Portable Toilet Horror Stories – How To Avoid Yours!

Nearly everyone who has been to a festival or large event has a portable toilet horror story to tell. It may be from a concert 10 years ago where there weren’t enough toilets and they had to wait hours in the line, or about the hygiene aspects that were, well, just a touch unhygienic. There are many other varying stories which I’m sure we have all heard; nearly everyone has had a bad experience with portable toilets during the course of their life.

However it doesn’t have to be like this!

When you hire toilets from a reputable supplier, like Tardis Environmental, you’re not only hiring the unit itself, you’re hiring the service that goes along with it.

Before we deliver your toilets we make sure that they are inspected meticulously, no matter how many or few, whether it’s for a construction site or a large event each unit will arrive nice and shiny clean! Our service also includes weekly or bi weekly servicing of the toilets on your site or at your venue ensuring that if there are some unpleasant odours they won’t be there for long and your toilets won’t overflow!

We also have units that offer wheelchair access, so not only are you guaranteed no horror stories, meaning you also comply with the law, and keep everyone happy.

We have a range of portable toilet options and other services and because we tailor every quote and every delivery to the requirements of the site or venue, you can be sure that when you deal with Tardis Environmental you’ll have a horror story free experience.

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