Portable Toilets

Portable Toilets are not just for Events and Construction Sites!

When you normally see a portable toilet, either at an event or festival and using an Event Toilet or you could be working on a construction site and will be using either a cold wash Portable toilet or a cold wash portable toilet.

Did you know that you could also hire out an Event Toilet for a party at your house (Providing we have good access) Or if you have work being carried out on your home and you need a Toilet you could either have a Mains Connected Toilet or if that is not an option you could hire a self-contained Hot/Cold Wash toilet (Hot Wash will need to be connected to a power supply).

Have a wedding planned but can’t afford a luxury cabin? We can supply you with some of our Event Toilets. Our Event toilet are cleaned and checked before they sent out to any of our customers (we also do the same for our Construction Toilets).

Cleaning Portable Toilet Clean Portable Toilets





If your school is having building work done and you don’t have enough toilets to meet the Health and Safety requirements. Then why not hire out some portable toilets. You could even hire out Disabled Portable toilet or even 4 bay/6 bay urinal.

Whatever the need whatever the location we will supply you with
enough Portable toilets to keep you going. If you need more information on our Toilets for hire then give our hire desk a call that will have the answer to your question. Alternatively you can download our toilet spec sheets from our portable toilet page

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