Are the cheapest portable toilets always the best option?

Portable Toilet HireWhether on a construction site, at a family fun day or a sports event…when you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go! The provision of toilets is necessary at any event or workplace to keep customers or colleagues happy and healthy.

On a temporary site or away from fixed services, permanent toilets are often not a feasible option, practically or financially. For a cost effective solution that doesn’t sacrifice hygiene or comfort, portable toilet hire is the answer.

But how do you know who can provide the best service?

These days, it’s very easy just to google something and find a whole range of options and offers online. But it’s important to realise that a deal is only good if it properly meets your requirements. While of course the current economic situation is causing people to tighten their belts, choosing something as vital as toilet facilities based solely on price and then realising they’re not suitable isn’t good for you or the people using them.

At Tardis Environmental, we’ve been providing portable toilets for hire for over 20 years, so have built up a reputation for understanding the demands of our customers. Our range of portable toilets can be tailored to suit all your sanitation requirements, whether for construction sites, festivals, weddings or other events.

We can offer short and long term hire, and can provide the right package to fit your exact requirements.

Call us now on our 24/7 Freephone number 0800 731 0589 to see how we can help you.

Latest round up

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New storage and distribution depot

Chris Boydon and Timothy Clarke at the new Sandy depotWe are pleased to announce that we have recently acquired a new storage and distribution depot at Tyne Road, Sandy in Bedfordshire to compliment our existing network of depots nationwide.

This now takes our current total number of depots up to six, and we have plans to open more in the near future.

Chris Boydon, director of Tardis, is pictured (right) with Timothy Clarke of Waldrons Solicitors.

Tardis Environmental UK Limited is one of the leading companies in commercial scale wet waste removal, drainage and portable toilet hire in the UK. We also supply water bowsers and waste tanks, and can offer a weekly water delivery service.

For more details on any of our services, see our website or call us on 0800 731 0589.

The name’s Environmental, Tardis Environmental

Monty Norman’s iconic theme tune to the James Bond films is probably one of the most well known in the world. Whenever you hear it, you picture your favourite Bond doing the famous gun barrel sequence and deliver one of the catchphrases that has helped to make the franchise so popular. Or perhaps you try and pull off an awful Sean Connery impression – “Yes, Miss Moneypenny”, gaining a few awkward laughs in the process.

Well, however much you wish you could be as suave and sophisticated, as good with the women or just as lucky at getting out of hair-raising situations as Bond, occasionally it’s good to just realise he’s still a man, and he’s still got to visit the little boy’s room like everybody else.

So it’s pretty exciting news to reveal that we’ll be providing the hire of toilet block (septic) tanks and a septic tank emptying service during the production of the new Bond film, Skyfall, which is out in November. And while most of Bond’s traditional catchphrases have been dropped during the reboot, I’m sure when Daniel Craig’s alone in his trailer, he still looks at the mirror and says “The name’s Bond, James Bond”.

Looking forward

As we look forward to a new year ahead of us, we’ve highlighted several posts from the last few months that may be worth revisiting:

What to look for when hiring a water bowser

Water Bowser ready for deliveryIf you’re looking to supply water to toilet blocks, canteens or offices in remote areas, Tardis water bowsers are the best solution for providing onsite solutions for areas where no mains water connection is available.

We have models ideal for water provision or mass storage on building sites or events, and with our fleet of split tankers we can also offer a weekly water delivery service.

So if you need water onsite, do give us a call to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.

Happy New Year!

2012 is finally here! The new year is a time to make plans and get organised for the 12 months ahead. So whether you’re organising a festival or other outdoor event during the summer and need portable toilets, require waste management system or an onsite water solution where no mains connection is available, Tardis will be happy to help. Give us a call now to discuss your requirements.

From all of us at Tardis, we’d like to wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Top Tips – Siting your septic tank for easy servicing in the future

Tanker emptying Septic TankWhile a septic tank might not be the topic of choice for many conversations, if you do require one there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

When siting your Tardis waste tank, you need to take into account that it will, of course, eventually require an empty! It would usually be carried out by one of our tankers so we need to ensure that there is sufficient access for an HGV to be able to reach it. And while we carry a standard 40 metres of hose, we can, on request, attend a site that requires more.