Can you smell an aroma most foul?

Halloween . . . it’s a time of scary goings on, funny lights, strange noises and dangerous smells! But one of those might not be solved by handing out a bag of sweets to the strange looking people knocking on your door.

Yes, we’re talking about your septic tank. You’ve tried your best to ignore it, to leave it just that bit longer, but eventually you’re going to have to face that scary ghoul and just get your septic tank emptied.

To make sure you don’t have any nasty surprises, ensure your emptier has an up to date Waste Carriers Licence. Also if there are any access issues to your septic tank, make sure you let your emptier know when you book, to ensure they send a suitable vehicle.

So go on, face your demons, give Tardis Hire a call now and get your septic tank emptied.

Do Portable Toilets need water, electric and foul waste connection?

For ease of install and to keep complexity to a minimum you should hire self contained portable toilets.
These do not need connections to any services but may need servicing, especially if on hire for a long period or having numerous users.
Hot wash portable toilets require a 240v 16 amp connection to an electric source and portable shower units require a water source and electric supply and a run off for the waste. The electric supply required is a 32 amp 240v electric supply.
If you are needing portable tolet facilities whic require electricity and water connections then do make sure your portable loo hire provider can Provide a fully qualified fitter.

How many loos should I hire? Stop the queue for the portable loo!

Another top tip for planning your portable loo hire is making sure you have enough. There’s nothing worse than seeing the queues starting to build up for your loos.

So how many portable loos should you hire?

There’s no easy answer but a quick rule of thumb is one loo for every 100 people plus one spare. Ideally you should have a separate loo for male and female (else you will get complaints!) It also depends on the type of event, the time of day and how long it goes on for, shorter events and people may cross their legs till they get home! It’s also important to consider if they are likely to be fixed times when everyone will need to go, for example at a wedding after the dinner and before the speeches, in which case extra capacity will be required.

Do speak to our expert team and they will bring their years of experience to bear on this potentially embarrassing problem.

Where do you put your event’s portable toilet?

We thought we’d kick of our posts with a series of hints and tips for planning your portable toilet hire requirements for your event. One of the questions we’re often asked is where to site your toilets.

Portable toilets need to be sited where they can be easily dropped off and collected. If units are delivered to domestic properties there will need to be access for the vehicle to drop the unit where the vehicle can park. Portable toilets cannot be lifted unless a crane is ordered in addition for deliver and collection, so if access isn’t direct this could increase the costs.

There also needs to be good access to the portable loos to service them if required. For large events, track way is an ideal solution to allow our vehicles to reach units.

As we all know the Great British weather can turn quickly and render sites in accessible that do not have adequate ground conditions for vehicles. So make sure that access routes will remain firm and usable whatever the conditions or if the access point for servicing is a little further away than ideal make sure you check that the service vehicle has a suitable length hose.

Of course if you need to know more about siting your portable toilets, then do give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help.

Blogging on Bogs

Portable Toilet for hireYes, this is it, The launch of the Tardis Hire Blog where (I know, it’s corny!) we’re going to blogging about bogs! Or portable loos to be slightly more polite. And that’s not all you’ll be able to find out about the many other exciting that happen in front and behind “the camera” at Tardis Hire, from emptying Septic Tanks to Mapping Drains. herpes symptoms in women So I think that means we’re now bloggers, or should that be boggers? Don’t worry we’ll spare you the really smelly details . . . . or will we?