What is Drain Mapping?

drain mappingMaybe not the most appealing of domains to plot but drain mapping can save you ££££’s  if drainage problems should arise. A clear knowledge of boundaries and pipework will help in the quick resolution of any drainage issue. Companies who invest in the mapping of their drainage systems can be sure that The Environment Agency will place a big tick against their name.

Drain mapping will show

  • What kind of pipework is under you land
  • Detail what size bore the pipework is
  • The length of the runs
  • The type of drain
  • Details of interceptors and catchment pits, treatment plants or septic tanks
  • Details of recommend maintenance schedules.

All this information will be presented with pictorial evidence in a clear, concise and comprehensive document.

If you want to know more then do call out friendly Tardis team, 0800 731 058.

Festival Faux Pas

Organizing events can be quite stressful as there are several factors to consider and get right for the event to run smoothly. The sanitation element, if judged incorrectly, can spoil a show and even force cancellation!

Things to think about to get your festival’s portable toilet requirements correct.

  • Ratio of toilets to people
  • location of toilets
  • number of service vehicles required to adequately maintain all toilets during the event
  • waste tank and water bowser hire for fresh and foul water provision.

Remember, skimping on toilets can really detract from festival goers enjoyment of the event. Well organised events continue to grow on an annual basis where as badly organised events can cost the organisers a lot of money!

Do not festival faux pas – call Tardis on Free Phone 0800 731 0589 for friendly advice and assistance!

Long Term Toilet Hire – In for the long haul !!!!

Tanker emptying Portable ToiletIf the you portable toilet isn’t going to be removed after a couple of days for a one off event, but is going to be a on hired for the longer term there’s a few things to think about on the location of the loo. In order to keep the toilet regularly cleaned we need to gain access with a service vehicle.

  • Service vehicles are either 3.5 or 7.5 ton vehicles
  • 15 meters of suction hose is available to reach portable toilets from vehicle
  • Service operatives need to be able to park these vehicles in a safe area from a distance where the toilet can be reached.

If regular servicing is not possible then the unit will be come an environmental health issue and unpleasant to all.

For site visits or advice regarding long term portable toilet hire please call our Free – Phone 0800 731 0589 number and a member of the Tardis team will be happy to help.