Need more than portable toilets?

If you’re holding a large event such as a festival, some of your happy campers may require more than portable toilets. At Tardis we can also supply your event with portable shower units or blocks for those guests that like to stay relevantly clean during their festival period.

To help cut the queue for the loo, we also provide 4 and 6 bay urinals. You will find hiring these alongside portable toilets will help keep everything running more smoothly. Urinals will mean that males can quickly use these instead of going to find the nearest tree when they don’t want to wait anymore.

Tardis can go even further than other suppliers in the industry, as we also have a large fleet of tankers who can remove all the waste from toilets, urinals and showers. Ensuring that they do not overflow! Tardis can also provide on-site attendants who can ensure that the toilets remain in tip top condition. What more can you ask for?

If you holding an event in the summer and need portable toilet hire, make sure you come to us for a quote! Free-phone 0800 731 0589

Affected by the hose pipe ban?

The Environment Agency has stated that over half of England is now under drought conditions adding 17 more counties to the list, including most of the South West and Midlands. The agency suggests domestic users in those new areas will not be badly affected, but warned that farmers and the environment as a whole could suffer. Although there has been heavy rainfall over the past couple of days, this will still not affect the hose pipe ban.

If you are in an industry which needs a constant supply of water Tardis Environmental have the solution. We provide a large range of water bowser & tanks that are ideal for water storage and in addition can provide you with a fast water delivery service. As the hosepipe ban is expected to last quite a while, using Tardis you will be able to hire a water bowser for as long as you want and refill it whenever you need to!

We can also provide Tardis on-demand pumps, which provide a constant water supply to toilet blocks, canteens, offices etc. These pumps can pump water 12 meters across a level surface or 8 meters horizontally. Pump performance can be improved by increasing the bore size of the pipe.

For more details you can email us at and ask for one of our brochures!

Disabled portable toilet hire from Tardis

Scheduling an event? From weddings to festivals, your guests need the right toilet facilities. Many event organisers forget that a lot of people have special requirements for accessibility and convenience.

Tardis Environmental provides a pleasant, welcoming service and will answer all queries you might have with regard to disabled portable toilet hire. Our disabled portable toilets have essential space for a wheelchair user and a helper, a wide door and low level grab rails to assist the user.

Bearing in mind the wider needs of your guest list goes a long way in the hospitality industry. It can make the difference between someone with reduced mobility due age or disability having a very bad experience or an excellent event.

So the next time you’re planning an event, make sure you remember to include disabled portable toilets from Tardis Environmental!

Tardis Environmental has been providing portable toilets for 20 years, so we understand the demands of our customers. We provide a range of toilet hire options to suit your requirements, whatever type of toilets you need and however long you need the toilets for. You will find that we can provide toilet blocks, disabled portable toilets and even showers, so that you have all bases covered at your festival, event or party

Portable Toilet Horror Stories – How To Avoid Yours!

Nearly everyone who has been to a festival or large event has a portable toilet horror story to tell. It may be from a concert 10 years ago where there weren’t enough toilets and they had to wait hours in the line, or about the hygiene aspects that were, well, just a touch unhygienic. There are many other varying stories which I’m sure we have all heard; nearly everyone has had a bad experience with portable toilets during the course of their life.

However it doesn’t have to be like this!

When you hire toilets from a reputable supplier, like Tardis Environmental, you’re not only hiring the unit itself, you’re hiring the service that goes along with it.

Before we deliver your toilets we make sure that they are inspected meticulously, no matter how many or few, whether it’s for a construction site or a large event each unit will arrive nice and shiny clean! Our service also includes weekly or bi weekly servicing of the toilets on your site or at your venue ensuring that if there are some unpleasant odours they won’t be there for long and your toilets won’t overflow!

We also have units that offer wheelchair access, so not only are you guaranteed no horror stories, meaning you also comply with the law, and keep everyone happy.

We have a range of portable toilet options and other services and because we tailor every quote and every delivery to the requirements of the site or venue, you can be sure that when you deal with Tardis Environmental you’ll have a horror story free experience.

The London Marathon

If you took part in the London marathon over the weekend well done! Thousands took part in the event, including some well-known celebrities such as Neil McAndrew.

An important factor to consider when running a marathon is hydration, so drinking plenty of water or other hydrating drinks is a must. However, drinking a lot also means that you will probably need the toilet more.

No you probably didn’t notice while you were running, but they would have been plenty of portable toilets around for your use in case you needed to go before, after or during the race. Tardis Environmental was involved in emptying these toilet blocks so that they stayed nice and usable for you!

Tardis Environmental can provide portable toilets for any style of event large or small, and our fleet of tankers allow us to offer a complete wet waste removal service. Free-phone 0800 731 0589 to see what Tardis can do for you!

Throwing a St. George’s day event? Need portable toilets?

St. George’s day is on the 23rd of April; therefore as it’s not so far away I thought I would do a little blog about the Patron saint of England.

Saint George is universally identified with England and English ideals of honour, bravery and gallantry, but he actually wasn’t English at all. Very little is known about the man who became St George. He is the patron saint not only of England but also of Aragon, Catalonia, England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, and Russia.

He was a roman soldier who defied his Emperor in faith of his Christian beliefs, and was tortured and eventually killed for sticking to them.

One of the most famous tales of St. George is of him slaying a dragon and saving a princess from her death. The slaying of the dragon by St George was first credited to him in the twelfth century, long after his death.

There will be many events, parades and parties taking place to celebrate St. George’s day up and down England over the next couple of days and if it’s one thing we know about events, it’s that they need portable toilets!

Hiring portable toilets from Tardis means you will get the highest service and support from our team, Tardis Environmental has been providing portable toilets for hire for 20 years, so we understand the demands of our customers.

 We offer a variety of portable toilet hire options to suit your needs, whatever type of toilets you need and however long you need the toilets for. You will find that we can supply toilet blocks, disabled portable toilets and even showers, so that you have all bases covered at your festival, event or party. Book a toilet today by calling 0800 731 0589.

100 days till the Olympics!

Today the 18 April 2012 marks the 100 day countdown until the London Olympic Games kick off.

The enormous event has been the center of much controversy since it was first announced we would hold it, never the less it will provide the UK with thousands of visitors, will continue to create jobs and opportunities in the UK which given the existing economic climate can only be a positive thing – it helps us as a nation focus on the positives within a continuous stream of budgets, cut backs and job losses.

As the nation prepares itself for one of the most paramount, historic sporting occasions in the world, vital services such as portable toilet hire, skip hire, barrier, container, fence and generator hire are recording a significant increase in demand.

However in spite of all the excitement, there is still a lot to be completed.

In Horse Guards Parade, home of the beach volleyball, 3,000 tonnes of sand needs to be dumped and 15,000 temporary seats put up. An additional 200,000 temporary seats and 10,000 portable toilets need to be installed around the city.

If you need portable toilet hire for any event do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Tardis Environmental has been providing portable toilets to all type of events up and down the UK for over the past decade, so we understand the demands of our customers. whatever type of toilets you need and however long you need the toilets for. You will find that we can provide toilet blocks, disabled portable toilets and even showers, so that you have all bases covered at your festival, event or party. We are also able to provide toilets for construction sites and long term contracts as required. Our services are available throughout the UK – book a toilet today by calling 0800 731 0589.

Olympics’ need portable toilets; Festival’s will have to wait!

With the London Olympics Games taking place over the summer, there has never been more demand for portable toilets, in fact it’s expected to be the highest demand ever, and this being the case it has led to some popular summer festivals being postponed for this year.

However it’s not all portable toilets fault with the economic downturn affecting the festival planners’ funds, as well as the police being allocated for the various Olympic events, this has left some festivals unable to get police presence, which unfortunately is sometimes needed.

Well known festivals such as the very popular Glastonbury festival and Sonisphere, have been postponed for this year, but they will be back for 2013. Fans can actually register for Glastonbury 2013 now. And there are countless other smaller festival’s which have been cancelled up and down the country for the same reasons.

More often than not, portable toilet hire right across the country is available all year round without any problems. However, the average demand has increased radically this year with the huge event that is the Olympic Games, as well as the hundreds of festivals – both large and small – that are thankfully still to go ahead in the summer.

Although loyal Glastonbury festival goers will be disappointed the festival is not taking place this year, I’m sure they will be able to find a suitable replacement and next year it will come back better than ever!

Tardis Can provide a range of portable toilet suitable for all types of events.

Water Drought, what water drought? April Showers Never more welcome!

As I look outside my office and see the rain pummelling down from the heavens completely soaking a man on a passing barge I can’t help, for one feel sorry for that man, two thankful I’m inside and three think about the hose pipe ban!

It is abit ironic the month they bring it into action the rain which we have been “missing” well and truly returns. Never the less this rain water will be a welcome site to all gardeners and landscapers who have been losing sleep over the hose pipe ban!

With British weather being the way it is we can expect that the rain will continue throughout the month, so if you are affected by the hose pipe ban and find yourself need water for whatever reason you better be collecting this rain!

However if you can’t collect the rain there are other solutions, at Tardis we provide you with temporary water tanks or water stocks.

Our range of water bowsers provide onsite solutions where no mains water connection is available or in this case is banned. Tardis 1000 litre (220 gallon) containers and 2400 litre (527 gallon) water bowsers are available for hire and sale. All water containers and bowsers are available with a 240v 16 amp on-demand pump.

Tardis fitters can plumb bowsers in if required. With our fleet of split tankers we can also offer a weekly water delivery service!

If you would like to know more free-phone 0800 731 0589 and we will be happy to have a chat with you!

A lot more time for allotments

I’m sure everyone enjoys the clocks going forward and the nights being lighter, none more so than gardeners/vegetable growers who get those extra couple of hours they can spend down at the allotment.

At Tardis we have been providing allotments with portable toilets up and down the UK for the past decade. So if you find that your allotment has suddenly become a little bit busier you may need an extra portable toilet, and if you don’t have one already, you definitely need one!

If you’re not sure if you’re allotment needs a portable toilet you can always give us a call, our support team can provide you with expert advice and guidance on loo hire, saving you time and money!

We have a range of portable toilets suitable for any function and our large fleet of vacuum tankers gives us the ability to provide on-site waste removal to ensure all portable toilets are well maintained during long term hire.