You can’t get fitter than a Tardis Fitter.

Quite often, our clients on site, take delivery of a water or waste tank and then say, now we’ve got to fit it…

Unloading the tools and fittings for another fitting job

Right said Sam…

That’s when we tell them, we’ve an experienced team in place for just that.

For site based plumbing and electricals, we’ve trained, experienced people to provide the service to get you operational.

We realise that not all the items on hire from Tardis are simply plug and play. A single portable shower for example, which needs power supply, water supply and drainage arranging.  Then there’s the initial set up of site welfare cabins and toilet blocks.

A couple of weeks ago, we were out in the pouring rain (what did we say about Tardis fitters, unstoppable)?  A two storey welfare and admin block which required hooking up to water in waste out.

As it was a brand new site, there were probably more Tardis bods than site folk that morning.  Firstly, our crane lorry arrived with the much needed tanks.

The waste tank is buried to improve gravity feed

Waste tank is buried

Shortly after, the Tardis fitters who were briefed by the site personnel as to where everything had to be placed.

The waste tank was buried up to its inspection ports at the rear of the block and the water tank sited just round the other side.

Tardis water tank

The water tank is sited and filled with clean water

While the waste tank was being connected to the cabins, the Tardis H2O on site water tanker arrived and filled the water tank with 5000 litres of clean water for hand washing and toilet flushing purposes.

Clean water delivery by Tardis H2O

Tardis H2O water tanker

Once the waste tank was ready for duty, the Tardis crew set about plumbing in the water tank.

Tardis Pump Protection Box

The all important pump protection box housing an electric on-demand pump

An electric on-demand pump was put into the water line, to provide water pressure to the cabin.  This was put inside one of our now famous pump protection boxes, someone thinking ahead to the chilly days a few weeks away.

These custom-made boxes provide weather proofing protection from wind, rain and of course frosty conditions, they really are a must for site based installations.

So, despite everyone being ankle deep in rust coloured mud, the job was completed in a working day and left ready for occupancy by the site staff.

plumbed in job done by Tardis Fitters

Cabin all plumbed in for waste disposal and clean water supply

A hot toddy and feet soaked in a hot bowl of Radox and the fitters were ready for more of the same.

As they say, you can’t get fitter than a Tardis Fitter…

Pillow Tanks

Here at Tardis Environmental we now offer a range of pillow tanks with the capacity of up to 1000 m3 for preserving water resources, they can be used for both temporary and permanent solutions. Pillow tanks are also known as flexible tanks, they get the name pillow tanks because of the “pillow case” like shape that they have. Pillow tanks are self-supporting this means that they can be placed directly on to any clean and horizontal surface. These tanks are suitable for a number of different uses and can be used for drinking water storage, fire, water storage as well as industrial effluents which includes waste water, sewage sludge and leachates. They can also be used for storing chemicals, oils and liquids. For more information on pillow tanks and to see our spec sheets please click here to go to our website.

pillow tank

The pillow tanks are ideal for storing drinking water for example:

  • Water storage on building sites and living compounds
  • Supplying water to a remote site
  • Water reserves for developments and emergency missions
  • Storage of water for industrial processes
  • Watering for livestock

Pillow tanks can also be used for fire protection for example storing fire water in:

  • Remote areas
  • Construction sites
  • Where the water network is insufficient

Below is an image of a pillow tank.

pillow tank

Benefits to using closed pillow tanks are that:

  • They protect your water from air, mosquitoes, light and all forms of contamination
  • The water remains intact without any evaporation
  • You can drink in complete safety
  • They require no maintenance
  • They are easy to transport
  • Because our tanks are manufactured from a highly resistant material, they are resistant to weather conditions from -30˚C to ++70˚C, this means that they have a long life span
  • All that is required is that the pillow tank is placed on a flat horizontal surface
  • Pillow tanks are quick and easy to install, with that you can install one in four easy steps:
  1. Unpack it
  2. Unroll it
  3. Unfold it
  4. It is all set up!
  • Pillow tanks can also be folded up completely when not in use

For further information on pillow tanks please go to our website by clicking here or please call us on 0800 731 0589.