There’s more than one way to help the environment!

Here at Tardis Environmental we’re a really a very helpful bunch.

Last week we were rewarded a ‘Tree Certificate’.

Tardis Environmental Tree Certificate

Tardis Environmental Tree Certificate

We’ve helped plant a tree as part of the Children and Youth Initiative Plant-for-the-Planet. With the planting of trees around the world, the initiative is looking to improvethe climate crisis.

We were awarded a certificate indicating that we are actively participating in protecting our environment.  All donated trees help the children of Plant-for-the-Planet tostrive for a better climate and a better future.

In addition to our arborial awards, last week our name was also included in a petition to support a Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation, as part of the WaterAid campaign.  115,056 signatures were presented to the UK Government in Westminster requesting more support to ensure everyone has access to clean water and safe toilets by 2030. Dangerous toilets cost lives!

More information on the presentation of the petition at the Houses of Parliament can be seen here.

As you will all know, Tardis Environmental proudly sponsors Water Aid.

Tardis Environmental are proud sponsors of WaterAid

Tardis Environmental are proud sponsors of WaterAid

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