For rail welfare servicing call the experts

Here at Tardis Environmental we’re no strangers to railway welfare servicing. A large number of our tanker fleet are fully Crossrail compliant and our reputation in this field already speaks volumes.

When you consider there’s 9788 miles of networked railway in Britain which is pretty high maintenance, with our expertise working in the environment, we are closely involved with railway maintenance companies.

As Europe’s biggest construction project, Crossrail is working towards reducing journey time and easing congestion in London and the South East with the new railway covering 100km stretching from Reading and Heathrow in the West across to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the East.

You may have read in previous blog posts that a large part of our vehicle fleet is Crossrail compliant, a necessity when working with the Crossrail project but also many other high profile construction projects where more than a cap is doffed to health and safety issues.

Crossrail vehicles carry signage alerting road users especially cyclists and pedestrians, to approach the inside of the vehicle with extreme care. HGVs have under run barriers and Sidescan equipment which senses proximity on the dangerous nearside of a vehicle in motion and provides the minimum of an audible alert in the cab though Tardis vehicles carry a video camera monitoring system so the driver can clearly see any approaching potential hazard. Vehicles which are not equipped to this high specification standard are not allowed to enter or work on Crossrail sites.

Some of the services were offer to railway maintenance companies include tank empties, portable toilet hire, welfare servicing, waste tank hire, portable shower hire, water bowser hire and water fills.

New MAN Tanker - Crossrail Compliant



The search for happiness, hydration and health

How much drinking water do we need per day? Good question.

Tardis H2o has the answer.

We all know that good hydration is essential for our health and wellbeing, considering that 70% of the human body is made up of water.

We at Tardis H2o on site are often asked how much drinking water a person needs to maintain a healthy demeanor. The answer is dependent on a number of factors. One of the factors is physical build, a person’s physical activity and the weather can make a difference. A hot humid environment for instance would make you lose valuable fluids through perspiration.

We should take note of what our bodies are trying to tell us and the first signs of dehydration can include a dry mouth, lightheadedness and fatigue. In its extremes chronic dehydration can effect body functions such as the kidneys and lead to muscle damaged.

This is why you will often see during large music festivals, events and even raves, people drinking copious quantities of good old H2o. Water really is the best cure.

In situations such as this the worst thing to do would be drink alcohol which would add to the dehydrative effect.

When you are responsible for a gathering where people may be at risk of dehydration there are a number of options open to provide what people need.

Probably the simplest is bottled drinking water because of its self-contained ease of use. For outdoor events you may consider using a specially prepared drinking water bowser. When we say specially prepared we mean that the vessel and the water it contains meet strict guidelines laid out by the Health and Safety Executive and the Drinking Water Inspectorate. Also fittings such as taps and connectors must be WRAS approved (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme).

water tanker at twilight

Drinking Water Station

Storage of drinking water is also strictly regulated and must not exceed 48 hours in a tamperproof vessel without testing for E-coli as a minimum. Tests should also be carried out every 48 hours afterwards to assure that the water is fit for purpose (drinking).

Water testing

Taking into consideration these factors, a rough guide as to how much a person should drink to maintain hydration, 2 litres per day (approximately half a gallon) is the amount advised.

However one should take into account the physiology of the individual. There are no hard and fast rules, just general advice.

The body has many mechanisms for alerting an individual to its needs; thirst being one of them in this case. Taking into consideration what has been said thus far, you can begin to calculate the amount of wholesome drinking water you will need to keep people happy, healthy and hydrated with an idea of how you will store it too.

Moving to the extreme, Tardis H2o on site have provided a tanker filled with 16,000 litres of drinking water and a special dispensing station in recent weeks though our maximum current capacity is a whopping 32,000 litres, enough to swim in let alone drink.

If you have to provide wholesome drinking water, talk to Tardis H2o on site and get the very best advice and service.

Portable Toilet Troubleshooting Guide

Very occasionally, a few problems occur when using portable toilets. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you get them back up and running as soon as possible.

Safety Warning

When you open the toilet unit, you are working in an unsanitary environment. Please ensure you wear appropriate PPE before engaging in even the most minor maintenance operations.

Common problems encountered with portable toilets and how to troubleshoot them.

If the toilet won’t flush properly, lift the lid on the waste tank.

You will see a 1″ pipe with a plastic mesh bag hanging from the gusher pump. It is fastened to the pipe by a jubilee clip.

Occasionally, the pipe assembly will become loose. Affix this by pushing the pipe and the bag on the underside of the pump.

If the pipe is still fixed in place, check for splits. If a split is discovered a new pipe and mesh bag will have to be ordered/supplied.

Portable Toilet Troubleshooting

Less common – If the pipe and bag are in good working order, check below the gusher pump for the condition of the black circular tubular diaphragm. If this is damaged, a Tardis engineer will be required to repair it.

Less commonly, with heavy use, two other issues occur. The toilet paper can cause the filter to become blocked. One sign of this is the flush handle becoming stiff to operate. If this happens, you will need to call a Tardis engineer to repair the problem.

If the flush handle has been operated aggressively, the mechanism may snap. The flush handle will move around with no resistance and the flush will not operate. In this instance, you will also require an engineer to repair it.

Very occasionally, the nozzle shown below can become blocked. The best solution if this happen, is to clear it with a jet lance.

Portable Toilet Troubleshooting

Tel: 0800 731 0589

Lancashire drinking water supply

You may have seen in the news the warnings issued by United Utilities about drinking water safety in the north west of England, affecting areas including Blackpool, Preston, Chorley and other surrounding districts, when the bug cryptosporidium was detected in drinking water last week.

Stand pipesThe official advice from the water authorities has been to boil water before drinking which is good advice for any water stored under uncontrolled conditions.

Water testing

Tardis Environmental stepped into the breach with emergency drinking water deliveries, one tanker into Blackpool due as we write.

water tanker at twilight

Our H2O division is ever ready for situations such as this, with supplies of quality assured wholesome drinking water which can be delivered in bowsers (towable and static) or for bulk situations, in tankers like shown in the photos.

Pallet of drinking water

Smaller or domestic requirements can be catered for by the provision of pallets of bottled drinking water available in a range of sizes from 330ml to 1.5 litres.

Where water safety is suspect, we provide water testing services for E coli and Legionella as well as a range of water hygiene services such as welfare cabin testing and cleansing and bowser cleansing all fully documented and to Health & Safety guidelines.

drinking water tanker

Drinking water is something we take very much for granted in this country, until things go wrong. Fortunately, the UK has some of the strictest water regulations you’ll find anywhere and Tardis Environmental has the expertise and resources to step up to the crease when needed.

Contacts: 0800 731 0589 (switches over to emergency cover outside office hours)

Out and about with Tardis…

Jon, one of our stalwart tanker drivers has been busy with his camera – he gets all the best locations!

Last weekend, Saturday 1st August, was the Leicester Caribbean Carnival. We delivered a mixture of portable toilets and urinals to the event.

Leicester Caribbean Carnival 1

Leicester Caribbean Carnival 2

Jon took some cracking pictures, though he wasn’t involved in the carnival action (he’s put away his Carmen Miranda outfit until next year), he has a job to do after all.

Last week he was despatched to Edgbaston Cricket Ground in the shiny new MAN Euro 6 tanker with 2500 gallon waste capacity and 1000 gallon clean water capacity. (See the blog we posted last week!)

Edgbaston cricket ground

Edgbaston welfare servicing

He cleaned up with the welfare cabin servicing whilst England were busy cleaning up against Australia.

Keep the photos coming Jon! 

MAN enough for the job…

Just arrived this morning, our new MAN Euro 6 waste tanker which has a 2500 gallon waste capacity and 1000 gallon clean (non drinking) water capacity.

The vehicle has a pressure washer and is fully Crossrail compliant meaning it has all the modern safety features to allow use on busy Crossrail sites in London.

This includes a system which auto senses pedestrians or cyclists passing in the nearside of the vehicle, the driver is alerted with a tone and sidescan cameras activate so he can see who or what is in the blind spot.

New MAN Tanker

New MAN Tanker

New MAN Tanker arrived on site this morning

New MAN Tanker arrived on site this morning

We’ve a short video presentation on Crossrail compliance which you can watch.

We receive a lot of e mail and calls about our distinctive Tardis fleet and now it just increased by one.


Just like the universe, Tardis is expanding (again).

Dateline July 27 2015 – Brownhills Walsall

Tardis Environmental Brownhills

Several busy Tardis departments sat themselves down in their brand new home on the edge of leafy Brownhills common in the West Midlands.

The hire desk team, transport and IT departments set up their hi tech kit in airy large offices and will soon be joined by accounts leaving the depots at Fryers Road Bloxwich and Cannock Road New Invention for operations, Health & Safety HR and management teams.

Tardis Environmental Signage

Apart from a little teething problem with the newly established cloud phone system on our first day (for which we apologise if you tried to call us), the move went smoothly.

Smiling John Babb, Hire Desk Manager

Smiling John Babb, Hire Desk Manager

Hire desk team in action handling the nation’s calls

Hire desk team in action handling the nation’s calls

We’ve loads of space, a posh reception and meeting rooms.

Tardis Reception

Our telephone number is still the same whomever it is you wish to speak with (0800 731 0589), as we can transfer calls between the branches. Did get a request from a driver to open the security gate at Fryers Road which was a little difficult from 7 miles away, but we’re working on a fix for that (and maybe we lie a little)…

There’s more than one way to help the environment!

Here at Tardis Environmental we’re a really a very helpful bunch.

Last week we were rewarded a ‘Tree Certificate’.

Tardis Environmental Tree Certificate

Tardis Environmental Tree Certificate

We’ve helped plant a tree as part of the Children and Youth Initiative Plant-for-the-Planet. With the planting of trees around the world, the initiative is looking to improvethe climate crisis.

We were awarded a certificate indicating that we are actively participating in protecting our environment.  All donated trees help the children of Plant-for-the-Planet tostrive for a better climate and a better future.

In addition to our arborial awards, last week our name was also included in a petition to support a Sustainable Development Goal on water and sanitation, as part of the WaterAid campaign.  115,056 signatures were presented to the UK Government in Westminster requesting more support to ensure everyone has access to clean water and safe toilets by 2030. Dangerous toilets cost lives!

More information on the presentation of the petition at the Houses of Parliament can be seen here.

As you will all know, Tardis Environmental proudly sponsors Water Aid.

Tardis Environmental are proud sponsors of WaterAid

Tardis Environmental are proud sponsors of WaterAid

Local pages for local people…

People of the north, our new pages are just for you!

Announcing our new “northern pages” spreading the word of Tardis service near and far.

Seriously, our new depot which opened in Warrington a couple of months ago, strengthened the level of service we can supply into the north, north west and over to Yorkshire in fact.

We’ve given the pages local numbers and developed them in line with the districts they serve, giving a local feel but offering a sterling service from a national company.

As part of the development process, we sought help from local photographers who gave permission for their photos to be used on the pages via Flickr where we too also have a photostream, it’s a very friendly community. In fact we had a bit of a surprise when we discovered we knew one of the photographers who allowed us to use two of his super night shots.

Warrington Town Hall gates by NW Beer

Warrington Town Hall gates by NW Beer

Liverpool night time panorama by Gary S Crutchley

Liverpool night time panorama by Gary S Crutchley

The Corn Exchange Leeds by Stephen Feather

The Corn Exchange Leeds by Stephen Feather

We’ll be monitoring the response to our new localised feel and if people like it, will expand it to encompass the other areas our depots cover, so go visit and let us know what you think.

If you’re foraging online and take a look at our new Flickr stream, you’ll see we’ve a few submitted photos by shutterbugs around the country who spot our toilets and vehicles on site, on the roads even on telly.

Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh and a Tardis toilet

Love your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh and a Tardis toilet

We’re a generous bunch here at Tardis towers and it’s not been unknown for us to raid the goodies cabinet and send out tokens of our appreciation so, keep your eyes peeled Tardis Taggers.

Links to the new pages Warrington Tel: 01925 377 758 Preston Tel: 01772 282 749 Manchester Tel: 0161 667 5044 Liverpool Tel:  0151 559 1291 Leeds Tel: 0113 324 4994

Septic tank emptying by Tardis

Although not as common as they may have been, many homes still rely on septic tanks, particularly in more rural areas.

If your property is not connected to a mains sewer, you may have a septic tank, where the sewage from the bathroom, toilet, shower or kitchen ends up.

A septic tank simply works like a smaller version of wastewater treatment works, as the sewage flows into the tank – its forms 3 layers.

  • First layer – scum or crud. This layer sits on the top of the tank, and will not decompose naturally. More about this later.
  • Second layer – wastewater is able to drain away out of an outlet pipe to a soakaway or drain field.
  • Third layer – the bottom layer of sludge is rather clever. It is allowed to settle on the bottom of the tank. This layer will be digested by bacteria that are breeding in the tank.

Alternatively, some properties have a cesspit or cesspool to hold wastewater and sewage. A cesspit tends to be above ground and has an opening hatch, whereas a septic tank is normally buried beneath the ground not far away from the property. A cesspit does not have an outlet pipe to a drain.

As mentioned above, the first layer within the tank does not decompose, and will need to be removed. To ensure the septic tank works properly, septic tank emptying should be carried out. Cesspits will also need to be emptied.

Ideally, septic tank emptying should be carried out on a regular basis. Exact frequency of emptying would depend on the size of the tank, how much waste it can hold and also the number of people living in the household, and therefore creating waste.

It is as equally important for low usage properties also to be emptied.

Septic Tank Emptying

Septic Tank Emptying

If septic tank emptying is not maintained, it can cause bad odours, flooding and also pollution, 3 things you definitely will not want.

Luckily, septic tank emptying is included under the array of services Tardis Environmental can offer across England, Wales and Scotland.

As a licensed waste carrier, you can be confident with the service we provide.

For properties where septic tank emptying is required more frequently, it may be a good idea to schedule it as part of a routine service. This would ensure tanks stay efficient, increasing their functional life, whilst also reducing the possibility of blocked drains and overflowing.

Tardis Tanker

Tardis Tanker

Our 6000 gallon tankers allow us to remove septic tank waste in large volumes. We are able to service domestic properties with tight access, with our smaller HGV’s allowing easier access.

For more information, visit our website page on septic tank emptying which details all you will need to know!