Septic Tank Emptying

Why Should I have my Septic tank Emptied?

This is the one Question we get asked the most and the best answer I can give you is to have your septic tank emptied once a year by a trained professional. Why should you have it emptied every year? this is to prolong the life of your septic tank.

How much can your tankers carry?

We have a wide range of vacuum tankers from our 18ton which can carry up to 2000 gallons of liquid waste, our most common tanker the 26ton which has a capacity to carry 3000 gallons, if that’s too small then you could have our 32ton, which can carry up to 4000 gallons and finally our flagship the 44ton artic tanker which will take wet waste up to 6000 gallons.

What Length hose do your tankers carry?

Our tankers normally or should carry 40 metres of hose, but when I spoke to the drivers they all pretty much said they carry 60 metres. But if you feel you need more than 40 metres then please ask us to bring more. The max hose we can carry is 100 metres.

What is the max depth your tankers can vacuum from?

The max depth our tankers can vacuum from is 6 metres this is around 20 feet.

Whatever the Service you can be sure that Tardis will complete the service in a friendly and professional manner from start to finish.

We deal with all manner of septic tank services and any wet waste service you require.


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