Portable Toilet Troubleshooting Guide

Very occasionally, a few problems occur when using portable toilets. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you get them back up and running as soon as possible.

Safety Warning

When you open the toilet unit, you are working in an unsanitary environment. Please ensure you wear appropriate PPE before engaging in even the most minor maintenance operations.

Common problems encountered with portable toilets and how to troubleshoot them.

If the toilet won’t flush properly, lift the lid on the waste tank.

You will see a 1″ pipe with a plastic mesh bag hanging from the gusher pump. It is fastened to the pipe by a jubilee clip.

Occasionally, the pipe assembly will become loose. Affix this by pushing the pipe and the bag on the underside of the pump.

If the pipe is still fixed in place, check for splits. If a split is discovered a new pipe and mesh bag will have to be ordered/supplied.

Portable Toilet Troubleshooting

Less common – If the pipe and bag are in good working order, check below the gusher pump for the condition of the black circular tubular diaphragm. If this is damaged, a Tardis engineer will be required to repair it.

Less commonly, with heavy use, two other issues occur. The toilet paper can cause the filter to become blocked. One sign of this is the flush handle becoming stiff to operate. If this happens, you will need to call a Tardis engineer to repair the problem.

If the flush handle has been operated aggressively, the mechanism may snap. The flush handle will move around with no resistance and the flush will not operate. In this instance, you will also require an engineer to repair it.

Very occasionally, the nozzle shown below can become blocked. The best solution if this happen, is to clear it with a jet lance.

Portable Toilet Troubleshooting


Tel: 0800 731 0589

Just like the universe, Tardis is expanding (again).

Dateline July 27 2015 – Brownhills Walsall

Tardis Environmental Brownhills

Several busy Tardis departments sat themselves down in their brand new home on the edge of leafy Brownhills common in the West Midlands.

The hire desk team, transport and IT departments set up their hi tech kit in airy large offices and will soon be joined by accounts leaving the depots at Fryers Road Bloxwich and Cannock Road New Invention for operations, Health & Safety HR and management teams.

Tardis Environmental Signage

Apart from a little teething problem with the newly established cloud phone system on our first day (for which we apologise if you tried to call us), the move went smoothly.

Smiling John Babb, Hire Desk Manager

Smiling John Babb, Hire Desk Manager

Hire desk team in action handling the nation’s calls

Hire desk team in action handling the nation’s calls

We’ve loads of space, a posh reception and meeting rooms.

Tardis Reception

Our telephone number is still the same whomever it is you wish to speak with (0800 731 0589), as we can transfer calls between the branches. Did get a request from a driver to open the security gate at Fryers Road which was a little difficult from 7 miles away, but we’re working on a fix for that (and maybe we lie a little)…



There’s more than one way to help the environment!

Here at Tardis Environmental we’re a really a very helpful bunch.

Last week we were rewarded a ‘Tree Certificate’.

Tardis Environmental Tree Certificate

Tardis Environmental Tree Certificate

We’ve helped plant a tree as part of the Children and Youth Initiative Plant-for-the-Planet. With the planting of trees around the world, the initiative is looking to improvethe climate crisis.

We were awarded a certificate indicating that we are actively participating in protecting our environment.  All donated trees help the children of Plant-for-the-Planet tostrive for a better climate and a better future.

In addition to our arborial awards, last week our name was also included in a petition to support a Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation, as part of the WaterAid campaign.  115,056 signatures were presented to the UK Government in Westminster requesting more support to ensure everyone has access to clean water and safe toilets by 2030. Dangerous toilets cost lives!

More information on the presentation of the petition at the Houses of Parliament can be seen here.

As you will all know, Tardis Environmental proudly sponsors Water Aid.

Tardis Environmental are proud sponsors of WaterAid

Tardis Environmental are proud sponsors of WaterAid

Local pages for local people…

People of the north, our new pages are just for you!

Announcing our new “northern pages” spreading the word of Tardis service near and far.

Seriously, our new depot which opened in Warrington a couple of months ago, strengthened the level of service we can supply into the north, north west and over to Yorkshire in fact.

We’ve given the pages local numbers and developed them in line with the districts they serve, giving a local feel but offering a sterling service from a national company.

As part of the development process, we sought help from local photographers who gave permission for their photos to be used on the pages via Flickr where we too also have a photostream, it’s a very friendly community. In fact we had a bit of a surprise when we discovered we knew one of the photographers who allowed us to use two of his super night shots.

Warrington Town Hall gates by NW Beer

Warrington Town Hall gates by NW Beer

Liverpool night time panorama by Gary S Crutchley

Liverpool night time panorama by Gary S Crutchley

The Corn Exchange Leeds by Stephen Feather

The Corn Exchange Leeds by Stephen Feather

We’ll be monitoring the response to our new localised feel and if people like it, will expand it to encompass the other areas our depots cover, so go visit and let us know what you think.

If you’re foraging online and take a look at our new Flickr stream, you’ll see we’ve a few submitted photos by shutterbugs around the country who spot our toilets and vehicles on site, on the roads even on telly.

Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh and a Tardis toilet

Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh and a Tardis toilet

We’re a generous bunch here at Tardis towers and it’s not been unknown for us to raid the goodies cabinet and send out tokens of our appreciation so, keep your eyes peeled Tardis Taggers.

Links to the new pages

http://www.tardishire.co.uk/index.php/location/1 Warrington Tel: 01925 377 758

http://www.tardishire.co.uk/index.php/location/2 Preston Tel: 01772 282 749

http://www.tardishire.co.uk/index.php/location/3 Manchester Tel: 0161 667 5044

http://www.tardishire.co.uk/index.php/location/4 Liverpool Tel:  0151 559 1291

http://www.tardishire.co.uk/index.php/location/5 Leeds Tel: 0113 324 4994

Visiting the British F1 Grand Prix this year?

Tardis are!

Tardis have recently received an order to provide facilities for a campsite for campers visiting the British Formula 1 this summer. The order placed was for a number of portable toilets to the site.

This years Silverstone Formula 1 Grand Prix takes place between 3rd and 5th July 2015.

Camping at Silverstone

Camping at Silverstone

A few fast facts on the 2014 British Formula 1 Grand Prix:

  • The drivers will complete a total of 52 laps, at 3.66 miles long per lap!
  • 18 turns on the circuit (10 right, 8 left)
  • 145.01mph average speed
  • 195mph top speed
  • British driver Lewis Hamilton driving for Mercedes came first in the 2014 race – completing the course in 2:26:52
  • 24 giant screens around the site for fans to watch the action
  • Last year, over 28,000 fans were expected to camp, with 15,000 in the official Silverstone Woodlands campsite

The above facts statistics were correct as of 16th June 2015 as per the official Silverstone website.


SIlverstone Grand Prix

SIlverstone Grand Prix

If you require facilities such as portable toilet hire, portable showers, bulk water delivery or bottled drinking water for an event which includes camping, or even hosting a party celebrating the Silverstone F1 at your home, feel free to browse our website to get a feel of what our range can offer.

Tardis can offer portable toilet hire for all sorts of events, festivals and parties throughout the UK.

If you’re camping at Silverstone this year – you never know – you might spot a Tardis portable toilet yourself!

If you do, let us know on Twitter #tardisspotter

Let’s all hope for nice sunny weather!

Interceptor cleaning!

Interceptor cleaning – another service Tardis provide – we bet you didn’t know that!

What are interceptors?

Interceptors, also referred to as oil catchers, wash down pits, oil water separators, oil and water tanks and more, are a common drainage installation found on many industrial sites, manufacturing sites, car parks and garages.

Interceptors are designed to separate water from oil, silt, dirt and other contaminants, allowing rainwater to drain away and trap all of the other pollutants. This drainage system prevents contaminants from polluting watercourses and the sewage systems.

Why is interceptor cleaning needed?

The separate waste is caught in the interceptor. As the waste builds up, the interceptor can become full and cause blockages, increasing the risk of flooding and also other potential risks to the environment.

For these reasons alone, this is why regular interceptor emptying and cleaning is necessary.

Interceptor Cleaning

Interceptor Cleaning

How can Tardis help?

Our fleet of vacuum tankers are fully prepared for the job of interceptor cleaning. As a fully licensed waste carrier, we have sites throughout the UK where the waste can be disposed of both ethically and legally for our customers.

It’s also nice to now that all Tardis operators have the correct safety equipment for the job. Before an operative leaves the Tardis depot on a call, a checklist of health and safety and of the vehicles equipment is complete.

Tardis Tanker

Tardis Tanker

Please note, as standard our tankers carry 40metres of hose, so if your interceptor is located further than 40metres from the roadside, please let us know at the time of ordering the interceptor cleaning service. In such cases, the hose can be increased to 100metres.

Duty of care paperwork is also available on request.

For more information on interceptor cleaning and on any other services we provide, call 0800 731 0589 or visit the website today.

Diesel fuel bowser makes its debut on Tardis Hire fleet


Tardis diesel fuel bowserWe’re famous for our water bowsers providing instant water on site and now we’ve taken things a step further…

Land Rover towing Tardis Hire towable Diesel fuel bowser

Ideal for construction sites where plant and equipment requires refilling with fuel. our 950 litre Diesel fuel bowser is a filling station on wheels. It comes with a fill nozzle just like you get at the petrol station, 15 feet of hose and a hand operated pump.

Cut down on your use of Jerry cans and regular trips to refill them. Save yourself time and inconvenience with your own fuel supply.

This bowser features a pull down lockable lid to secure the fuel.

pump nozzle assy for Tardis Hire Diesel fuel bowser

Download the spec sheet by clicking the picture.

950 litre diesel bowser

Further enquiries, just call the usual free telephone number

0800 731 0589

Land Rover Logo


It’s a great new product from Tardis H2O on site

h2O on site

A timely new product from Tardis H2O on site

Tardis H2O onsite drinking water bowser

Tardis H2O onsite bowser and new drinking water fill station

With the event and festival season in full swing, we’re very pleased to announce a spanking new and useful product.

Our drinking water fill station is a stand alone item which connects in minutes to a drinking water supply such as a bowser or tank and gives instant access to the wet stuff via 4 taps.

In short this means, if you’ve a queue for water, you quadruple the number of people who can fill their bottles, buckets and Billy cans at the same time.

Tardis H2O on site water dispenser

Tardis H2O onsite drinking water fill station

We recently trialled the fill station in the field “literally” and were delighted with the feedback which naturally led us to putting the product into our line up.

field trial of Tardis H2O on site

We field test the Tardis H2O on site drinking water fill station

The station is prepped to the same level of cleanliness as all our drinking water equipment and uses WRAS approved fittings.

What could be easier, just push on the tap and you’ve refreshing drinking water on demand.

Connects to all our drinking water vessels in a jiffy, you can remove the hassle of delivering drinking water to the point where it’s needed by adding this handy device to your hire requirement.

Call the every friendly hire desk on: 0800 731 0589




H2O On Site goes boldly…

We’ve a lovely new website to promote the bulk and quality assured drinking water side of our operation. www.tardish20.co.uk

H2O on site wave

The site is broken down into three main sections:

Water Supplies           Emergency water supplies           Water quality assurance

In the bulk water supplies section, there’s an overview of our growing tanker fleet, beginning with our towable bowsers which can deliver to difficult to access locations using our Land Rovers. Towable bowsers have capacities of 1 and 2 thousand litres apiece. Our rear wheel steer tanker is also adept at getting in to hard to access places, but that’s got a slightly larger payload of 16,000 litres, clean or potable.

 H20 on site towable bowser  H2o on site  tanker

We have 16,000 litre stainless tanks which can be used to deliver or can be hired as a bulk on demand water supply, left on site and refilled as and when needed.

H2O on site 16k tanks

On this page of the site, you can navigate your way through our commonest water bowsers. The blue colour denotes they can be used for drinking water. We supply these on short or long term hire to construction sites and event locations.

H2O on site drinking water bowsers

Bet you didn’t know we did water coolers for short or long term hire.

Two snazzy little numbers which can deliver chilled and hot water on demand. All you need is a 240 volt plug socket and make a choice between the standard model or the natty little desk top number.

h2O on site coolers

These fit nicely into office and site cabins and are a boon when temperatures rise and people get thirsty.

Also on this page, there’s a link to common spec sheets for the vehicles and equipment we send out to site. They are invaluable to help clients establish that equipment is the correct specification for their needs or in the case of vehicles, dimensions don’t exceed the access location.

thumb 1thumb 2

Our Emergency Water page summarises how 365 days a year, we have service available.

Where water supplies are cut, our trusty Land Rover revs into action bringing the towable bowser in its wake. Alternatively, we can provide pallets of bottled drinking water.

H2O on site landy

H2O On site Land Rover and bowser

We’ve a separate page for bottled water giving the bottle sizes and pallet capacities that can be purchased.

We provide bottled water a plenty during the summer months especially, to the burgeoning event and festival market. Bottled water offers convenience over a single source of supply, where large numbers of people can be provided for in a short period of time.

H2O bottled water

Our Water Testing Services page provides an overview to our latest range of invaluable water hygiene services

If you are providing bulk water for people to drink, then you are responsible for its fitness for purpose.

Briefly, once you have taken delivery of potable water, transferred from our specially prepared tankers or bowsers, it’s drinkability for want of a better word is your responsibility.

DWI (Drinking Water Inspectorate guidelines state that you can only store water for human consumption for 48 hours (secured from contamination).

H2O on site lab

You then must test for the presence of E coli and again every 48 hours.

This is a service we supply, along with testing for the presence of Legionella.

H2O on site water test

We provide mobile on site testing and where necessary, use UKAS accredited laboratories who provide further test information, all fully documented.

Water Quality Information and Drinking Water Quality tabs on this page provide plenty of information about the guidelines you and we both should comply with where drinking water is concerned.

Contact by telephone is the familiar free number you dial for Tardis Environmental

0800 731 0589

E mail contact is H2oOnsite@tardishire.co.uk

Any bold blue words provide relevant links to the H2O on site website.

On the road with Tardis H2O on site

Hard hat, hi viz, toecaps and a factory fresh Yorkie

Occasionally, very occasionally, we Tardis web monkeys are unshackled from our computer work stations and sent out on a mission.

Tardis H2O on site

Accoutred in hi viz, toecaps hard hat and clutching a factory fresh Yorkie bar, I climbed up into an H2O on site tanker at a quarter to six in the morning to ride shotgun with one of our stalwart delivery drivers to observe the Tardis H2O on site water delivery operation from the business end.

First stop, a school under construction over in Coventry. 2000 litres of clean water to refill a bowser that supplies washroom and toilets to the temporary school blocks.

Tardis H2O on site

We were out in the 26 tonne 16,000 litre capacity rear wheel steer tanker. Hygiene routines are undertaken, even though this was non drinking water, fittings are sprayed with a disinfectant before use both at tanker and delivery end.

Tardis H2O on siteDonkey engine engaged and the bowser was filled to capacity. Hose and fittings stowed after use, and hi tech Trans Send unit e signed by the client, off we went to our next call, a new building site out in the Warwickshire countryside.

This time a smaller bowser to be filled. Very busy site trucks on and off and diggers working away. Hard hats and hi viz essential here.


Tardis H2O on site

Then it was off to a large construction project over by Birmingham airport, a new facility being built to store Jaguars and Land Rovers across many acres. Planes taking off right next to the site, we could have easily shouted hello to the pilots as they passed overhead.

Tardis H2O on site The road in and out of this site being so busy with construction traffic, there were guys controlling the flow with radio handsets. Another large toilet block bowser filled here. Comment from tanker driver Steve that Trans Send hadn’t given much consideration to lads with big fingers when it comes to the button pushing on the hand held devices. This met with nods of agreement from the engineer who signed the job off.

As each delivery is completed and the client signs, the successful mission is confirmed back at HQ using mobile phone technology. Also, new instructions and route changes can be sent to the device keeping things ship shape.

Tardis H2O on site Trans Send unit


Off we went to another construction site and another bowser in need of an H2O fix. This site was way out in the country with green fields all around.

Tardis H2O Tanker on site

Time to obey the digital tachograph and take a break. Sandwich for me, Eccles cake for Steve.  Then it was off down the M40 and a change of scenery deeper into the countryside located close to an old quarry near Hartlebury and a lone Tardis Hire bowser stood in a large field.

Tardis H2O on site

As we pumped 9000 litres into the bowser, we could only speculate as to what this water might be used for. Very thirsty sheep was my suggestion, though not a baa lamb in sight. More likely a building project about to get underway. It was a very peaceful delivery out there with the birds singing.

This was our last scheduled delivery for the day and the tanker was pretty much depleted of its payload. We set course for home and refill the tanker with more clean water for the next day’s deliveries.

Construction doesn’t half use a lot of water, which Tardis H2O on site meets pretty seamlessly. Our route delivered approaching 16,000 litres but with a range of tankers up to 30,000 litres Tardis can cater for just about anyone’s water requirement.

Our deliveries that day were clean water non-drinking, but now Tardis H2O on site is equipped for quality assured drinking water deliveries too. We’ll be crowing about that very soon as our H2O on site website goes live.

Thanks to tanker driver Steve for being so helpful and answering a zillion questions.

Coming soon – this link will take you to Tardis H2O on site