Mersey Gateway Bridge opens to traffic

Tardis bridges the gap

Mersey gateway bridge

You may have seen on the news, the fireworks and celebration heralding the opening of the new Mersey Gateway Bridge over the weekend of the 14th of October.

Tardis is proud to have been involved in the Mersey Gateway Project  from the outset, servicing the many toilet blocks on the site and with a huge work force, that’s a lot of toilets we looked after six days a week.

The project itself is a pretty impressive feat. Firstly, they built a bridge to build a bridge. A low concrete structure, with a swing mechanism to let the boats through.

From here, the mighty pillars were constructed.  We popped up to see how things were doing back in the spring of 2016 and saw for ourselves the breath-taking scale of this operation.

Spring forward to September 2017 and we paid another visit and boy, how things have changed.

new and old

There’s now a near completed bridge over the Mersey with three huge towers which are three different heights of 80, 110 and 125 metres.  The total length of the bridge including the approach roads is 2130 metres, with 1000 of those being over the river below.

A couple of weeks ago, it was indeed our privilege to visit with all areas access the project and take a few piccies of our own. We also had a chat with one of the chief engineers for whom this is his 52nd bridge construction project.

Our Health & Safety briefing included such tips as don’t get run over and don’t fall off the bridge. Fortunately neither calamity befell us and we spent a morning in sheer awe of how a structure this size takes shape.

Mersey Gateway Bridge

Underneath the mighty bridge

We’re told it’s a similar design to the newer of the two Severn bridges, though this one has three towers.

As our pictures show, those things that look like cables from a distance are considerably more robust, nay chunky.

Tardis Tanker on the bridge

A regular sight on the bridge even before it opened

Road signs were being fitted to the gantries and whilst major construction has now finished, there is still a lot going on.

For those not familiar with the location, the bridge links the good folk of Runcorn with those of Widnes. There already is a bridge, in the shape of the Silver Jubilee bridge, built in 1961 and later given that name in 1977 to mark the silver jubilee of the monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.

This attractive structure visually similar to the Sydney harbour bridge in Australia, will be closing for a year for maintenance upon opening of its larger neighbour, then will reopen as a working bridge after that.

Video taken by DJ Ian Entertainments, posted to You Tube

Glad we took that tip about not falling in the river.  As we were crossing for the final time, we witnessed the swift incoming tide first hand and indeed, it’s a strong tide.

We think you’ll agree from our pictures, that both structures old and new are pleasing on the eye.

And as another long running project for Tardis winds down, we’d like to congratulate the builders on such a magnificent project and many enjoyable journeys to those who’ll be crossing the bridge.

You can’t get fitter than a Tardis Fitter.

Quite often, our clients on site, take delivery of a water or waste tank and then say, now we’ve got to fit it…

Unloading the tools and fittings for another fitting job

Right said Sam…

That’s when we tell them, we’ve an experienced team in place for just that.

For site based plumbing and electricals, we’ve trained, experienced people to provide the service to get you operational.

We realise that not all the items on hire from Tardis are simply plug and play. A single portable shower for example, which needs power supply, water supply and drainage arranging.  Then there’s the initial set up of site welfare cabins and toilet blocks.

A couple of weeks ago, we were out in the pouring rain (what did we say about Tardis fitters, unstoppable)?  A two storey welfare and admin block which required hooking up to water in waste out.

As it was a brand new site, there were probably more Tardis bods than site folk that morning.  Firstly, our crane lorry arrived with the much needed tanks.

The waste tank is buried to improve gravity feed

Waste tank is buried

Shortly after, the Tardis fitters who were briefed by the site personnel as to where everything had to be placed.

The waste tank was buried up to its inspection ports at the rear of the block and the water tank sited just round the other side.

Tardis water tank

The water tank is sited and filled with clean water

While the waste tank was being connected to the cabins, the Tardis H2O on site water tanker arrived and filled the water tank with 5000 litres of clean water for hand washing and toilet flushing purposes.

Clean water delivery by Tardis H2O

Tardis H2O water tanker

Once the waste tank was ready for duty, the Tardis crew set about plumbing in the water tank.

Tardis Pump Protection Box

The all important pump protection box housing an electric on-demand pump

An electric on-demand pump was put into the water line, to provide water pressure to the cabin.  This was put inside one of our now famous pump protection boxes, someone thinking ahead to the chilly days a few weeks away.

These custom-made boxes provide weather proofing protection from wind, rain and of course frosty conditions, they really are a must for site based installations.

So, despite everyone being ankle deep in rust coloured mud, the job was completed in a working day and left ready for occupancy by the site staff.

plumbed in job done by Tardis Fitters

Cabin all plumbed in for waste disposal and clean water supply

A hot toddy and feet soaked in a hot bowl of Radox and the fitters were ready for more of the same.

As they say, you can’t get fitter than a Tardis Fitter…

Tardis – High Rise H2O

Water’s going up.

We attend an interesting variety of construction projects at Tardis H2O on site, this one being no different.

A call from a construction company in Salford with an urgent requirement for 60,000 litres of quality assured drinking water ASAP to charge and test drinking water tanks for a brand new high rise development opening soon.

And so, it was an early start for the delivery crew and our water hygienist who met us at our Brownhills HQ to oversee the filling procedure and test the water was fit for purpose.

There’s quite a bit goes into the quality assurance of drinking water. Delivery tankers for example are sterilised before filling from an authority approved hydrant. Standpipe and fitting are treated in the same way to assure the integrity of the delivered load and of course, there’s that important final test of the cargo before being waved of on our way to Manchester.

We arrived at a very busy site and manoeuvred into position to deliver the water. Its destination, two enormous tanks located in the basement of the building where a troop of engineers were waiting to conduct their tests.

We rolled out quite a few metres of drinking water hose with WRAS approved stainless fittings again, treated before conveying any water.  Even though the water we were delivering today would not be drunk, it’s rather like a dress rehearsal, everything as it should be in a real life situation.

Whilst the engineers were doing what engineers do, we popped off to refill the tanker with the day’s second load.

A few snags back in Salford meant a short delay, where we were able to catch up on Salford gossip.

The site is a hop and a skip from Media City where both the BBC and ITV have their northern headquarters. One of the main site lads told us how he’d escorted one of the actresses from Coronation Street around the building as she’s considering one of the luxury apartments.

Manchester’s landscape is changing big time with many construction projects dotted about this fast growing city.

And Tardis H2O is proud to be part of those projects providing both clean and quality assured drinking water to meet any size requirement.

Telephone 0800 731 0589



Tardis visits the carnival

The rains cam to Leicester Caribbean Carnival

We visited our friends at Leicester Caribbean Carnival last week.

We’ve supplied portable toilets to the event for some years now, but only ever witnessed the setting up and clearing away, never the event itself.

Leicester Caribbean Carnival

Concentration, one young performer making sure she gets her steps just right.

Arrived just as the procession was setting off for a march of a couple of miles round the now closed streets of the city of Leicester.

daft bugger

Even the minions were up for some carnival fun

To say it was raining would be an understatement. Coming down like stair rods it was, but as you can see from the faces in the photographs, not one dampened spirit, especially the kids taking park, who were concentrating hard on their dance moves, making sure they were perfect, which indeed they were.

Carnival time

Just one of many spectacular get ups in the parade.

A panoply of Caribbean colour and sound as each procession float passed by with their PAs heralding that no amount of rain was going to dampen their parade.

carnival star

Leading the procession

It brightened up a little later and as the procession returned to Victoria park, people began to file in for an afternoon’s entertainment. Rap artistes on the stage, stalls selling jerk chicken, goat curry and all sorts of Caribbean delicacies.

caribbeam cooking

Lots of chicken

A fun fair over the other side of the park and an atmosphere to match the colours and amazing smells emanating from the food stands.

Credit to the organisers, the same crew who arrange it each year.

Tardis crew

The Tardis crew: Ben, KiKi and Steve

Our happy crew of Ben, KiKi and Steve kept the toilets stocked with the necessities and were enjoying the carnival atmosphere, though Ben found them music “a bit loud”.

Kids at the carnival

Giving their all

The sort of comment you might expect from an octogenarian, not a young lad of Ben’s youthful years.

Ben aside, the people of Leicester showed that even in the rain, you can still raise a rumpus and didn’t they do just that.


Here’s to 2018 and maybe a little sunshine.

Organisers website:




Love Your Garden ? Yes we do

At last we can tell everyone…

A few weeks ago, the people at Spun Gold Television asked if we could loan them a couple of portable toilets for use on the set of an episode of Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh.

Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh

Screen cap fro ITV’s Love your Garden transmitted July 5th 2017

Naturally we said yes, especially when we learned it was a good cause.

Identical twin sisters Rita and Betty who live in Salford have spent much of their lives devoting time to community causes and raising money to help others.

Love your Garden

Betty, Alan and Rita or is it Rita, Alan and Betty ?

They were packed off on holiday and like it or not, Alan Titchmarsh, David Domoney and Katie Rushworth  were coming round to give their garden a jolly good making over.

We sent two spanking new toilets up to Salford on a rainy Wednesday and the associate producer gave us the nod when things would be a buzziin, which was almost a week later.

We arrived to find a very busy crew tending gardens front and back and there in the midst of it all,  Alan Titchmarsh  busily presenting to camera.

And doesn’t this man make it look easy ? Once one take was finished, the director would have a quiet chat and then they might do another take, but shot from a different angle.

Then it was over the other side of the plot and up a ladder. There didn’t appear to be any reading of scripts, just Alan quietly working away.

Our Warrington service driver Teresa arrived out front to give the two toilets a quick spoodle.  As we were chatting, another familiar face came towards us filming with his phone at the same time and enquiring what we were delivering. It was co-presenter David Domoney.

Love your Garden

The talented David Domoney does something with Birch twigs

When told it was a collection and the nature of same, he commented this was something he wasn’t going to hang around for.  We did however end up on his now popular video diary.  David Domoney’s video diary

In the back garden, although were standing close to Alan, we didn’t actually get to speak with him as he was working non stop.  David on the other hand was buzzing around like a busy bee and always had a kind word for us as he passed by.

Another crew were filming him putting together a timber archway, there was so much going on.

Out back, Katie Rushworth and Alan were exchanging banter on fence restoration. Despite the busy atmosphere, everything in front of the camera was done in a calm and professional manner.

But you needn’t take our word for it, hob-nobbing with the glitterati of the gardening world.

We made our own little video of the event and were sworn to secrecy not to release any of our film until after the episode aired on ITV..

Now fortunately for us, Tardis Times our quarterly newsletter publishes early July, so we could write about the event and put a video link in and release it today, so here we are.

TT thumb


But now we can talk about it. Did you see the show ?  Our toilets in the driveway ?

of course the finished garden was stunning, right down to rose bushes named Rita and Elizabeth, donated by the former Dean of Salford who knows the ladies well.

We really did enjoy being part of the action and meeting up with the crew of one of TV’s best loved garden make over shows.  If you missed it, try catch up on the ITV hub.

ink here (though this may expire) Catch up on the ITV Hub

Our little video is permanently on You Tube now.



All set for Glastonbury

Glastonbury official banner c/o Glastonbury official website

Yes, Tardis is doing Glastonbury again, well actually we’ve already done it, right by the iconic pyramid stage too !

Pyramid stage at Glasto

The iconic pyramid stage at Glastonbury

In our case, despite having our banjo and washboards ready to give the performance of a lifetime, we were delivering waste tanks for use during the festival, forty eight of them to be precise.


Waste tanks

Second load of waste tanks for Glastonbury

First thing that shocks about Glastonbury site, is the sheer size. It’s enormous to say the least.

We arrived with the second batch of waste tanks, issued a special delivery pass by the organisers and then waited in a large compound to be guided to where the tanks were needed.

gate security

Friendly gate security pic c/o Glastonbury official website

Shortly after, a friendly lad named Jason led us through acres of green farmland to a location right by the pyramid stage, where we unloaded the tanks and they put ID markers on them so they wouldn’t get lost when utilised around the festival site.

Glastonbury 2017

Jason unloads the tanks from the lorry

With three weeks to go, the site was pretty busy all over and well organised.

Our banjo and washboard medley rejected on the grounds of talent, or lack of it, this year’s confirmed line up includes:

Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Barry Gibb, Katy Perry, Kriss Kristofferson, The Jacksons to name just the ones we’ve heard of.

This year, there’s over a hundred stages and supporting such worthy causes as WaterAid, Oxfam and Greenpeace.

Here at Tardis, we’ve a theory, based on the fact we saw nothing but green grass and firm ground everywhere we went on the site.  Therefore, they must ship all that mud in for people to wallow in.

offloading at Glastonbury

Offloading the lorry with the iconic pyramid stage in the background

It’s only a theory and like all of those like us who don’t have tickets for the entertainment, we’ll be watching out for the mud and the superb musical performances coming from Worthy Farm from the 21st to the 25th of June.

Glastonbury official site:


Tardis team raises more money for worthy causes

colour obstacle rush

Seems like a job for Oxydol

Whether it’s individuals or groups, the Tardis folk are always doing something to raise money for charity or generally just muck about having fun.

May 27th is no exception when a small team from Brownhills including Nikki, Alice and Katie Collier are out to get riffy doing the Colour Obstacle Rush at Wolverhampton race course.

The deal is, we go to their just giving page for either Alzheimer’s or Cystic Fibrosis charities (links to either are below) pop some money in the pot and then on the day, watch them tackle a 5k run / obstacle course climbing over a plethora of inflatables and at certain points along the way presenting their tired little bodies to be pelted with colour bombs.

Seems a novel way to spend the weekend.

We’ll be posting reminders on social media on the run up to the day, so if you’ve a mind to help the causes they’re supporting, give one of the links a click and make a donation.

You’ll believe a toilet can fly

Tardis portable toilet

Amazing flying Tardis

Our portable toilet service stars certainly find themselves in some odd locations when it comes to looking after the portable toilet units we have on hire.

None more unusual one rainy Wednesday over in Birmingham recently when we visited a construction site to conduct the weekly service.

“Where’s the second  toilet”? enquired Gary, the Tardis service driver.

Look up came the reply as the Tardis toilet descended from the top floor of the office block under construction and gently alighted by our side.

It’s a couple of months to April fools day, but we kid you not. This Tardis toilet really does fly and it doesn’t need jet propulsion.

People working on this construction project need access to toilet facilities all those floors up, so the solution is a special frame for the toilet and a very cooperative crane driver to hoist it down to ground level for cleaning.

As we said, it was a filthy day weather wise, but we did manage to capture the toilet going up in the world, being returned to its resting place up there in the clouds. See the video.



Holiday closure 2016

As you’ll no doubt be aware, Tardis Environmental is a 365 day operation, but we do close the offices at Christmas.

We will as always, provide emergency cover, with our 0800 number automatically connecting to the emergency contacts.

We certainly hope your Christmas and new year are disaster free, but be safe in the knowledge that we’ll be on hand if you need us during the holiday closure.

Tardis holidays-2016

Winter preventive maintenance

 Winter preventive maintenance  an ounce of prevention…


Who’s had to scrape the frost off their vehicles more than once this week?

December 1st marks the first day of the meteorological winter.

We thought it timely to remind those of you with water storage on site that’s aided by on demand pumps that it’s time to do some winter preventive maintenance to save inconvenience and damage to the pump.

Tardis on demand pump

Typical on demand electric pump

If the temperature falls to 1 Celsius or below, you should take the pump out of service. Remove it from the water supply line, drain it and store it in a warm environment (indoors) until the temperature rises again.

When it comes to water pipework, we recommend lagging to minimise the chances of pipework freezing up. The pipework we use on site is 25mm dia and so 27-19mm lagging is ideal for the purpose.

Pipework will begin to freeze at around -2 degrees c. Pumps as mentioned earlier can be boxed in, but make sure the box has some ventilation.

Lagging should be applied to the whole pipework route, from the exit point of the bowser past the pump and into the cabin or appliance.

Bowsers themselves will rarely freeze to the point of being rendered useless due to the large body of water inside them.

Don’t be tempted to add anything to the water. You risk not only diminishing the quality of the water in your system and damaging the pipework and pump.

We publish a number of guides on maintaining and priming on demand pumps and the links are below. These can be downloaded in PDF.

on-demand-thumb troubleshoot-thumb zero-temp-thumb

Click any thumbnail to download or view the relevant pdf

Remember, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.