Olympics’ need portable toilets; Festival’s will have to wait!

With the London Olympics Games taking place over the summer, there has never been more demand for portable toilets, in fact it’s expected to be the highest demand ever, and this being the case it has led to some popular summer festivals being postponed for this year.

However it’s not all portable toilets fault with the economic downturn affecting the festival planners’ funds, as well as the police being allocated for the various Olympic events, this has left some festivals unable to get police presence, which unfortunately is sometimes needed.

Well known festivals such as the very popular Glastonbury festival and Sonisphere, have been postponed for this year, but they will be back for 2013. Fans can actually register for Glastonbury 2013 now. And there are countless other smaller festival’s which have been cancelled up and down the country for the same reasons.

More often than not, portable toilet hire right across the country is available all year round without any problems. However, the average demand has increased radically this year with the huge event that is the Olympic Games, as well as the hundreds of festivals – both large and small – that are thankfully still to go ahead in the summer.

Although loyal Glastonbury festival goers will be disappointed the festival is not taking place this year, I’m sure they will be able to find a suitable replacement and next year it will come back better than ever!

Tardis Can provide a range of portable toilet suitable for all types of events.

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