they need for their sanitation needs. Hiring your portable toilets from Tardis you can be sure that you will get the right amount needed to ensure you have adequate toilet facilities at great prices. We also provide urinal hire and portable showers.

Tardis Environmental offer nationwide coverage for portable toilet hire, meaning wherever you need a portable toilet, however many you need, we can get them there!

Portable toilets offer a solution to many event organizers all over the world, providing a quick easy solution to sanitation needs thus going a long way in making life comfortable and cleaner at any given point of time or place.

What type of portable toilet do I need?

Portable toilets can come in all different shapes and sizes these days, but what ones do you need? And what are the differences between them?

Self-contained chemical toilets

These are your standard portable toilets that you will see lined up in their hundreds at festivals or the odd one doted somewhere at a construction site. These can come with hot or cold wash options. Hot wash units normally require and electrical supply whereas cold wash toilets do not.

Disabled Portable Toilets

Disabled portable toilets are also self-contained and offer the same solution as the standard chemical toilet, but are larger to allow for easy access. At large events or festivals disabled toilets are essential.  

Mains Connection Portable Toilet

 Mains connections toilets need connection to a mains drainage line and are normally the same size as chemical units, these type of units do not require a weekly service as they are connected straight to a sewage line, they are pretty much the same as a toilet in your home.

Luxury Portable Toilet Hire

Luxury portable toilets are a lot more expensive than chemical loos however they are worth if you want to give your guests a more at home loo experience. Luxury portable toilets can vary in size; some may be bigger than your bathroom at home. These are completely self-contained and only require an electrical supply.

These 4 different types of toilets will fulfill your need for portable toilet hire, depending on what you need the toilet for, your budget, personal preference or the recommendation of our staff will depend on what toilet is best for you, rest assured we will know what one you need!

Keep Calm and Hire Portable Toilets

With event season coming up it’s around that time event organisers start to get that excited but nervous feeling, worried about their event, hoping nothing goes wrong and everyone has a good time.

There are a lot of things out of their hands, such as the weather, the artist’s performance and a lot of other things that can go wrong!

One thought that might be on their mind is, “have I got enough portable toilets?” and if they don’t think about this, it may be too late when they come across the endless queues for the loo, the desperate people contemplating heading to the bushes.

Ensuring you have the right amount of portable toilets at your event is one pivotal factor to its success. However if you find yourself with an inadequate amount do not worry, help is at hand!

At Tardis we provide 24/7 portable toilet hire with nationwide next day delivery, and even over a 24/7 emergency call out service so if you really need help you can be sure we will be on our way!

Our fleet of tankers can also provide a total wet waste removal service ensuring that your portable toilets are in the best working condition.

So if you want the complete festival sanitation service contact us today!

Portable Toilets 24/7

 A claim that East Lindsey has inadequate public toilets was rejected at the yearly meeting of the district council. Portfolio holder for the environment Council William Gray insisted that the district was sufficiently covered.

He said: “We have never yet needed to bring in portable toilets but we would do so if required.”

Councillor Jill Makinson-Sanders insisted that more portable loos were required to meet the demand both of residents and visitors attending the various events and festivals planned for summer 2012.

She went on to suggest that the authority should consider investing in the purchase of portable toilets for use at events such as the SO festival in Skegness.

Making sure that there are sufficient sanitation facilities is very important, especially at festivals.

Tardis Environmental have a wealth of experience in portable toilet hire and can provide a range of portable solutions perfect for festivals such as portable toilet hire, disabled portable toilet hire, portable shower unit.Our staff are well experienced and will make sure you have enough portable toilets for your guests ensuring there are no long queues or annoyed guests.

Our fleet of tankers can also provide wet waste removal services ensuring your toilets stay in the best working order.

We hope all the events go smoothly and the correct decision was made, however if it turns out that portable toilets were needed Tardis can provide next day delivery for however many toilets you need!

So if you need festival toilet hire make sure you talk to us!

Tardis Bargeometer

With our office overlooking a canal and the weather this week being the best we have seen for a while, there have been more and more barges passing by.

We have even set up a bargeometer to keep track of how many we have seen. Currently we are on 56! Our aim is 100 by the end of June.

All barges have welfare facilities on which in the past our Tardis Tankers have serviced making sure your barge is in tip top working order.

Our fleet of vacuum tankers provides a nationwide total wet waste removal service so wherever your barge takes you can be sure Tardis will be able to get to you!

Tardis Tanker driver/operatives are trained in all aspects of effluent removal from building site toilet block tanks, domestic septic tanks, wet wells, manholes or large interceptors.

Euro 2012 Events

We have a new manager, some surprise inclusions and exclusions and expectation is already spiralling out of control for this year’s euro 2012. Whatever your opinion of the squad and England’s chances you will not want to miss any games. Whether you’re having friends round, going to your local pub, you may even be going to an outdoor screening of the game. There will be plenty of event organisers putting together their plans around this time.

Fingers crossed the weather will be good, the drinks will be flowing responsibly, and England will do quite well, in an ideal world anyway.

However with English weather having a history of being rubbish and unreliable, and the National team seeing fit to reflect this, if you’re an event organisers there may be only a few things in your control to ensure your guests are kept happy, one of which being the provision of adequate toilet facilities. Making sure the men and women aren’t desperately queuing hoping they don’t miss any goals whilst they are away. Cut down the cue and hire portable toilets!

Tardis Environmental have been providing portable toilet hire to events large and small for over a decade, our expert staff can advise you how many toilets you need and the best time for delivery and collection.